Our new episode begins where we left it last week at the company lunch Faruk still at the phone

Faruk: alright I’ll be there, everyone is waiting for Faruk to finish talking on the phone, Sureyya Osman and Akif watch from afar worried about the mysterious call.

A woman approaches Ipek and asks for Fikret, she tells her that he is a little late since he had to attend a meeting.

Faruk apologizes to the people who attend the lunch, and he finishes his speech thanking everyone for attending the celebration

Sureyya asks Faruk what’s going on? , Faruk tells her that he does not know, he received a call from the hospital, Adam and Fikret were in a fight and they are in the hospital, they did not explain anything to me, I go to the hospital and then I call everyone.

Faruk and Osman arrive at the hospital and the receptionist tells them that the two brothers are still in surgery

Faruk: What do you mean?

Receptionist: They brought them by ambulance both of them got stabbed, I cannot give you any information at this moment, sir.

Esma is in the mansion with Garip and receives a call from Osman, telling her not to worry and calm down; Fikret had a fight and is in the hospital

At the hospital Faruk Osman and Dilara are in the waiting room waiting for any news, little by little the whole family is arriving, the last one to arrive is Esma.

Esma: Where is Fikret, What’s going on?

Faruk: They are in Surgery

Esma: They? Who are they?

Faruk tells Esma that Adem also continues in surgery. Ipek who did not know anything about it is surprised to hear the name of Adem.

Esma: Did he do something to my child?

Faruk: We don’t know what happened yet.

Meanwhile Fikret and Adem are both in the operating room, Adem’s heart stops and the doctors are trying to revive him, we can see in the next scenes of Adem dreaming that all the brothers are together playing, happy, Adam goes to the nursery and starts playing with the children too.

All these scenes remind me of episode 45, Adem was invited to the traditional Boran picnic for the first time. For the first time in his life, he played with his brothers.

Adem e learned that Faruk collaborated with his former enemy, and turned his life upside down. In the same way, last week, when Faruk told him about his partnership,

Would it be a hope for a better life? But the whole thing it was like a fairy tale. Last year’s picnic was the time when Adem was perhaps the happiest in his life, and this season at least we had the most friendly and light Adem we have seen throughout our series.

On the other hand, while under the influence of anesthesia, another version of him, this time his child was with him. Both the whole family and all the children showed great love for him. Perhaps the prospect of such a life has brought him back to life.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room Esma begins to accuse Adem of trying to kill her son, all this in front of Dilara, Faruk tries to calm down Esma and tells her that they do not know what happened.

Esma does not feel well and the doctor sees her right there in the hospital, the doctor asks Esma if she tooks her medicines and she does not remember if she did it or not.

Esma: I keep forgetting little details, maybe I should take some vitamins, (the doctor suggests a general check-up after Fikret leaves the hospital and things calm down)

After a long wait, the doctor gives them the good news, Fikret is fine, and the stab wound never hurt the internal organs.

The doctor tells Dilara that Adem is still in surgery.

Gunes returns to her apartment and sends a message to Adem

Gunes: I called you but I gues you don’t have signal, your cell was off, Can you let me know when you get my text? We can hace dinner if you want at my apartment.

Dilara and Sureyya are in the waiting room for Adem’s surgery to end, the doctor tells Dilara that the operation was successful; Dilara asks if Adem is okay.

Doctor: it’s too early to say something; he will be in intensive care for a while.

Sureyya tells Akif to pick up Emir at school but not to tell him anything of what has happened, Emir is not happy to see Akif, as he expected Faruk to pick him up

When Fikret awakes after the surgery he asks for Adem

Faruk: Did you have a fight with Adem?

Fikret: while I was fighting with someone, Adem got involved in the fight to save me, he did that and got hurt and now, I am alright, is Adem alright?

Faruk tells Dilara and Sureyya that Adem saved Fikret’s life, Adem stood between them and saved my brother’s life.

Faruk returns to the mansion Esma asks him how is Fikret and he tells Esma that he woke up

Garip: Did he say something about the fight?

Faruk tells them what happened, so right now we owe Fikret’s life to Adem

Esma: First we owe him the mansion and now my son’s life, it’s all Adem’s fault what will I do now? I should be thankful or curse him?

Faruk is in his room, Yaz wakes up and he pulls her out of the crib, Faruk unknowingly does not see Emir standing at the door and hears everything Faruk says to Yaz.

Faruk: My love, I’m glad to have you, did God send you to me to forget about all my problems? When I look at your face, you make me feel better, I’m glad to have you my child, if I did not have your mother and your curly head brother (rizados (Emir listens to everything almost crying, but does not hear when Faruk mentions him) he runs out to his room.

Gunes finds out what happened to Adem through social networks.

The next day, Fikret goes to Adem’s room, (Adem still does not wake up after the surgery)

Fikret: Why did you come back, why did not you let me die? You have to get up, we have some undone business between us, can you hear me? At that moment Faruk arrives at the room, Adem wakes up and they call the doctor.

Doctor: Let me check your hands, can you feel this? Everything seems to be working, now your legs, can you move your toes ( He cannot feel or move his legs) I don’t know what’s going on, there was no damage to the nerves, we’ll try to figure out what causes this problem, don’t worry.

The doctor tells Faruk and Fikret that he has to do some tests since Adem cannot feel his legs.

They enter the room again and Fikret tells Adem not to worry, it’s something temporary, I spoke to the doctor, it happened because of me, I’m sorry.

Adem: Get out (screaming at him)

They leave the room and Fikret starts crying and blaming himself since Adem is disabled because of him, at that moment Gunes arrives.

I heard from the press thre was an accident; I hope there’s no bad news.

She enters the room and wishes him a speedy recovery.

Adem: Get out I don’t want to see any of you, I don’t want either to see you, Gunes, She leaves the room worried about him.

Dilara arrives at the hospital and sees Faruk leaving Adem’s room; she asks what’s wrong with Adem?

Faruk tells her that nothing has happened, but Adem cannot feel his legs, we don’t know if it’s permanent or temporary.

She enters the room and Adem tells her “Did I earn a visit from you when I saved Fikret?” what kind of look is that? Do you appreciate me or pity me?

Dilara: I am sorry

Adem: Who are you? I am against all of you, alright? You were always on their side, what did you tell them while I was being operated? Did you say to them that I did not do it? If it was Fikret in this situation and became disabled will you look at me like this again, what will you do?

Dilara: you are sad and angry, let me…

Adem: Get out of here, get out with you goodwill, I am not a hero, I was forcefully involved.

Dilara : You did not have to go back, you could leave Fikret like that there, but you didn’t , you acted with your hart, not with your anger.

Adem: Are you trying to make me get along to them, just get out, we got nothing left between us but our child.

Dilara: I won’t leave you alone.

Dilara’s situation is also very complicated, Even though he says it is over, she still has a hope and keeps loving him. It is very difficult for them to be able to repair their relationship and continue after so many mistakes. I can’t predict how they can solve their problems.

Esma receives a call from her doctor who wants to see her in his office as soon as possible.

Back to the hospital Dilara ask the receptionist for Adem, thinking he is in physical therapy, one of the nurses tells Dilara that he was discharged.

Dilara: Didn’t you have my number for emergency calls?

Nurse: He didn’t want us to call anyone.

She calls Adem and ask him why he left “Where are you staying, I don’t want you to be alone now

Adem: Who told you I was alone?

Dilara can heard a woman having a conversation over the phone, I’m sorry if I disturbed you, have a good day.

Garyp pays a visit to the family, Esma is not there and he says is better that way, since he wanted to talk to them, “I want to have the weeding as soon as possible at the beginning of January. (Everyone is surprised without knowing what to say)

Meanwhile at the Doctor’s office Esma asks him what he found out on the tests “I already got nervous on my way here”

Doctor: I think it’s too early to panic and I think it’s the beginning of it.

Esma: Do I have Cancer? What is it? Tell me.

Doctor: There’ll be some changes in your life from now on, you need to be prepared for this, thankfully we got the diagnostic very early, you have Alzheimer.

One of the things I love from this series, they show you life as it is, I don’t know how Esma is going to endure this disease, It would have been easy for her to accept another disease, it’s going to be hard for a woman who is so vigorous and still have all that appetite for life, and at the same time, her mind is slowly becoming blurred.

What will the next episode will bring? Stay tuned for another great episode of Istanbullu gelin.

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas




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