At the end of last season (Episode 53) Fikret is arrested, they found drugs in the cargo compartment of one of the planes heading to London.  All of these scenes while Adem, cynically watching everything from afar and saying “The time with the Borans has come to an end”.

Ipek remembers what Adem told her in the past “Definitely this is their good days, I have a very special plan for Faruk” She tells Sureyya and Esma, this is maybe the surprise he was talking about that time.

Faruk is trying to find out with the help of all of the employees and Garip that offers his services as a legal advisor, who is the person behind the setup. The news of the charges against the company is spread like dust by all the TV stations causing the company shares to crash.

Sureyya starts bleeding at the courthouse and is rushed to the hospital, at the hospital after an ultrasound, the Doctor tells Faruk and Sureyya that the baby’s heart rhythm is abnormal and must induce labor, Poor Sureyya, Everything that happened to her before she lost the first baby, came to her mind like in a movie in slow motion.

Sureyya had the baby but needs to stay in an incubator for a while, because the placenta ripped earlier causing the bleeding and the baby was left without oxygen.

Sureyya wakes up from surgery, asking for the Baby, Faruk shows her picture and explains to her what happened, she is afraid and demands to see the baby, with the help of the nurse she is able to see her through a glass window, (let me tell you after that, you are going to see the most lovely and touching scenes that Asli Enver had have ever performed) She names her baby Yaz.

Dilara finds out she is expecting a baby.

Faruk informs the family they need to sell everything they have, including the Mansion, you need to see the following scenes with Esma Sultan…they are going to break your heart.

Faruk discovers that Adem is the person responsible for the set up with the help of Ipek (Ipek, you are so smart…but at this moment I really don’t know if you really change for good) Faruk walks out of the Mansion and guess what? He is going to see Adem… Here comes the best part of this episode, Faruk tells Adem everything he had inside,  – For the first time, I wasn’t suspicious of you, until I saw this, throwing the pictures on the table,  Uff … my dear  Dilara, (You should see her face looking at Adem in shock).

At the end of that conversation (Of course, there’s more… and you need to watch the whole scene) Faruk said to Adem:  Do you want the Mansion?  Take it, enjoy the show and give me my brother back and take the documents.

The last scenes of this episode are all heartbreaking, watching Esma saying Goodbye to Nurgul, Gulistan, Mustafa, Nazif, while the workers are empty the house.

Fikret is out of jail, we can see all of them sad… while they are loading their stuff to their cars all in disbelief of what is happening to them.

They end the episode with all the family at the beach having dinner together, all happy with the most beautiful sunset watching them from afar.

Until the next episode just around the corner….Gosh, I can’t wait for next Friday!!

Written by Maureen Silas


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