The sun shines for all! And in what way for the Boran family, with its entire splendour!

We were waiting for a long time for this to happen, the family will return to the place where they belong, to Bursa, and of course to the great mansion.

Just watching the opening scenes, where we can see Nazif, Gulistan and a crew of cleaning people, in front of the mansion, getting ready to receive the family back, (For me it seems as a come back after taking a long vacation, I am happy than them).

I missed every corner of the mansion especially the stone path from the entrance to the mansion; I suppose the actors and crew must have missed Bursa as well.

Faruk drives the car, sitting next to him, Esma Sultan, excited and happy, Sureyya Emir and Baby Yaz are in the back of the car.

Faruk tells them “We are going back to our Mansion; we should be happy right Mom?

Esma: I just worry about the payments; we are talking about this man that is so unpredictable

Faruk: We won’t owe him anything, don’t worry, I’ll figure something out, just enjoy this moment.

Esma is worry they need to buy new furniture for the mansion since their furniture got lost in an auction

Nazif opens the gate and everyone arrives in their cars, Gulistan and Nazif welcome everyone, (Emir is the only one that is not happy at the moment)

Faruk: Esma Sultan Welcome home.

They all stand to look towards the front door of the house, Garip opens the door and everyone wonders what he’s doing there. (The boys are not happy to see him) Esma looks at him; there is a flashback, Esma remembers at the young Garip, It’s raining and he runs with a letter in his hand towards the door.

Esma opens the door and he tells her that he wanted to congratulate her but will not attend the wedding; she says “I am sorry… He tells her she doesn’t need to explain anything to him; I always knew I was in love with a daughter of the fairy king.

Esma: this has nothing to do with your position

Garip: I could only knock at the door of this huge mansion, but asking for the heart of his daughter and believing in fairy tales was my weakness, I don’t know what to say apart from wishing you happiness, you’ll never see me again, Good Bye, and he goes.

Back to the present, Garip welcomes Esma

Esma: It’s a very sunny day today

The boys are still watching the scene and Fikret whispers to Faruk “Go and kiss your stepdaddy’s hand” (Oh Boy…That was funny to watch)

Garip welcomes everybody and Sureyya says that is a big surprise to see him there. Garip tells her that the big surprise is inside the house.

Garip: Come in, and close your eyes, Esma.

They all go into the house, and they look at everything without being able to believe it

Garip Open your Eyes, Esma is surprised without knowing what to say

Esma: Where did you find all my furniture?

Garip: I bought everything and storage them in a warehouse, I was sure they would come back to this house one day. This is my gift to you; they all thank him and go to their rooms, except Osman, who goes to the greenhouse and starts writing a very emotional message in his diary.

Gunes is at ulfet’s office and remembers the last conversation she had with Ulfet, “What have you done? Is because of the Boran? They ruined everything since they entered our life”

Ulfet: I did what I have to do a long time ago, the police must be on its way, I called them, I leave you the only thing I’m proud of in this life, La Costume, is my family I leave you, my family,, you did what no one could do to me in this life. I know you can take care of it, for the first time I feel free. ( A very emotional goodbye)

Adem pays a visit to Gunes and tells her La Custome is in good hands now, he was worried about his aunt, and ask her is there something he can help with it.

Adem: I was rude, I forgot about our date, I’m sorry, my wife lied to me, I thought she got an abortion, she did not, we went to the doctors to hear the baby’s heartbeat, it was a big step for me.

I left the castle, it did not suit me, I gave t back to the real owner, I want to live in a place I can say to my son “ My dear this is our place, the both of us, I’m sick of the dark shadows in the past

Gunes: I’m happy for you, but I have to get back to work.

He says goodbye and she hands him the keys to her apartment, she says to him is better to stay in her apartment than staying at a hotel, relax there, hang out a little bit I’m working like crazy, It’s not like we are getting married, he accepts the offer. ( these two are going to end up together)

Emir disappears for a while; Faruk and Sureya go to look for him in the forest near the mansion, Sureyya finds him, crying behind a tree.

Faruk: Son, we’ve been looking for you for hours, we got so worried about looking for you.

Emir: I want to be alone

Faruk: I know it’s hard to be away from someone, I understand that.

Emir: Who cares about what I think, my mom did not ask me either, she said we are going to back to Turkey and she left, leaving me behind, then Yaz came, I got a sister before I could not used to have a father, just when I was getting used to living here we moved, and then we went to Istanbul, I’m not a box for you to carry, I just introduced you to my girlfriend, Yaz always has something, nothing happens to me , no one sees me in this house, I’m not going to settle in anywhere from now on,

Faruk: Its alright son, I’m sorry, you are right, I promise you we’ll ask you first whenever we are going to do something, Sureyya says to him both of them are sorry, we don’t do anything without asking you first.

Emir: Then I don’t want to be in the same room with Yaz, it smells so bad when she poops, Faruk agrees, He is right. (In a way Emir’s rebellion was right, Faruk and Sureyya, neglected Emir, they did not consider how the big changes in his life would soon affect Emir, they finally realized that they had made a mistake about this).

After that Sureyya had a conversation with Emir and I don’t know how she does it, she always finds the right sentences and communicates with Emir like an older sister, a magic moment between these two.

Dilara called Adem to thank him for what he did, he is at Gunes apartment, Adem tells Dilara he did what he did for him and his child (Gunes is listening at the kitchen door)

Next day Faruk leaves a note to Sureyya to get ready, Nazif is waiting for her downstairs, Nazif takes Sureyya to a place and there is another note “Close the door when you enter the house, and follow the balloons. (As you all remember Sureyya did a big surprise to him for Valentine’s Day and now Faruk does the same to Sureyya) Faruk bought the palce for her new School; beautiful scenes, dancing and…Guess what? We are going to see the first kiss from season three Yayyy!!

Esma goes to see Adem at the Bus terminal, and ain a few words she tells him to stay away from the family , on his kid behalf she wish he is serious about what he said to her before, don’t paly tricks on me , but if you try to mess with my family again, she won’t let him live.

The Borans have a new partner Okan, he is happy with the new partnership, Fikret on the other hand… Not so happy.

The Boran family invites almost the entire city of Bursa to a party, to celebrate the return of the family to the mansion.

The great moment of the arrival of Esma Sultan to the party, (everyone was waiting for her), she goes down the stairs with a beautiful dress and wearing her best jewellery, (the necklace, earrings y anillo that Garip has given her)

Esma: We’re in Bursa again and in our mansion, welcome everyone!

A new character has arrived at the mansion, Gulbin Ipek’s cousin, we will know more about her in the next chapter.

Adem arrives at the party (Everyone wonders what he does there) nobody knows that Faruk invited him, at the end of this episode the decision that Faruk makes is going to shock the entire family.

Until the next episode!!

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas



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