This is a great episode, I’m serious when I say that every episode gets better and better, for me this is the beginning of the third season, with this episode it was much lighter in the dramatic theme compared to the previous episodes.

We begin with the same scene as Fikret keeps listening to the conversation between Esma and Ulfet.
Esma: I thought you learned the lesson and you got smarter, how can you still talking about the same thing, even your brother warned you in the past.
Ulfet: Just because he did not want to face the truth, it was the easy way to cut me off, now thinking about that he tried to start a new life with another woman I learned from the media that he has another son.
Esma: if you try to confuse my children’s mind with this nonsense Ulfet, I swear to god I’ll kill you this time.
Ulfet: Your secret is safe with me
Esma: I’m not scared of you, I remain silent because I don’t want to hurt my children in this chaos we all living now.
Esma: I was so wrong for not doing what you deserved back then, Now I know for sure, you were the one spreading all those rumours about me, if you if you eliminated me, that was your only chance to win Garip, right? You should learn from your life and the past, you have not get better at all, you haven’t remembered your human side I got out from the pit you pushed me in with 4 shining diamonds, and what do you have? Not matter how fancy you look, not matter you rub it that in my face, all I can see you are nothing more than a lonely loser (if you could see Ulfet’s face, with her eyes full of tears, that was priceless) you remain the same person.

Ulfet: A great talker is a great liar they say I should leave you alone with your conscious, I don’t mean to shut the door in your face, this conversation is over for me (Ulfet try to closed the door)
Esma: You are still at the same place I left you years ago; I shut the door years ago, my conscience is clean, I was not being unfair to you not even for a bit, you don’t derve a second chance from my family, you deserve to die alone in the that unnessesary crowd, you can’t separate my family you need to learn that (Shutting the door in Ulfect’s face -That’s my Girl Esma Sultan!! Loved it!) We can see Ulfet crying behind the door.
In the mean time, Fikret is in total schock after witnessing this scene and leaves the building.

A new beginning for Sureyya when she goes for a job interview, the job that she has been searching for is in front of her, at first she is telling the principal that she did not mentioned to her husband about the interview and she needs to get the approval from him first, and she would love to teach at that school.

At the end with the approval from Faruk, she accepts the job offer.
At the office Okan is telling Faruk they deserve to celebrate and they should have dinner together and invites Fikret as well.

Next scene Fikret at Faruk’s office, immediately Faruk notices his brother is acting a little weird
Fikret: Nothing happened, I just wanted to stop by and see you.
Faruk: Okan is not at his office we can talk there if you want.
Fikret says that everything is alright; Faruk is tells him the good news that they signed the contract and Okan invited them to have dinner together as well as his wife Ipek.
Fikret: I can’t tonight I’m busy; we are going to have a bachelor Party for a friend from College.
Faruk: Which friend?
Fikret: Do you think I’m lying to you? What do you feel when you look at me? Do you ever wish that I was never born to make you feel better? (OMG! I can’t belive he’s telling that to Faruk, all his life this man has always been jealous of his brother, wanting to be like him)
Faruk: What are you talking about? You’re weird today; tell me what is going on?
Fikret: I wanted to commit suicide and I came to say good bye.
Faruk: You are an idiot
Fikret: Do I need your permission to go to a party too?
At the end Fikret is telling Faruk that is good he is the older brother for the sake of the family, think about it, me being the leader?
Faruk: Just tell me what’s going on? Then I’ll give you the leader position right away
Fikret: You keep saying the same thing, I’m going I’m bored.
Faruk: Are you coming tonight?
Fikret: I’ll let you know (He is leaving the office remembering Ulfet’s conversacion with Esma Sultan)
He receives a message from Halil “The deal is on, Are we good tonight? He reply back “Yes”
Ulfet keeps calling Adem and he doesn’t answer her calls. Tired he finally answers telling her he is not available, she is not happy, asking him why he withdrawn the charges against Faruk.
Adem: I don’t want to make a move any more, after your advices, backfiring me inappropriately, I lost my Child, I’m not in this war anymore, you’re the only winner her, leave alone.
Ulfet: I’m sorry can we talk when you calm down? We have our meeting in Bursa today, I won’t be there but Gunes will take over.
Adem: I don’t want to see you, leave me alone. (Will it be that Ulfet has lost his great ally?)
Esma listens to Sureyya and Ipek talking about the gift she is preparing to Ulfet
Esma: Are you preparing a gift for her?
Sureyya: I wanted to thank her mother why?
Esma: What did I tell you about that woman?
Sureyya: We live under her roof and I wanted to thank her, that’s it.
Esma: We don’t owe anything to that woman; I gave her the greates gift by coming to her home, you don’t know about it.
Sureyya: Yes, Idon’t know anything about it, I can’t choose the side wihout knowing the facts.
Esma: Don’t do it, stay out of it, especially you, did I tell you she will make us fight? No one will talk to that woman again. (Oh boy she was mad)

At the restaurant, the only thing I’m gonna tell you is that Ipek was the star of the night. Faruk try to call his borther with no luck, He never shows up for dinner.
Fikret goes to Halil’s apartment to pick up his passport and money he needs (he can not do it, Halil knows the police keeps an eye on his apartment, what happens inside the apartmen, it’s something that you need to see)

Dispate everything he went trough; he calls Halil mad at him because he almost die.
Fikret: If you don’t hand Adem to me after what I went through, you are going to see the other side of me.
Halil: We’ll see each other tomorrow; I’m glad that this is over.
Garip invites Esma to dinner, she does not want to go, but at the end she gets ready and goes to his house, what she does not know Garip has invited Ulfet to his house, to talk about business, since Esma rejected his invitation. (You will see how angry Esma is at garip because of this).

At home, Fikret shared with Ipek what he heard (Gosh this woman is never going to change) Despite Frikret’s objections she decides to find a way to do the DNA test to Faruk.
Faruk with the help of Akif hire a person to follow Fikret, he doesnot feel good about this but this is the only way they can find out what’s going on with him.
Fikret finally get in touch with Halil, he will give him the documents that Fikret needs and will send a text with his location.

Sureyya goes to Ulfet’s apartment with little Yaz, but something strange happens during the visit, Sureyya needs to go to the bathroom, and Ulfet says is on the left side when you turn the corner, Ulfet stays with Yaz, who is asleep on the sofa.
Sureyya tries to open the door it’s locked; she says to her that she can’t open the door.
Ulfet tells Sureyya that that’s not the door, the one across (This woman is hiding something behind that door)

Fikret arrives at the boat and does not find Halil, try to call him and he doesn’t answer, but he can hear a cell phone ringing in the back of the boat, when it reaches the part of the boat where the cell phone is ringing, sees a body, is Halil and is dead.
When Faruk learns what Fikret has done and intervene in the incident, this will make the brothers to clash.
Faruk: What did you do Fikret, are you insane? How are we going to clean this? I’m sick of this! Damn on the day we become brothers.
Fikret: We are not brothers; I’m not your brother.
Faruk: What are you talking about?
Fikret: I’m not, you are Garip’s son.
I can’t wait for the next episode… The trailer for the next episode looks awesome!!
Until the next episode!

WRITTEN BY:  Maureen Silas



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