After last week’s fantastic ending where Faruk and Sureyya decided not to divorce, we have spent the whole week waiting for that scene where Faruk and Sureyya turn up at Esme’s 60th birthday party. Oh boy it was worth waiting for!

Everyone had arrived including Begum and Emir. Esme was full of the joys of spring, not giving her birthday gifts a second glance (ungrateful woman), and also reveling in the fact she had her grandson and her family round her and waiting for Faruk to arrive home divorced.

Faruk did arrive home… with Sureyya. As they stepped out of the car. Esme’s face looked like she was sucking lemons! Begum was speechless as were the rest of the family.  The only one to say hello was Emir…that won’t last long I don’t think.

After Esme had marched into the house nose in the air, followed by Ipek who was obviously thinking about the bedroom she would have to give up, Murat bless him was so pleased to see Surreya back and gave her a big hug.

Adem is one weird character and very disturbing. He has anger and aggression issues that again were shown to his wife Dilara. He over protects his Mum who appears to have an anxiety problem, but she knows what’s she’s doing. She is so sneaky.

Esme feeling sorry for herself, goes out in the middle of the night and trots off to Istanbul to see Galip. The following scene with them both I thought we saw just a snippet of the nice Esme. She agreed to have dinner with him the following evening.

Madam Esme makes a devious plan and invites herself and all the family to Bergum’s house for dinner. She had already started her master plan by getting Begum to only let Faruk see Emir away from the house meaning not near Sureyya.

Faruk arrives with Emir to find the whole family there, he is not happy and tries to talk to his Mum, but she avoids him, and he sits down to dinner….BIG mistake Faruk. You should have left. You had the time with your son as promised, but you know that Surreya will be home on her own…..

This along with Sureyya agreeing to sing with Can I feel will cause just a few feathers to ruffle between them.

Lastly Akif and Teyze…. Ah Akif you really do like her, now she has said it’s over your kicking yourself.  I think watching him trying to win Teyze back will be so much fun.

Istanbullu Gelin Friday’s on Star TV.

Roll on Episode 23

Wirtten By – Rachel Labidi


  1. Buen día cuando tendremos el gusto de ver el resumen en español del capitulo 23 de esta espectacular seria. Saludos desde Ecuador

  2. Buen día cuando tendremos el gusto de ver el resumen en español del capitulo 23 de esta espectacular serie. Saludos desde Ecuador


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