Episode 60 of Istanbullu Gelin started off exactly where episode 59 ended, Fikret listening to the conversation between Ulfet and Adem, the conversation is interrupted by Ulfet’s secretary, reminding her of the meeting.
Ulfet: Bring him to the conference room (That’s where Fikret is hidden)
Secretary: I took them to the other conference room; if you want I can bring them here.
Ulfet: You always are doing things before asking me. She says to Adem that she needs to go, and together they leave the office.

Downstairs at the store, Senem is talking to Gunes (Aka Azime)
Senem: You could not recognize me? I recognized you immediately; you have changed a lot, even your name
Gunes: Senem It’s a busy day today (A salesperson is calling her) I can’t talk about this at this moment, we can talk somewhere else, can you give me your phone number? I’ll call you and we’ll meet okay”

Meanwhile, Ulfet and Adem are in the store and she realizes that he is looking for something.
Adem: I want to leave before the crazy genius sees me.
Ulfet: The right description of Gunes. I have to go to this meeting.
Adem: she doesn’t want to see me anyway
Ulfet: Good, see you later.
At the same time, Fikret leaves the store, without being seen by them, and immediately call Akif
Fikret: Are you at the office? I’m going there, there’s something important we need to speak about.

After a conversation with Garip, Esma decides to reunite the family to tell them about the marriage proposal, she goes to Sureya’s room and as soon as she opens the door, Sureyya and Faruk are in bed… almost kissing (After the very awkward moment…it’s not what you’re thinking… but it’s a very funny scene)
Esma: I’m going to tell you something important, I want the whole family gathered to talk about the matter, including Osman, Can you organize everything? Leaving the room.
Next scene Akif cannot believe what Fikret is saying.
Akif: You are not making fun of me? Are they really partners?
Fikret: Yes!
Akif: What kind of frame is this? What do they want?
Fikret” I’m the one who put my family in this situation and I’m going to save them, will you help me?
Akif: We are going to kick their ass (Akif wants to call Faruk but Fikret says is better if they wait)
Fikret: This is a matter of life and death for me, I’m serious, I came to you first without doing anything, no more secrets, I won’t do anything alone, please don’t tell Faruk, I can not let them get away, they have to pay for this.
Akif: You need to calm down, let’s see what we got but you have to promise me, no matter what happens you are going to tell me everything. What’s our plan? Tell me everything from the beginning.

Its dinner time and the whole family are waiting for Esma Sultan at the table, asking each other what she is going to tell them, she arrives and sits in her chair, at the head of the table.
Ipek: Mom, can you tell us what we’re going to talk about while we wait for Osman? (She does not answer, takes her pills, they are all surprised at how nervous she looks)
She hears the doorbell, it’s Osman
Esma: As you can see is not easy for me, first of all what I’m going to tell you is not a reaction.
Faruk: Are you moving out?
Esma: You all are my whole life; you all are the reason for me to live, but you all created your own family now, I don’t know for how long I’m going to live, For the first time in my life I have decided to take a step for myself, I hope you will understand (she sighs, Sureyya looks at her hands and notices the new ring she is wearing) Garip Proposed me.

They all stare at Esma, without saying a word, Esma looks at Ipek who is laughing, and Sureyya is smiling at her with tears in her eyes.
Sureyya: Mom I’m so happy for you, congratulations! (Fikret looks at her like she is out of her mind… All the boys are super serious looking at each other)
Faruk: Why now? We had problems with him before but we have accepted him as now is over. Why do you have to get married now?
Esma: We have to make it official.
Fikret: Is he going to serve the army or what? (Gosh I can not help laughing when I remember their faces) Osman Say something
Faruk: let’s pretend we haven’t talked about this at all Bon Appetite!!
(Süreyya feels sad for the attitude that the boys have taken)
Esma: I guess you may be confused, I did not ask for your permission. I wanted to let you know. I wanted you to hear it from me first; you taught me not to be involved in others decisions, right? I don’t expect you to accept this in one night anyway.

At the kitchen Nurgul and Mustafa are listening to everything, behind the door, her cell phone rings is Gulistan, she tells her that Esma is going to marry Garip, they are all happy with the good news.
Back to the dining room Sureyya is telling them they act like they all were at a funeral home, this is great news for your mother, why are you acting like this? Isn’t beautiful especially at this age?
Fikret: This is not something you can understand, Sureyya
Ipek: You are overreacting
Fikret: What’s going on Mom, are you going to have a baby, that’s why you are going to get married? at this age?
Sureyya: what’s that have to do with her age? This woman ignored her own life for you all, did not do anything for herself, she lived for you, you should be thankful since life offered something like this to your mother.
Esma: We can talk about this later, and think about it.

The Boys get up and leave for a night out in town. Akif joins them. He convinces them to accept Esma’s happiness. They end up drunk and dancing in the streets.
Back at the mansion Gulistan and Nazif they are talking about the next wedding, and he says to her he forgot to tell her something, I have the best news, I swear.

Meanwhile, Adem arrives at the mansion and without them noticing, he is listening to their conversation
Nazif: I’m telling you I saw it, at the security area, Dilara wanted to use the other door since she is pregnant, I followed her, and she was shopping for baby’s clothes.
Adem cannot believe what he’s hearing.
After investigating Akif finds the driver who worked for Ulfet, Niyazi.
Gunes send a text message to Senem, wants to meet her.
The girls convince Esma to make an engagement ceremony; we want to make something special for you, but everything has to be according to the rules.
Gunes goes to Senem’s apartment, Senem asks her why she did not try to get in contact with her after so many years, She was going nuts looking for her and her sister.
Gunes: It had to be like that, I was in the middle I have to build another life for me.
Senem: we shared the same bread, the same house, it was Sedef right?
Gunes: Yell at me if that makes you feel better; you have the right, do whatever you want, Are you still mad at me? You are an Idiot.
Senem: I missed you so much… So Sedef finally did something good for you how is she doing, did she get that man? You did not like her lover, he was rich rith? Where is she now? (She did not have a chance to answer, Senem cell phone rang, its Akif)
Senem: I think you should meet him, he knows everything about me (Gunes is not ready to tell Ulfet about her past and she asks id they can keep the meeting between them)
Ulfet sees Esma leaving the apartment and tells her that she did not know that Fikret was listening to their conversation.
Esma: By the way thank you
Ulfet: What are you thanking me for?
Esma: You dig and I find a treasure. I am getting married to Garip. You should know that families have a way of rising from every incident and get stronger.
Ulfet runs and hides in the Room.
The day of the engagement ceremony, the whole family is at the apartment, Esma looks beautiful, wearing a black dress.
Garip arrives with a beautiful flower arrangement for Esma.
Akif and Fikret are in the bathroom (The only place they can talk without being interrupted)
Akif: Ulfet’s husband had a mistress (Sedef) the driver used to drive them to their secret place on, One-day Ulfet confronted them but the husband and mistress left anyway. After this day the husband and Sedef went missing, now this is the case we got to solve, if he disappeared, why did he leave all his fortune to Ulfet? She told the police that he was missing and then fired the driver. The question is what happened to that man? The driver is going to help me find Sedef and Azime.
Fikret: Who is Azime?
Akif: They were roommates and both disappeared at the same time.
Fikret: Do you think my aunt killed her husband?
Back at the livingroom, Sureyya is in charge of the coffee and at the end, the coffee with salt that was intended for Garip goes to Akif. (A very funny scene, all of them waiting for Garip to say something about the coffee, he si smiling at them like nothing, at the end they all laugh at the situation)
Garip: I would drink this coffee even if it was bitter or sweet if it’s Esma who made it. As a person whose profession is to speak, for the first time in my life, I am so excited that I cannot speak. I have repeated this speech so many times since my childhood! Thank you for your understanding; I don’t want any of you to go through what we did. Your precious is my miracle, when she left my life, joy also left me. I could not replace her with anything else. But God brought us together after all these years; my request today is for you to give us our joy to live back (The boys are teary eyed)

Faruk stands up and says “This was meant to be and since you love each other, we can only say yes, you got the girl!!
Kylmet sends Ulfet a pictureo of the engagement. (She is devastated all curled up in a corner in the secret room).
Ulfet is in “the room” crying when the doorbell rings. (Guess who it is? Sedef)
Sedef: I’ve been carrying your secret for years, if you want me to hide this secret , you are going to look after me until I die or everyone will know everything, I need money, It is your choice whether to continue giving me money or not, Bye!
What will Fikret and Akif plan to do next? Do yuou think Ulfet killed her husband? Stay tuned for the next episode!!

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas



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