Are you ready for another Great episode of Istanbullu Gelin? Every week this series leaves us in suspense and we want to know more about all those questions without answers from some characters, I’m dying to know the secret Ulfet hides in that locked room.

Episode 59 begins with Esma Sultan at Garip’s front door asking him to marry her; Garip seems confused, not knowing what to say.

Garip: Esma what happened? Come in let’s talk who made you mad like this?
Esma: You still haven’t answered my question
Garip: what am I going to tell you, Esma, after seeing you like this? Do you want me to call a doctor? Should I call your kids?
Esma: Don’t call them, I lived my life for nothing, my life is a huge loss, they destroyed me today.
Garip: What did they do to you? Esma explains to him what happened, that Faruk wanted to find a proof himself.
Garip: What did he need a proof for?
Esma: Ulfet knew that we used to see each other
Garip: She thinks he’s my son? Why you did not tell me about this before? I have kept asking you what was the problem between you two.
Esma: I could not tell you that, the way that woman spoke about me back then.
Garip: You are thinking about marrying me to punish your children? Bravo Esman
Esma: I did not come here to punish anyone; I came here because for the first time in my life I wanted to do something for myself.
Garip: I should go and get something to drink for us, let’s pull ourselves together,

He leaves the room to the kitchen, prepare a tea (This is not what he had dreamed it would be) when he returns to the room, Esma is no longer there.
At home the boys are trying to locate Esma without any luck; Fikret is blaming Ipek for what she did, she is telling him she did it because she wanted Faruk to hear it from them, not from Ulfet, how would she know that Esma would find out.
Ipek: I did not open the envelope (she leaves the room going to Ulfet’s apartment, knocks at the door)

Ipek: Here it is.
Ulfet: What is this?
Ipek: The answer to the question, because of you and your accusations our lives are ruined, my mom left home, pretty soon we’ll leave this place, stay away from us.
Meanwhile, Faruk is blaming himself for what just happened; Sureyya is trying to calm him down telling him that Esma will understand the whole situation.
Faruk: How could I tell her that it was Ipek that got the test done? I broke her heart.
Faruk receives a call from Garip, he informs him that she was there and now she is gone, that she was mad and left after he went to prepare some té.
Garip: Do you have any idea where she can be? I’m leaving now to look for her.
Next scene they are all gathered in the living room when the doorbell rings its Ulfet, they all run to the door.
Ulfet: I’m here because I don’t understand why Ipek think I did something on purpose.
Fikret: We are all worried, we can barely hold ourselves back, we don’t need your fake goodwill, but I promise you, I’ll talk about this to you in private.
Ulfet: I haven’t done anything to you guys (And starts telling them her side of the story, that her brother kicked her out of her family and she blames Esma for it, she even mention that her brother had a son with another woman) Put yourself in my place, I’m sorry, I can not tell you what I’ve gone through, I could not tell it to my own brother, so how could I tell it to you guys, who don’t know me at all, I’m sorry. (Leaving the apartment crying).
Since Esma could no longer stay with Garip she finds herself at the mansion, the first one who sees her is Nazif.
Esma: Son, Don’t you see the flowers have dried; can you take care of these? (She enters the mansion and she starts to hear the voices of her children playing in the house when they were little) Nazif can you tell the girls to bring me some coffee; she goes to her old room and lays on Adem’s bed.
Nazif tells Gulistan that Esma is there and she calls Nurgul, Adem gets home and found Esma lying in his bed, Adem keeps calling her, “Esma, Esma” she wakes up and sees Adem.
Adem: Are you alright, do they know that you are here? She does not answer him and faints, Adem tells Gulistan to call a doctor and Faruk that his mother is there.
Faruk gets to the mansion looking for Esma.
Faruk: Let’s go to the hospital, do you remember how you got here?
Esma: I don’t want to go, how much more you can hurt me? I have nothing left, not even a room to sleep. Where did I go wrong? You killed me today.
Faruk: I’m sorry Mom, You did not give me a chance to explain it to you, please understand me
Esma: I gave you my entire life and now I feel as empty inside as this mansion as if there never was a life inside me.
Faruk: Please just try to understand me, I’m a human being, Mom, when I received the envelope I was scared, I should have torn it, and thrown it away but I brought it home, please don’t cut me off.
Esma: Understanding is not going to fix it. Let me pick up the pieces even though I don’t have the strength at the moment to pick them up. My mental health is the only thing I had not lost.
Esma does not want to go home and Faruk ends up taking her to a hotel.
Faruk returns to the apartment and informs everyone what just happened.
There is a weird scene where Senem comes face to face with Gunes when she is waiting for Akifat at the door of the Borans apartment. (These two know each other, Gunes real name is Azime)
Next day Faruk and Sureyya realize its Esma’s birthday; Faruk is thinking about getting her a really nice gift like a big bouquet of flowers.

At the end, the girls take her out to celebrate. The Boys stay behind babysitting the children (They spend the whole night watching a soccer game, a must-see scene)
(Guess who is responsible for making all the arrangements to celebrate Esma’s birthday? Senem…just wait and you will realize what will happen, the best scenes of the entire episode, I love this series, these actors have never let me down)
They end up in jail because it was a casino they had actually gone to, and of course, Garip is the one that gets them out of jail.

After Garip gets the ladies out of jail, They all arrive at the apartment, Garip and Esma stay in the building’s lobby, Garip doesn’t want to wait any longer, he takes out a beautiful ring and he asks Esma to marry him. (Beautiful scenes with the perfect music in the background, you will love it)

Next day Fikret goes to Ulfet’s office, she welcomes him.
Fikret: I was just around the neighbourhood and wanted to stop by my intention was to get to know you but I never had the chance to do it,I want to introduce myself, you must know already, I’m the lunatic of the family, I had made great mistakes, my family is where they are now because of me
Ulfet: Why are you telling me this?
Fikret: You remind me of Adem, who wanted to be a part of the family too, do you know him?
Ulfet: I’ve heard of him she says.
Fikret tells her that he learned from Adem that evil comes out of goodwill and I asking myself why are you helping us?
Ulfet: You made me laugh
Fikret: Next time that you talk to my mother choose your words wisely, because I’m so tired of people hurting my family and I do not know what I would do, nice to meet you, Aunt.

He leaves the office and goes to the bathroom, leaving his briefcase in Ulfet’s office, later he remembers that he left the briefcase in there.
On his way out he overhears Ulfet talking to Adem.
Ulfet tells Adem that Fikret scared her. He compared me to you, Could he knows something?
Adem: Fikret is crazy and don’t even see what’s in front of him, do not to worry about him, Then Ulfet asks him to tell her all about Esma.
Adem: She passed out, I was not with her when she woke up, the doctor said it was stress, don’t know why she was sad, its that related to your plans?
Ulfet: I have no part in this crisis.

What do you think Fikret will do knowing that these two are together to hurt the family? Stay tuned for the next episode!!

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas

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