Another great episode this week! Episode 55 begins with Esma Sultan at the balcony of Ulfet’s apartment looking at the construction site near their building, sad, you can hear the typical sounds of a big city, sirens of police and firemen, the whistles of cars, etc.

We can see Mustafa moving boxes from one room to another, Nurgul and Sureyya, trying to clean the room, Ipek is by the window holding her baby looking at People passing by the building and telling Sureyya that she has nothing left  to wear ( You will see…  What she has in mind already and what she’s going to do later on)

Ipek – In Ayvalik I used to wear shorts and T-shirts but now that we move to Nisantasi, what am I going to wear?

One of the babies is crying Emir comes to the room with a paper in his hands showing to Ipek that Ada ripped his paper; Sureyya as always comes to the rescue and takes him away with the excuse they need to water the plants.

Faruk arrives at the apartment with shopping bags from the supermarket and gives them to Mustafa, looking at his mother standing by the balcony, he approaches her and Esma Sultan tells him that she doesn’t like the big city, I know all of you are trying to convince me to move to Osman’s apartment, but I need to be here until the sale of the land.

Faruk tells Esma that they will move out of that apartment and I will take the mansion back to her.

Esma – I’m not going anywhere without seeing that day and showing it to people.

(This is just the beginning of a new life for all of them, totally different from the life they lived in Bursa)

In the meantime, Ulfet is leaving the building, when she sees a woman walking on the street, (Yes… is Dilara and she recognizes her instantly) and informs Adem about it.

Dilara and Sureyya are in her room talking and looking to the baby sleeping on her crib, Dilara brought a gift for Yaz and Sureyya, Sureyya‘s phone rings saying hello but there is no answer from the caller, ( Is Adem, and he can listen to  Dilara over the phone talking to the baby)

Adem – Can you give the phone to Dilara?

Sureyya – How do you know we are together?  Are you stalking us? Dilara realizes that is Adem

Adem – For how long she thinks she can run away from me, she is my wife and the mother of my child, Dilara takes the phone away from Sureyya, saying – Leave these people alone and hang up the cell. (She knows that her nightmare has begun)

Faruk Starts working at his friend Okan’s company as soon as he arrives he realizes that he will not work as his friend’s right hand; he is just going to be a regular employee in there.

Next scene Ipek walking down the streets, looking at the store window displays of a designer shop, she is passing by several times in from the store until she decided to enter Ulfet’s store (One of her favourite stores) and started looking around and buying all that she sees.

Garip takes Esma to a place they used to go when there were young and started to remember the day he wanted to propose to Esma.

Back at the store Ipek after her shopping spree, goes to the cashier to pay (she knows she can’t pay with her credit cards)

Tells the lady – I forgot my wallet at home, can you send the bill to Mrs Ulfet?  After receiving the OK from the supervisor, they let her go.

While Sureyya is buying some sauces and pastries at the bakery, Adem enters the pastry shop.

Adem – I’m sorry if I scared you, it was not my intention?

Sureyya – What are you doing here?

After a few exchanges of questions, Sureyya wanted to leave the store (she is really scared of the situation), Adem closes the door and said to her: Don’t act like I am a psychopath killer, I’m not like that.

Fikret pays a visit to Halil (Adem’s friend, they were cellmates in jail) he doesn’t want to speak to him and he says to him that he warned them that Adem is a dangerous man.

Nazif sees them from far away, wondering what Fikret was doing in there.

Back to Sureyya and Adem at the bakery, there is a big confrontation between them about Dilara, Adem wants to see her; he wants to know what happened to his child, etc.

Sureyya again wants to leave the place, her cell ring… is Dilara Adem takes the from Sureyya, Dilara asks for Sureyya, he says she is with me.

Dilara – Give the phone back to Sureyya.

Dilara – This is the way you want to talk to me by seizing people?

Adem – I’m at the bakery you love, I will wait for you here.

At work, Faruk receives a phone call from Senem and informs him what just happened.

Next Scene Sureyya and Adem at the bakery, she wanted to go to the ladies room, he does not let her, grabs her arm again, and at that moment Faruk is at the door watching the whole scene, they starting  to fight another exchange of words, “stop blackmailing my wife, I’ll kill you”

And then is Dilara coming to the store:

Dilara – Bravo Adem, How much more can you embarrass me, with all of these you are ruining all the possibilities that we have, can you see that?

She refuses to listen to him, Faruk demands for him to leave the store. (A really sad scene for Dilara, watching her brought tears to my eyes)

Adem and Gunes met at the office (watch the scene is very funny… Love at first sight)

Adem tells Ulfet what happened andint the end she gives him a very good idea…Didn’t you make a complaint report at the police station? If something happens to you, the Borans would be responsible for it.

Back to the apartment, they are having dinner, happy with the little gifts Sureyya brought to each of them, the bell rings and is Ulfet Nurgul invites her to stay; she refuses the invitation saying that she doesn’t eat after 7:00 pm ( You need to see Sureyya’s and Senem faces)

She asks for Ipek, today she came to my store, she forgot her wallet with the credit cards at home and said to my employees to send the bill to me to her aunt’s address. (That woman is really evil; she found the perfect excuse to humiliate them all)

Esma takes the bill from her and let her know they don’t need any credit from her.

Sureyya is with Yaz at the park when she receives a call from her friend that works at a recording studio, he offers a job, She call her aunt to babysit Yaz but she doesn’t answer her call, she takes Yaz with her, at the studio she is trying to call Faruk and let him know where she is but there is not cell signal.

Faruk is calling her, without any luck and the only thing that comes to his mind is Adem, he goes to the Bus terminal looking for him, as soon as he find him in front of everybody he Ask him Where is my wife? Adem being Adem answers with a really silly rhyme that makes Faruk more mad, they fight for a few seconds while Faruk keeps telling Adem “I’ll kill you, where is my wife?”

Finall,y Sureyya gets in touch with Faruk, he rush to the recording studio mad at her, Sureyya follows Faruk to the car screaming at him.

Sureyya – This is my job, I’m just trying to help you, I don’t deserve to be treat like this.

He is telling her that he can’t control his family in a big city like Istanbul like he used to do in Bursa. (In part I understand he was scared especially with the crazy Adem around them all the time)

The bombshell ending… Everything goes well at the presentation (Do you remember the conversation that Adem had with Ulfet? Adem again… does something to put Faruk in a much more difficult situation, at the end of this episode the only thing I can tell you is that the police arrive at the office).

So looking forward to the next episode!!




Written by Maureen Silas


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