Born: December 24th 1986

Status: Married

Kaan was born in Istanbul. When he was young Kaan’s father was ill and he worked to help to support the family. He worked in restaurants. He graduated from London Brunel University with a degree in Marketing. He then studied acting at the Baskent Academy of Communication Sciences.

His first acting role was in the series Kayip ( Lost ) in 2013, where he played the character of Kadir. He acted alongside Asli Enver. The viewing ratings were poor but it had a huge following on social media. His following roles were in Ulan Istanbul (2014) Adi Mutluluk (2015) Kalbim Yangin Yeri (2016) Klavye Delikanlilari ( 2017) and Insalik Sucu (2018). He also has produced two ventures, Ummu Sibyan Zifir (2014) and Yok Artik (2015).

His new role will be in the series Halka. It is due for release in 2019. It has been said that it will be similar to the series Cukur about organised crime. His fellow actors include Hande Ercel, Serkan Cayoglu and Hazal Subasi.

His interests include travelling to new countries, the countries he would love to visit are Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia. His favourite city is Barcelona. He loves all kinds of sports. He loved the film Manchester by the Sea but isn’t a Star Wars fan. Some more trivia from Kaan includes he would have loved to have invented the shoelace ( that’s a random one ) if he could sit and chat to anyone it would be Ataturk, and the series he follows are Bates Motel and Peaky Blinders (excellent choice).

In 2015 he got engaged to fellow actress Ezgi Eyuboglu and they married in 2016 at the Esma Sultan mansion. He is active on social media with 442k followers.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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