I have a feeling that from this episode, we’re going see that the life of the Boran family will begin to change, and in a very unexpected way.

Garip has invited everyone to a family breakfast at his house… of course and you should know … that Faruk is not happy with the invitation.

Sureyya is preparing to leave and Faruk continues in bed with baby Yaz next to himFaruk: Let send Yaz and we can stay here, what do you think?

Sureyya: Don’t be ridiculous Getup!!

Faruk I really don’t want to go

Sureyya: What’s going on? This is not your first breakfast with Mr.Garip, he’s trying to be nice there’s no turning back now, I promise I won’t say a word, we already accept the invitation;

Faruk: You said it was fine, not us; He did not complete his sentence so that we could object when you said that was alright

Sureyya: The most difficult part we have already passed, the rest will be easy please, Let’s pick something for you to wear, something serious or Mr Faruk classic Sunday outfit?

Faruk: Pick the ugliest one that you can find.

Sureyya: You should thank me that I’m not forcing you to wear a tie on Sunday.

Osman has excused himself from going, but Fikret could not do it.

In the meantime, Dilara receives a call from her lawyer with some bad news.

Lawyer:  Adem has withdrawn the divorce, He is going to appeal the case and everything will be on hold.

Dilara: How could he do that, I don’t understand

Lawyer: Even if it was by mutual agreement, one of the parties can appeal.

Dilara: Can I call you when I put myself together.

Gunes is at the store calling Ilfet but she doen not answer her calls.

At Garip’s house, Esma is helping him to prepare breakfast for the family.

The family arrives at the house and it is Esma who welcomes them at the door

Esma: Breakfast is ready, (Sureyya and Ipek leave with Esma to the kitchen while Faruk and Fikret are in charge of the babies.

They sit at the table and Garip tells them that they all have a little gift from him on their plates.

Garip: Since I did not know who would sit where you can exchange them after you open them, ladies blue ribbons gentlemen black ribbons, but if you continue with your glasses on I’m not sure you can see the difference.

The ladies are happy with the gifts on the other hand… Faruk and Fikret… they were not very impressed with theirs. (Faruk and Fikret are at the table with faces saying “we don’t want to be here”)

You can feel the tension in the scenes, but at the same time very funny as you can see the way they interact with each other.

Senem sends a message to Gunes and they agree to meet later.

Back to Garip’s house, Faruk receives a call and He tells them it’s from the office, he goes to the kitchen, “I’ll be right back”

Sureyya: Should I bring more coffee, keep an eye on my baby. Faruk is not talking to anyone in the kitchen, Sureyya knows, it was all an excuse.

Sureyya: What are you doing?

Faruk My face hurts from my fake smile

Sureyya: Fine, go out and take some fresh air, but take Yaz with you, so I’m saying that you got something to do and Yaz need a few things, don’t worry. (He is more than happy with that idea)

Gunes goes to Ulfet’s apartment, opens the door with her own key and looks for Ulfet in every room of the apartment.

Gunes: Selma calls all the hospitals and the police (At the same time we can hear Ulfet’s voice telling her, Do not to worry, get out of here) She finds her in the Secret Room. After threatening her to call a locksmith, Ulfet opens the door.

Ulfet: Fine, wait for me in the Living room, (Gunes stay by the door and can not believe what she sees)

Ulfet’s hair is a mess; her eyes all messed up with mascara from crying. The room is filled with baby stuff, toys, stuffed animals, a crib, baby clothes, and a rocking chair.

Next scene Dilara goes to the mansion to speak to Adem, knocks at the door, inside Adem knows that is Dilara, Gulistan opens the door.

Dilara: What are you doing?

Adem: I thought you would call

Dilara: What are you planning to do?

Adem: Come with me, I’ll show you something.

She sees the nursery Adem has prepared for the baby

Back to Ulfets’s Apartment

Ulfet tells Gunes” I would have given birth if everything had worked out”.

Ulfet: This is the first thing I bought for the baby; this is where she would have slept, I was going to feed her here, I felt It was going to be a girl, I’m not crazy.

Gunes: I don’t know what to say, it must be hard to lose a baby.

Ulfet: I did not lose the baby, I gave up on it. I looked for my baby from doctor to doctor and therapies for 15 years. Everything is here.

Next scene Dilara and Adem at the baby’s room

Adem: Still a lot of stuff is missing; there are more things to come, but you came a little bit earlier.

Dilara: You are sick

Adem: Were you going to hide my child from me? I told you-you left me in the dark and you killed me, you told me that I deserve all of this, I don’t understand the difference with what you said and what you did, can you tell me about it?

Dilara: How could you.

Adem: It does not matter how, When were you going to tell your son that his father did not want him, just like my mother did to me. What’s the difference between the reasons that made my mother and me a selfish and ignorant crazy and you an innocent?

Dilara: Take a look around this house, they were fights, pains and wars in this house before, and this house had is colours, It had joy and hope in it, there was life in this house, now is cold, grey, everything you touch turns grey. You know what’s the worse?  Your emptiness is swallowing everything.

You are used to seeing all this emptiness. I could not find the formula to fill the emptiness inside you. I wouldn’t be enough for you. I couldn’t get used to it. Do you think I am like your Mom? The difference between your Mother and me is that I really want to protect my child. I am not the one to tell you this anyway, you are the one who needs to understand. (Adem tells Dilara that she is taking revenge on him)

Adem: I’m his father and you can not rip me off from your lives.

Dilara: God damn I loved you, God, I stood by your side I could not leave you, I don’t understand of hate or revenge like you. I am trying to make it up to my child. This is why I cannot speak the same language as you. Do you want this child to learn the meaning, the meaning of how to love?  Or else you will only remain as its biological father, there is nothing more, Dilara runs out of the house.

Adem: I’m not like my father, I won’t accept this, do you hear me? (He tells Nazif to follow her, Get her in the car, don’t let her in the middle of the road)

Gunes still at ulfet’s apartment

Gunes: Try to sleep, when you feel better we can talk about the room again

Ulfet: there is nothing to talk. I’ll go and tell the police about what happened.

Gunes: That Idiot, I called that person before and told her not to disturb you again, Did she called you?

Ulfet: She came

Gunes: Sedef was here? That’s why you are like this, what did you say to her?

Ulfet: I said to her to go to hell

Gunes: Why you did not call me?

Ulfet: I will not run away anymore. Conscience is the worst guardian. The voice inside me will not stop calling me a murderer.

Gunes: You are not a murderers. It was all an accident. You defended yourself. You pushed him and he got what he deserved.  

Ulfet: I’m the murder of my baby since I did not have the courage of looking at her into her eyes, I got her removed. I made three mistakes in my life and I ruined it. What am I fighting for? Let whatever is going to happen, happen.

Gunes tells her she is saying all these things because of the medicines she is taking. She will take care of Sedef.

Faruk called Akif while he was with Yaz at a children store to find out what’s going on with Fikret, Akif lies to him telling him his brother had an argument with one of the customers, and that everything was ok, Faruk asks Akif to take care of Yaz for a moment.

Akif leaves the stroller to call Senem she doesn’t answer (The next scenes you need to see, Yaz was missing for a while, because of Akif).

Akif suspects Senem is having an affair and with the help of an app in his cellphone follows her. He finds her with Gunes

Gunes: I’m sorry all of this is my fault I asked Senem to not tell you that we knew each other, we know each other from way back and I know Senem shared that with you.

Akif learns that Gunes is none other than the Azime he and Fikret are looking for. Azime and their other roommate Sedef had disappeared on Senem but Sedef did Azime a favour and gave her a scholarship.

Akif calls Fikret and tells him all about Gunes and Azime.

Gunes talks with Sedef who is asking more money from Ulfet, the money she paid her was all gone; she threatens her to go to the police.

Sedef: Relax, just for now I don’t want anyone to hear about this story, don’t worry.

Gunes: You know we are not murderers; you could have been rich with all the money we sent you. If I hear that you bother Ulfet again I will make you regret it. Gives her money and says it’s the last time.

Next day Adem asks Nazif where did he drop Dilara off. He forces him to tell him the truth that she is living with Osman. Adem goes to see Osman after that.

Ulfet invites them to La Costume’s 30th-year-anniversary party she is giving that night.

At the party welcomes them and says the ladies look so pretty, especially Esma,” I can’t take my eyes off you “and notice the ring Esma Sultan is wearing.

Ulfet: Is this what I think it is?  You decided to get married and they did not tell me anything.

Garyp: We had a really good day and it was completed between the family.

Ulfet gives a speech: I created a family, not a brand with this team, I want to thank every member of my family but first thank you Gunes, she is my shadow in this business, I’m happy that I could mark my own signature in this life, La Costume will always encourage women to be themselves because you can only exist with your own identity and shine with your own decisions.

And as soon she leaves the stage; Sedef walks up and takes the microphone.

Sedef: Hello everyone (Ulfet and Gunes stand speechless) Ulfet did not know that I’d be here tonight, is a surprise for her, she would not let me do it if she knew about it, right my dear Ulfet? Ulfet is very, very…I can’t find the words to describe her …She is so modest, if you give her a chance she can change your life in one night, yes you heard it right, in one night, she changed mine in one night, I owe my whole ambition to stay strong to Ulfe and  I am here today on my feet and trusting myself so much and being stubborn about it, it is thanks to her, I love you very much Ulfet, you mean so much to me, let’s give her an applause, leaves the stage and gives a big hug to Ulfet and Gunes. (Fikret is watching the whole scene, and saying to himself this is my opportunity)

As Sedef leaves the party Fikret runs after her.

Fikret: Sedef Unlu? I was looking for you everywhere but now you are here.

Sedef: Do we know each other?

Fikret:  We will, In fact maybe we can form The Ulfet Kavakli Fan Club together? And they shake hands.

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 62.

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas



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