Opening scene, 20 years have passed, a young lady in her twenties walking towards  a building enters an office, sitting at the desk is an old lady we all know her as Idil,  Adem’s therapist , she said to her “I’m sorry for your lost”

Young lady – You knew my mother well

Therapist – Yes, Your mother came to me for therapy long time ago.

Young Lady – She managed to trick you, maybe you are not a good doctor as I though you would be.

Therapist – why do you think she tricked me?

Young Lady – My mother who always choose love or affection no matter what happens, she wore a mask all that time.

Next scene 2018

Her mother is talking to the therapist and telling her she’s a little bit lost and she cannot find an exit of her problems, “I don’t know if I’m a good mother”

Next scene we go back to 2035 the young lady tells her therapist a surprise revelation, but this time she is mad and said, my mother hid something from everyone… Did she mention something to you? I saw it with my own eyes… (I’m not going to tell you what she said… watch the episode is a big surprise to all)

Back to 2018 Sureyya and Esma are at the front yard of a house playing with baby Yaz, Esma Sultan looks tired, sad they are staying with Nurgul (at the house she bought with her savings) Esma is telling Sureyya that they came to live there for a while and it’s been 2 months already.

Sureyya seeing her so sad, try to cheer her up by telling her that they need to wait for a while, “ have patience, until we start making money again, we will be fine”, You don’t need to worry, We will move out of here, We need to thank God that we are all healthy and living under the same roof”. (I love the way Sureyya is handling the situation, trying to remain strong for Faruk and the rest of the family)

Adem continues living at the mansion, looking for Dilara without any luck, the mansion is almost empty without curtains or paintings on the wall only the necessary furniture.  There is a surprise for us, who are working for him as servants?  (Yes…Gulistan and Nazif)

Faruk is doing whatever it takes to keep the family together and trying to find a solution to their problems. He goes to his friend Volkan for help and he refuses to help him, he cannot accept his proposal, is way too risky for his company.

Akif arrives at Nurgul’s house, he wants to tell Faruk the good news, while they all are having dinner, Sureyya received a phone call from Dilara, who is fine, she looks sad and still doesn’t want to tell her where she is.

Akif and Faruk went for a walk, when he finally has the chance to tell him that after making a list of all the properties the family owns, he found a land left to Faruk by his father, but it was not included in the official list of its properties.

They have an investor who is willing to buy the land for 30 million, but there is a problem he only owns half of the property, the other half is under someone name, Ulfet Kavakli.

Back at home everybody is happy with the news except Esma, “I know how she is, that woman is a living demon and you are not going to see her”.

Despite what their mother said to them Fikret and Faruk go to Istanbul to visit Ulfet, but she did not want to help them. (Esma and Ulfet hide something…I’m dying to know what it is)

Esma is in her room, sad (This scene is so heartbreaking to watch)  after having a conversation with Faruk she started to remember all the words spoken by faruk, Akif, and the scene where Osman is giving an envelope to Faruk.

She walks out of the house in the wee hours of the morning, takes a bus to Istanbul to see Ulfet (I knew she was going to do that) She stands in front of the building and starting walking with solid steps and her head up like a Queen looking at the crowd (even thou she was dying inside for what she was about to do)

Faruk is worry trying to get in contact with Esma, when they notice that she is not at home, she doesn’t answer the calls, finally she takes the call and tells Faruk that she has something to do and he does not need to worry about her and hangs up the phone.

Faruk receives a call from his friend Volkan, with a job offer as his right hand “if you accept my offer I’m willing to meet with you as soon as possible”.

Back to Ulfet’s office, Esma enters the office, both of them looking at each other’s eyes (Gunes is there too) after a while, Gunes decides to leave them alone, (the next scenes are the best from the whole episode)

Ulfet- You are still standing

Esma – You know well that I’m not here to have a chat with you. What do you want?

Ulfet – I don’t plan to sell the land, your attitude has not changed at all, is the sale of the land so importan to all of you?  If this deal will give you back your last name and honor I need to get something equal out of it.

I want a chance to get to know my nephews, the press they are going to realize we are relatives, how am I going to explain to them that I left you living at your maid’s house? I have to protect my reputation, I have an empty apartment in the lower floor of my building, move in there with the kids that way a could get a chance to know my nephews ( We can see Esma’s hand holding her handbag all red trying to hold back all her rage).

Esma calls Faruk and let him know that they are moving back to Istanbul to Ulfett’s apartment: “We need to keep our enemies closer” but what she doesn’t know is that Adem and Ulfet have big plans for them.

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 55.



Written by Maureen Silas


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