Fikret asks Adem what are you doing here?

Adem: I came because I was invited (Faruk welcomes Adem, Fikret and Esma are surprised, Faruk asks Adem to wait for them in the greenhouse)

Fikret gets nervous and asks him what is he doing there at the party, Faruk tells his brother that nothing has happened, we’re just going to talk to him.

The three brothers go to the greenhouse to talk to Adem

Fikret: Brother, what’s going on?

Faruk: We are going to forget about what happened in the past, nobody is innocent and we have hurt each other, I’d love to give you your money back, but at this moment in our situation we can not do that, I’ve thought a lot about this, I wanted to share this with you before…You know we are going to rebuild our company with the cash we have right now, since we can not give you your money, you will be a shareholder in the company, and you won’t have any word on the board of directors, you will get every month a certain amount of money with the profit we have, and we will end our debt that way, I offer you a partnership, what do you think?

All the brothers are surprised without knowing what to say, including Adem, Fikret believes that his brother has gone mad.

Faruk: Adem left the house, to us without any questions, He understood his mistake, I just want to get out of debt with him, what do you think Adem?

Adem: It doesn’t matter for me, but first you need to convince your brothers.

Faruk: I’ll deal with them

Adem: What would happen if we do not earn money?

Faruk: if we do not make money you can have the house back (Adem accepts the proposal, but Osman and Fikret are furious with Faruk’s proposal)

Osman tells Faruk to be careful with him, everyone knows how Adem is, does Mom knows about it? Faruk tells them that Esma does not know anything “I just want to keep him under control”.

Fikret: Have you forgotten what he did to us? At least you could have asked us and hear our opinions

Faruk: I’m sorry I was wrong; do you have any other idea?

Fikret: Did you ask me for my opinion before? (In the middle of the conversation they are having, they have forgotten Osman, who starts having an asthma attack) They give him his medicine and they ask him if it’s okay.

Osman: Enough stop fighting, enough.

Garip is saying goodbye to some guests and he is seeing everything from afar and he asks them, what’s going on? Faruk tells him that they can talk later.

Ipek is looking for Mustafa and Nazif, Garip tells her that They just left to drive others home, her cousin Gulbin wants to leave, Faruk suggests that Osman can take her home, I do not want him to go alone, after what happened, Osman agrees to take her, but she tells Osman to take her to a bus stop, she needs to go somewhere else before.

In the meantime Dilara is back to Osman’s apartment, someone knocks on the door, it’s Sureyya with a box of goodies from the party.

Dilara tells Sureyya that she doesn’t want Adem to run after her, don’t expect anything from him, How Adem cannot understand the mistakes he has made.

Dilara continues to blame herself for hiding her pregnancy from Adem.

Dilara: I did the same thing his Mom did.

Sureyya: I know you felt cornered, you did not know what to do and sooner or later you would say it to him, stop worried yourself.

Dilara: I went to get an abortion, isn’t this as bad as what Reyhan did? Adem asked me about the difference between me and his mother, he is right to be angry.

Sureyya thinks hopeful that Adem with time will eventually heal his wounds.

Osma takes Gulbin to the place where she needed to go, she gets out of the car and starts looking for a stone and throws it at the window of the house, a man goes out to the window and the first thing he sees is Osman standing in front of the house, After telling them all kinds of obscenities, he tells them he’s going down to face him, Gulbin tells him to run and hide, she confesses that she had waited a lot to do what she did. They were going to get married and I left her at the altar, she starts to laugh and Osma cannot believe what is happening, she says goodbye to him and tells him that she is going to call a cab.

When a car alarm is heard, Osman cannot believe what he is seeing; the man with a baseball bat has broken the glass to his car, Osman calls Nazif to pick up his car without being seen.

Back at the mansion Esma, Garip, Fikret, and Ipek are questioning Faruk for what he did, he says to Esma he wants to control Adem, keeping him near.

Faruk: The whole Bursa thinks this man donated the house to us, I just want to pay our debt.

Esma: I don’t want this man around us ( Garip thinks is okay since he can not make any decisions and once his debt is over he can leave, Esma and Fikret are not happy with what Faruk just did)

Fikret: You starting acting on your own again.

In the morning all are gathered at the table having breakfast and Esma tells Faruk that since she can not do anything, she transfers all her shares to Garip.

Fikret suggests that he better give the shares to Nurgul, at least she is a trustworthy person and she welcomed them into her house.

Esma: if Adem is working at the company, Garip can also be there.

Next scene Esma is asking Garip to help her with the company and keep an eye on Adem.

Esma: I forgave him once, I owed my son’s life to him but every time I look at him I saw how I wasted my life, despite the fact that he was the living proof of Fevzi’s betrayal, no one can know what I see when I look at Adem, I don’t want to talk to him again.

To be honest I think she was too hars and prejudiced against Adem, everything she experienced was very painful and difficult to digest, Esma is also misleading her anger about this issue, what fault does Adem have? The perpetrators of this crime were Fevzi and Reyhan. There are many things that we can blame Adam, but this, it’s not one of them. The same way, Esma betrayed her husband; since she could never forget Garip.

The big day has come and Faruk Fikret and Akif are in front of the building “The Boran Brothers are back in town”

All the workers welcome them including Okan, you will witness a bit of tension between Fikret and Okan.

Next Scene Senem arrives by taxi with Dilara blindfolded; Sureyya waits to unveil the great surprise to Dilara, when they arrive at one of the rooms in the house, Sureyya removes the blindfold, Dilara can not believe what she is seeing, a new school for her and Sureyya.

Sureyya tells Dilara that Faruk has already paid the rent for 6 months, all of them are happy, Dilara remembers the first time Adem took her to the previous school they had.

At the office Okan introduces Faruk to Ozgur, his new assistant, Okan’s niece.

Faruk and his assistants plan a welcome lunch, at the table are also Fikret, Akif and Okan, Fikret is not happy that they are going to invite Adem to the company’s lunch; he can not contain his anger and tells Faruk what he thinks.

Faruk: We gave shares to Adem and that’s why it has to be on the list that will be given to the press

Okan: You need to calm down, this is business.

Fikret: I.m not going to learn business from you, this is a family meeting. (Akif and Faruk try to calm down Fikret, but he becomes more enraged and leaves the meeting)

Faruk follows Fikret out of the conference room you’re acting like a child

Fikret: You always look out for my actions, you should look for yours for a bit, and I’m going mad because you are not hearing me again.

I didn’t think I’d give Fikret any credit, but it’s a fact that Faruk did not have the right to do what he did, no matter the circumstance. It is not acceptable for anyone to make such a proposal to Adem, giving him shares in the company, without consulting the family before, Fikret is right to be mad at Faruk.

The next day Faruk calls Fikret and he does not answer his calls (Fikret comes out in the middle of the night, without being seen by anyone)

Fikret is in a restaurant, a little drunk, taking the last drink that is left of the bottle, and through the window he sees Adem, who enters the restaurant.

Faruk, Sureyya and Ipek arrive at the company lunch, Osman tries to call Fikret and I continue without answering the calls.

Finally Sureyya meets Ozgur, (all this time, she thought the new assistant was a man, not a woman, I think we’re going to have problems from now on)

In the last scenes of this episode, Fikret and Adem are talking at the restaurant.

Adem: Why did you call me, did you miss me?

Fikret: I missed you, why you didn’t go to the company’s lunch, Adem gets up from the table to leave and Fikret tells him that he is his guest and needs to stay. (At the previous table a man looks at them and is a little bothered by the situation)

Fikret keeps talking about the past, Adem gets tired of hearing him talk, offers to call him a taxi because he’s a little drunk.

The man at the previous table, tells him that “it’s enough, Stop talking”

Adem: Alright Sir, He is a little drunk As soon as I leave he will calm down, (He leaves the restaurant, but not before hearing the man argue with Fikret and start fighting, he enters the restaurant again and the first thing he sees is one of the men taking out a knife and run to help Fikret).

In the middle of Faruk’s speech, he is interrupted by Ozgur with a call, apologizes to everyone and leaves to answer the call.

Faruk: This is Faruk Boran, Yes, he’s my brother, what do you mean he is in a critical condition? What happened to my brother?

What happened to Fikret and Adem? Stay tuned until next week for another great episode of Istanbullu Gelin.

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas



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