The beginning of this episode continued with Faruk and Fikret this time leaving the crime scene, walking down the pier, as soon as they arrive at the car Faruk asks Fikret what it is all this nonsense. Fikret says that he needs to forget about it and he didn’t want to say that to him.
Faruk: What do you mean I could be Garip’s son?
Fikret: I heard my Mom and Ulfet talking, my mother said it was a lie, I can’t tell you if I believe that.
Faruk: Why you had to tell me that at this place?
Fikret: I wanted to do something right, I risked my life for the family; I’m not the only guilty one in this family, I’m, not the only one who does things in secret, all I wanted is send Adem to jail with those documents.
Faruk: You are still talking about those documents; do you realize you just got involved in a murder? Did you call that man?
Fikret: He doesn’t use a sim card; He calls from a different number every time
Faruk: You went to his house, what about the cameras?
Fikret: No cameras, There is nothing that can connect me with him, please stop taking it out of me any more.
Faruk: Get out Fikret, go and do whatever you want.You can take those documents if you want, get in trouble or go to jail, I’m sick of cleaning all of your… throughout my life, you are on your own now, don’t you say a word about his to our mother, I swear to God I’ll break every bone of yours, get out now. (Faruk is absolutely right to treat him like this, he has to learn from his mistakes, but it is something that I doubt he can understand)

Akif calls Faruk concerned that he does not know what is happening, Faruk tells him that Halil is dead, and it was not Fikret the one that killed Halil, I answered you call to let you know that you can keep watching him, I need to clear my off my head first, talk to you later.
Ipek finds a way to take a sample of Garip’s DNA, immediately call her mom, and she takes care of the rest. (She knows a friend who has a lab)

Gunes arrives at Ulfet’s apartment; she tells Ulfet that she met Sureyya and she seemed like a cute girl, I got really good vibes from her.
Ulfet: She came to thank me for the job I recommended. Tell me about last night?
Gunes: We showed how classy we are as usual, everybody asked for you, and Brutus was there too.
Ulfet: What he was doing there?
Gunes: You told me he as not a Boran, but he is.
Ulfet: he is not my family, just my brothers’ illegitimate son; he took his last name to take revenge on them.
Gunes: that’s why you get along with him, why you didn’t tell me about this?
Ulfet: I did not think it was necessary to tell you the details, you did know like him anyway.
Gunes: it’s not that I like him… You didn’t tell me that you invited him
Ulfet: I didn’t invite him, I told him about the party that I was not going and it was you the person in charge, he is unpredictable, I only stand him for the sake of my brother, stay away from him.

Dilara receives a call from her lawyer telling her the court hearing will be on October 17th, she doesn’t want to go, but the lawyer says in those cases it is better that both parties appear at the trial.

Sureyya is at her aunt’s house calling Faruk but he does not answer the calls, she is worry because if even he is busy, he always writes back that he is in a meeting or doing something important.
Senem: I’ll call Akif I know a way to find out, you need to know how to find his password, and I got this covered. (She knows her man)
Akif answers the phone saying that he is really busy.
Senem: Where is Faruk? Sureyya can’t get in contact with him since this morning, I thought you would know.
Akif: Well… (The poor guy all nervous, not knowing what to say)
Senem: If you are saying “Well” so many times is because something happened.
Akif: Call Sureyya and let her know that Faruk is fine, Faruk went after Fikret (He does not know that Sureyya is listening to the conversation)
Senem: So it was the other woman?
Akif: I wish it was a woman, nothing happened, Faruk followed him and found out that Halil is dead, he managed to get Fikret out of there right on time. (By this time he knows that Sureyya is with Senem)
Senem: What he was doing there?
Akif: He wanted some documents to get Adem out of the way. I don’t know where Faruk is, He sounded bad, and He did not feel well.

Sureyya decides to go and look for Faruk, comes to the house and asks for Fikret, she sees him coming out of the bathroom and enters his room.
Sureyya: Where is Faruk? Are you alright? You know what I’m talking about; I’m about to lose my mind.
Fikert: I don’t know where Faruk is, He got mad and I left
Sureyya: What have you done? If everyone is going hard on you Fikret maybe you should watch where you are going, maybe you’re in the wrong direction. She tries to call him and nothing, she then sends a text message to him, saying that she knows what happened, he answers telling her where he is Can you come now?
She arrives at the place and tells him that she knows everything (He is surprised for a moment) she asks if this will affect him too.
Faruk: Akif told you
Sureyya Never mind who told me, there is something else? What is going on Faruk?
Faruk; I’m about to go insane, what am I going to do? It is not possible.
Sureyya: Calm down and tell me everything.
Faruk: Fikret heard my Mom talking to Ulfet; she told her that she knew I was Garp’s son (Sureyya cannot believe what she’s hearing, she knows Esma is not capable to do that, if such a thing would happen, she would step up and tell it. she would not have accepted Gary in her life again, fearing that the truth would be known)

Sureyya tells Faruk to face his mother and ask her about it, tell her what you heard she will understand. Faruk does not want to do it. She suggests that they take a DNA test; no one needs to know about it, he thinks he is not ready to know the test result.

Gunes calls Adem and left a voicemail saying that she just wanted talk to him, Adem calls her back and invites her to dinner at his house (At the end of dinner they end up spending the night together)

Esma teaches her grandson Emir not to lie after they find Yaz’s favourite toy in the trash (Emir is jealous of his sister) a great lesson not only for Emir but also for Faruk and Fikret. Esma Sultan says that she doesn’t like secrets or lies, “what I’m so proud of myself that my words are my bond”, you (Emir) if you live your life like this you will never feel embarrassed in front of others.

Dilara goes to court accompanied by Sureyya, Senem and Akif, after the divorce is granted Adem asks to have a few words with her, she listens to him without saying a word (“You got rid of me”, “ I deserve everything”, “God knows how much you wanted to break up”, “Thank you for being in my life “Adem never going to change)

Ipek goes to Ocan’s office to talk about the job proposal, Faruk is not convinced that she can work with them, she noticed that and tells Ocan that she needs to talk to Fikret and she will let him know of her decision.

Next scene Faruk is asking Ipek why she did not mention about the job at home, she admits she did not have a chance to tell him, he did not look like he wanted to talk to nobody, remember that he mentioned it at dinner.

Faruk: I did not think he was serious and that you could do it, you have children and not experience, what is this about now? Is there something else?
Ipek: Yes, I did not want to tell you here, I don’t know how to say this. Fikret told me he heard my mother and Ulfet talking, he was sad, I don’t believe it, and I know you, I wanted to help you, that’s why I did something without telling you, I went and got a DNA test done.
Faruk: How dare you do such a thing?
Ipek I know that you would not dare, take this I did not open the envelope, you can rip it apart and forget about it or open t if you want.

Esma overhears Farouk and Sureya talking about the DNA test. Faruk tries to explain what happened,
Esma is furious, you could not even have the courage to ask me about this, (takes the envelope from his hands) and slaps him and runs out the room, Faruk follows her to the living room. (The whole family is listening to them)
Esma: Don’t try to stop me, I gave up on myself for all of you, I gave up on myself for your Dad, I gave up on myself for my husband, I gave up on myself so that you could walk with pride, I did not even ask myself what I wanted, not even once throughout my whole life, I lived my life for all of you, everyone but for myself, I put all of you before of me and I was the last one in the back and I keep saying that my words are my bond, that did not mean anything to you? Do you think I can do that? I wasted my life for nothing, running out she is yelling to them, now you can find out who your aunt really is.
Esma arrives at Garip’s house, rings the bell and asks him to marry her. Until the next episode!!

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas



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