Born May 8th 1981

Kaan was born in Izmir. His Dad is Turkish and his Mum is of Syrian and Iranian descent. Kaan had quite a privileged childhood, he graduated High school and then along with his family moved to America. He graduated from a college in America and then the family returned to Turkey in 2000. He then went to University in Istanbul and studied Finance. While at University he did some modelling work and was in huge demand, as he is quite tall he got a lot of clothing shoots for magazines such as In Style. During this time he was told by a family friend to do some acting and was noticed by a film producer who asked Kaan to appear as the main role in the film Karaoglan. Kaan lacked practical experience and went to New York where he attended Stella Adler’s school of Acting.

Since then Kaan’s career has gone from strength to strength. He has made 6 movies and been in 24 series, including Filinta, ASK, and the huge hit Kara Sevda where he played the best bad guy..I loved him as Imir. This year things started to go international for Kaan and he appeared in 2 episodes of the American Netflix series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in the role of Deniz.

Kaan has dated a few ladies but his partner now is Zeynep Oymak. He has an Instagram account with 1.2 million followers on which he posts regularly, his photos are very artistic and well worth having a look.
I have never seen Kaan in a romantic role which I would like to see, and also one where he smiles, he has a lovely smile which was very rarely seen in Kara Sevda. Now he has come to the attention of the international producers and directors from Kara Sevda’s International Emmy award which they won, I think Kaan just may start to get some recognition in English speaking countries…he is fluent in English, and I hope he can do what many Turkish actors want to do but very few accomplish it and that is being successful internationally.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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