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So after a very dramatic end to season 2 which saw Sarp, Arif, Hatice and Bahar rushing to the hospital in Arif’s car after Bahar collapsed, and then the car collided with another vehicle as Arif wasnt paying attention and then was struck by a lorry. 

In the summer break it was widely said that Caner Cindoruk ( Sarp ) had left the series. He posted nothing on social media with regards to Kadin the only connection was some images that he was in at Feyyaz Duman’s ( Arif ) wedding. This caused a lot of confusion and revolt from fans who thought that the whole series was based around his, Bahar and Arif’s characters and worried where it would go from there. Also the character of Doctor Jale has had an actress change. So lets see what the aftermath is…

The opening sees Bahar in the future addressing anauditorium  full of people including Enver, Nisan and Doruk. She tells the audience she has come on a long road….

We return to the scene of the accident. The emergency services extract Bahar, Hatice and Sarp from the wreckage, Arif is led away looking stunned. He is in the same ambulance as Bahar. Bahar’s heart stops and this is what brings Arif out of his trance like state. He is distraught as they work on her.

Ceyda at the end of last series was distraught that her son was being taken back to his Grandma by Emre and Sirin. We saw that Emre find out just what Sirin was like and sent her away, when he got back to the car Arda had disappeared. Emr eiforms Ceyda and she goes to him.

Doruk and Nisan are at home waiting for news of their mum, not knowing yet about the accident. Talat is looking after them.

Enver is at home when he receives a call telling him that Hatice has been involved in an accident. The shock makes him collapse. He manages to take some heart meds and staggers to the taxi rank where Munir takes him to the hospital. Sirin makes her way in a taxi too and visits Piril who sent the photos of her and Sarp to Emre. As she leaves Piril gets a call telling her that her father is dead.

At the hospital Sirin has arrived after a call from Jale. Seeing Arif she attacks him, blaming him for the accident. She shouts at him that he did it deliberately, trying to get rid of Sarp so he could be with Bahar. Enver overhearing the comotion asks what is happening. He was unaware that Arif, Sarp and Bahar were also in the accident.

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Enver sends Sirin to look after Nisan and Doruk. They have learned of the accident from Yusuf and are desperate to go to the hospital, They try to run away to get there but bump into Sirin.

At the hospital, Sarp, Bahar and Hatice are all in theatre. Sarp dreams that he is marrying Bahar but she walks away and goes to Arif. Nisan and Doruk are stood with them looking happy.

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At home, Sirin is being her usual bitchy self towards the children but Nisan and Doruk know what sh is like. The kids take some bread and go to the window. Sirin asks them what they are doing. They say they are feeding the birds. If you do something good then your wish will come true… Sirin thinks its stupid but the phone rings. Its Enver telling her that Bahar is out of surgery and will be ok. Typical Sirin doesnt care at all about Bahar.

At the hospital Arif’s sister tells him that there is a witness that says he ran a red light ( which he did looking at the last episode ) she tells him the camera’s werent working and they can pay off the witness. Arif still cannot remember but is adament that he will take the punishment. Yusuf is angry but  if any of the injured people from the crash say he ran the red light then Arif is in trouble. Yusuf says Sarp will tell the police.

We learn that in the car that they hit first after running the red light was a famous author, Fazilet Ascioglu. Her son who is in a wheelchair gets a call from the hospital to inform him of his mothers accident. Enver goes to Fazilet’s room to give her get well wishes but shes very rude and abrupt.

Back at home Sirin calls her dad but Arif answers, she once again attacks him, shouting at him. Nisan and Doruk are laid in bed with their hands covering their ears, singing. Sirin just lays on the floor, crying.

Arda after running away has hidden in a truck. The driver discovers him but wont call the police as he doesnt want them seeing whats in his truck. He drops Arda in the middle of some fields at night. Arda lays down and goes to sleep in an old sunflower field.

In surgery Hatice is dreaming that Sirin is stood on the edge of a cliff and is about to jump off, she runs towards her shouting her name. Hatice flatlines in theatre and has to be resusitated.

The next morning Arda is still sleeping in the field when a harvester heads towards him. The farmer sees him in time and Ceyda and Emre arrive with his grandmaother to collect him. At home Nisan and Doruk really have Sirin sussed and know what she is like. On their way to school they see a cat and give it their milk. Sirin watches and later passes a homeless man, she stops to think if doing something good does make wishes come true…but no she stays the true Sirin and walks away.

Enver goes to see Bahar. She asks what happened and if her illness has returned. In a moving scene where Bahar tells him that she doesnt want to be ill again her children are only small and who will look after them if she dies?,  he tells her she had a fall and that she is fine just injuries from the fall. He doesnt tell her about the accident and the state of her mum, Sarp and Arif.

Ceyda arrives at the hospital and is shocked when she sees Arif, but arrives intime to hear Jale tell them Hatice is fine and out of surgery. Sirin is collecting the children from school when Enver calls to tell her. She is very happy and shouts that she didnt need to do any good things like Nisna and Doruk to help her mum…..

Hatice is in recovery and regains concsiouness, she looks to her left and sees that Sarp is also next to her in the room. Her first question to the nurse is if Sirin is ok, the nurse says her husband will come to see her. Sirin arrives at the hospital with the children. She tries to leave them and go see her mum, but Jale tells her she needs to wait and take the children to Bahar. Sirin isnt happy, as usual.

Enver goes to see Hatice, he holds her hand. Hatice asks him if everyone is ok especially Bahar. He assure her they are. She asks about Sirin and he tells her she is with the children. Hatice says to him, ” Enver my dear, are you listening to me? I love you so much, you know that right? ” Enver replies he knows and he loves her too very much. They look intently into eachothers eyes.

After Enver has left the room Sarp comes round. He looks at Hatice, she looks at him. He asks her if this is a dream? She replies she doesnt know, maybe it is. We then hear the monitor flatline. Both Hatice and Sarp are still looking at one another both unmoving. We see the team working on some one and as a doctor moves away we see that its Hatice who’s heart has stopped.

They work for a long time on her as Sarp watches on from the next bed. Sirin who was getting ready to go in and visit her mum is now not allowed. Enver and her see Jale running towards Hatices room but she doesnt say why. Enver remembers what Hatice said to him that she doesnt feel like she will leave hospital and made him promise to look after Sirin.

Despite the teams best efforts they were unable to save Hatice.  Sarp looks at Hatice with tears in his eyes. Time of death was declared at 12.37pm.

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What an episode that was! Everyone expected that it would be Sarp that died. On social media there was confusion after the live show aired, people were sure he had left the series, others saying he had changed his mind at the last minute.

The conversation between Sarp and Hatice did discuss whether this was a dream… is it ? The fragman for the next episode does show Jale telling the family that she has passed away. 

Whether you are in the Sarp camp or the Akif camp and want Bahar to be with your favourite at the end, I do think that if Caner ( Sarp ) leaves then the whole basis of the story dies. After hearing over the summer he may have left I was wondering how they would pull it round with Sarp being the main character and a huge part of the story centred around him. 

Ratings for this episode were not as high as last season although it was still the top show that evening on Turkish TV. I wonder if some had stopped watching thinking Caner had left the series? 

It is really going to be interesting to see what will happen. Is this all a dream? Will Sarp remain alive? The author that was injured in the accident will play a role in Bahars future as she is in the audotorium when Bahar is giving her speach. 

Im hoping that the veiwing figures will remain steady so we dont have any early cancellation of the series. Also just praying that Caner and the scriptwriters were playing with us and he is staying.

You can watch the episodes live every Tuesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on Fox Turkiye.

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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