Opening Scene Fikret talking with Sedef, he is telling her he understood what she was really hiding behind her speech.

Sedef: Who are you? What do you want from me?

Fikret: You can call me one of Ulfet’s latest victims, I’m sure if we work together we can defeat Ulfet.

Sadef: You can forget what I said then. (She turns around and tries to leave, but is stopped by Fikret)

Fikret: Take my business card, keep it and who knows one day if you need help, I can help you. You know more than me how Ulfet throws people like garbage, we need each other. (Sedef takes the card and leaves walking in search of a taxi, Fikret does the same when he hears a familiar voice, and he returns, is Gunes)

Gunes: We need to talk

Sedef: I don’t have time now

Gunes: Come with me, now

Sedef: you are hurting me

Gunes: You should be thankful I don’t break your hand, do you really try to scare us (Gunes takes Sedef’s cell phone) call the police, can you proved to them that it was a murder, what were you doing after all this time?, what are you going to say to them? are you going to tell them that you blackmailed us and get paid for it, if you accept to going to jail with us, bring it on, if you say something I’ll make you responsible for this murder?( From afar Fikret is listening to the whole conversation ) I don’t feel sorry for you ( Gunes takes Sedef’s cell phone again and dialled a number, saying “this is my last warning to you” and leaves. we can hear a person on the phone, “Hello this is the Police” Sedef hangs the cell phone and leaves) Fikret is left without knowing what to do or what to say after listening to the conversation, walking back to the party room receives a text message “Can we meet, I’m Sedef”.

When he returns with the family to the party, he says that somebody from work call and needs to leave.

Next day Fikret is by the seashore, he looks at the time on his cell phone 6:48 am.

Meanwhile, at the mansion Sureyya and Faruk awaken in the morning to the sound of the alarm, he is telling Sureyya that he is worried about Fikret, I don’t know what he is up to.

Faruk reminds Sureyya, that today they have to go to pick up Emir from the camp, Faruk receives a call from Fikret, he wants to see him and talk to him about something, but don’t say anything to anyone, everything is okay.

Faruk arrives at the place where Fikret awaits.

Fikret: Calm down, nothing happened

Faruk: I was so worried on my way here; tell me what’s going on?

Fikret: Our aunt, while I was looking for a way to get Ulfet out of our lives I ended p with something I never expected, I wanted to take care of the problem, I don’t know what to do…I wanted to make up for my mistakes, but now I don’t want to make a mistake again trying to fix it

Faruk: Does this have anything to do with the meetings in the bathroom with Akif?

Next scene Ulfet is in the baby’s room, thinking about everything Sedef said about her at the party, the doorbell rings, she thinks it’s Sedef, and runs to open the door, angry, opens the door and is Sureyya.

She wants to thank Ulfet, for the invitation to the party, Ulfet is happy to see her and after 30 years this year was special because her family was with her, Ulfet receives a phone call, Sureyya wants to leaves, but Ulfet won’t let her go.

Ulfet: If you want, make some coffee for us.

At the kitchen door, Sureyya notices the partially open door of the secret room; she opens the door and discovers what’s in the room, she began to remember the encounters with Ulfet and the way she acted when she was with the baby, feeling sorry for her, Ulfet enters the room and says “You caught me” Sureyya tells Ulfet that she is sorry, but the door was open.

Ulfet: Do not look at me like I’m crazy, can you forget what have you seen

Sureyya: I look at you like I’ve seen your wounds; would you like to talk about it? I lost a child too, now I have Yaz, she is my life, but that emptiness in me will never go away and you should not take that pain inside yourself alone.

Back to Fikret and Faruk, he can not believe what he has heard and asks why he did not say anything before.

Fikret: It’s not easy to say, especially knowing that your brother was absolutely right since the beginning, I wanted to handle on my own (You have to see, to understand these scenes, for the first time, the talk between these brothers with an open heart)

Faruk calls Sureyya and tells her that the problem was not about a woman, but they have something bigger going on, let’s talk before we pick up Emir, Sureyya is worried but Faruk says they can not talk about it over the phone.

Sureyya and Faruk meet at the seashore; she tells him everything she saw in her aunt’s house, everything that happened to the aunt in the past and somehow they need to help her.

Faruk, he also tells Sureyya everything that happened from the beginning, he says to her he is going to speak to Ulfet.

Faruk goes to see Ulfet, She mentions that Sureyya visited her to thank her, Faruk tells her that he knows the partnership with Adem; she asks him what he was talking about?

Faruk: I know both of you have had a painful life, but why do we have to pay for it? We were ready to give you a family that you thought have lost before, why dis you choose to separate our family instead of being a member of it.

Money covers a lt of things even a murder, what makes a family is not money, after you did what you did to us we choose to give you, we know how to forget and heal wounds but the most important thing we know how to love, I’m sorry you could not win this game, we reborn from our ashes and laugh out loud, you’ll always be the one in pain.

Ulfet: You talked with Sureyya (Faruk tells her that he spoke with Sedef, and he is not going to use that information against her and he’s saying that from the bottom of his heart, I won’t seek revenge against you or Adem, all I want is to deal with the field end this ugly game, this is all I ask from you. (She remains silent; Faruk tells Ulfet to excuse him and leaves the office).

After picking up Emir and her new friend Derin from his trip (some cute scenes you are going to be able to witness, Emir first puppy love) the family is gathered at the table for dinner when Ulfet arrives.

Ulfet: Please sit down, I’ll give you the good news and I leave, I’m willing to buy your shares, I can get all the documents done by tomorrow, it was good to have you in my life even for a short time, I apologise for the time we lost doing this business, and leaves the apartment.

(All are left without saying a word, Esma with a face that can not believe what she has heard, the rest of the family relieved and happy with the news)

Garip goes to visit Adem and tells him that he wants to buy the mansion, at first try to make fun of him, but after the talk, Garip tells him that it does not matter who owns the mansion, this is Esma’s castle and that fact will not ever change, at the end Adem tells him to tell Faruk and Esma that was a good try, Garip says to him that they don’t know he is there.

Esma goes to see Ulfet, as soon she enters the room Unless tells Ema, the Stage is yours, enjoy your victory.

Esma: I don’t feel different than you do, now when I look back it was not my intention for you to live such a life If I knew.

Ulfet: what are you trying to do? I’m a murderer, why are you so understanding?

Esma: Even though I was not in love when I got married, I learn to love your brother, I always respected and took care of him, but when I found out about his betrayal he was long gone, I was angry at him, all your sacrifices going for nothing. I lived all that with my kids, it not my right to judge you, I felt sad for you and I came to tell you that if you are ready; I’m ready to be by your side.

Ulfet: It was that easy, after all these years it only took a few words to end all this?

Esma think about it it was hard, I found out that you need to speak from your heart to other’s heart, don’t be afraid of the magic words.

Ulfet: I’m sorry

Esma, I’m sorry (Esma leaves the room without saying a word).

Dilara and Adem agree to go to a routine checkup with the doctor together, he was able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, from that moment we can see a change in the face of Adem, fascinated with what he is listening and seeing on the screen, tears come from his eyes.

At the end of the doctor’s visit he thanks Dilara for letting him being there, he asks her if he can come the next time, she says yes to that.

Faruk receives a phone call from Esma telling him that Ulfet sent a text message to her that she will have a press conference and will be live on TV.

Sureyya asks Faruk what is going on, He tells them that Ulfet is going to start a press conference to make a statement on live TV.

Ulfet: this is the hardest press conference that I’m doing, for the first time I dropped down my guard and facing you like this since the day I took over “La Costume” I’ve run around without a break. I caused my husband’s death in the past (Everyone is surprised with the statement) My husband told me he was cheating on me and I went to the house he used to meet with his mistress, to confront him, we had a fight we pushed each other, while I tried to protect myself.I pushed him and he fell down, it was an accident, I was scared and after a while I made an announced that my husband was missing, I could not live with this burden in my heart, this is my goodbye gift to you, I leave La Custome to Gunes and I leave now, thank you for the love and respect.

Esma receives a phone call from Adem, he wants to see her at the Mansion, she goes there, Adem is waiting for her at the greenhouse, he welcomes her, they sit at the table.

Esma: What was that so important that you need to tell me?

Adem Today I decided that today was the day where justice was served, one day you came to me with a white flag on your hands, this was a vain war, I’m sick of not be able to reach my goals, I took the castle but I lost the war in some way and I have no right to show you a white flag.

Adem gets up from his chair, and sits next to her, since the day I saw you upstairs in that room, I’ve been asking myself the same question, If one day I need such thing, where would my mind take me to in such situation? I should be able to give an answer to this question to my child, so I can have roots in a garden like this one.

I’m sorry for what I did to you, but at this moment words are useless, at least accept this,( he leaves a set of keys on the table) and says to Esma it’s not a gift, I’ll deal with Faruk about that later.

Adem leaves the house on foot, Esma sees him go and looks at the keys on the table without being able to believe it. She takes the keys from the table, almost crying, still unable to believe it; Esma Sultan has her castle back.

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WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas



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