This is an outstanding episode not only in content but also in acting. Adem and Dilara stand out in their performances and The solo songs accompanying some of the scenes are beautiful. Words do no justice to the beauty of this episode.

It begins with Farouk at the police station after being taken there after Adem’s accusations that he assaulted him. Remember that Farouk thought that Adem had kidnapped Sureya when she “disappeared” and did not answer his calls.

Farouk is with Garip at the station but doesn’t want anyone to know. Sureya finds out via Garip – Esma and rushes to the station to comfort Farouk. He lashes out at her. Tells her everything happened because of her stubbornness. He had told her to stay home if she had only stayed nothing would have happened. She doesn’t need a job right now. Her working will not save the situation. Sureya is deeply hurt, says “I am sorry” and leaves.

Sureya tells her aunt that she feels alone and bored. She tries to do something on her own to help but this only makes Farouk feel insufficient.

When Farouk gets home at night she tells Sureya he is sorry he snapped at her.

Sureya: Your anger is not the problem. When you take all that anger on me you make me responsible for everything that happened……

Sureya’s thoughts:

– I am so confused

– Am I being patient or giving up on myself

– How will I guide my daughter if I let everyone’s wind blow me from side to side


Ulfet tries to get close to Sureya by encouraging her not to abandon her music career and gives her her business card for a possible job. She tells Sureya that “life flows so fast”. Esma walks in on their conversation and tells Sureya not to be fooled by Ulfet’s mask and to keep her at a Distance. She is adamant about this. Sureya feels she can do no good


When Dilara finds out that Farouk went to jail because of Adem, she goes to see Adem at

the mansion. Osman accompanies her to see him and waits outside the mansion. Dilara tells Adem that if he withdraws the charges she will sit down and speak with him. She threatens him saying that she will really disappear if he doesn’t do this. Adem goes to the station and withdraws the charges.

Dilara and Adem go to a cafe to talk. Sureya and Osman wait outside.

Adem tells Dilara he has missed her. He sees himself as the “right” one. He had been happy and she took this from him. Was everything they had had a lie?

She is the only truth in his life. She accepted his darkness and his faults.

He has loved only two women in his life, his mother and Dilara.

The reason everything happened was Fikret’s ambition. Fikret had asked for his help.

“Am I the guilty one”. “They are hypocrites”. Doesn’t she know how he feels?

Dilara asks Adem to stop his victim story. Fikret did not want to ruin his family he only wanted to prove himself to them. Stop targeting them she says. You could have had a very big family.

He responds by saying that “it is easy to be arrogant when you are borne with a Silver spoon in your mouth”. Dilara is so upset and sad. What’s happened is because of the things he chose to do.

Adem- what about our child. Do I Get to make a decision?

Dilara – No. There won’t be. There is nothing in this world that connects us any more. You made me give up on it.

Adem – I don’t understand, so you got an abortion. You cannot do it without my permission

Dilara – I have learned to kick people in their softest spots. You came to this point. You never knew how to stop

Adem – you accepted my darkness and now you have aborted my child.

This is the biggest wound in his life. You put out my light. Don’t blame me for staying in the dark.

Dilara- It’s over. It’s over.

****NOTE. There is no way to appreciate what this scene is without watching it. It is heart-wrenching and acted so superbly that I was shaking as it unfolded. This scene is a MUST to watch. ****

After this Adem winds up at the shrink’s office. He had stopped going because his repressed feelings had come to the surface. She tells him he cannot stop therapy now – when repressed feelings are brought up they need time to figure out how to survive in life from a different point of view.

“When you reveal the pain and wounds in your life and you don’t know how to cure them you might feel defenceless.”

This is why continuing therapy is so important.

Adem feels he is a doomed man. She tells him he made the choice.

*In therapy you don’t look for someone to blame.

*all relationships have two sides. It’s like a Dance. In order for it to be a dance, the steps of the two sides should follow each other to catch harmony and compatibility.

*Nothing will change in your life if you insist on following your own dance steps instead of following the others.

*if you don’t change the same thing will occur in other relationships. THE WORLD WILL NOT CHANGE IF YOU DONT CHANGE.


After this Adem encounters Gunes (Ulfets assistant) at a restaurant where circumstances force them to share a dinner booth. Here they end up telling each other their sad life stories

(I am not going to say what I am thinking…)

Osman realizes that Dilara is going to have an abortion and convinces her not to go through with it. The Borans will all be with her. This is a Gift to her. Osman likes having someone at home with him………(I am it going to say anything here either)

Ulfet convinces Kymet and friends to visit Esma. Esma is taken aback but bounces back by telling them that a friends kindness is not a knife but a healing cream and asks them to leave.

Ulfet barges in during breakfast and announces to the family that the sale of their share of the field did not go thru because of a defective buyer.

Akif procures a job interview for Fikret and warns him it is a temporary job while things get better. Fikret feels that it is below him and barges out of the interview. He then meets with Halil who puts him in danger by asking him to go to his house to get his money and passport to leave the country because he cannot do it himself because House is being watched. (Watch Fikret getting in trouble yet once again).

Ulfet tells Esma that she lied to her brother

– now that she has seen her and Garip together

Isn’t it time to reveal that Farouk’s father is Garip since Farouk was borne after seven months of marriage. Lo and behold we are left with Fikret listening to this conversation!!

And that’s all for Ep 56. Happy watching!



Written by YOYI HUGUES


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