This episode in my opinion was one of the best. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Tears of sadness, tears of happiness and tears of laughter.

This week was the episode when Faruk and Begum decide to tell Emir that Faruk is his father. They sit him down with Esma looking on from the window with a smile on her face. Which doesn’t last long. Emir didn’t take the news well and was devastated that Faruk had known for months and not told him. He runs away and goes to Sureyya. They have a very emotional talk and she is honest with him and doesn’t talk negative about his Mum or Dad. Well done Sureyya that must have been hard. Faruk comes to collect Emir and in a heartbreaking scene Sureyya watches them hug.

Sureyya gives Faruk the money back for the divorce and tells him she is moving to Istanbul. She looks for a place to stay and makes a deal with Can to sing with him. ( He has the nicest smile, just saying ! ). Teyze and Akif  what a brilliant couple. He is so scared even to answer the phone when she rings, but still he goes to the house to see her. These two are so funny.

Esme hosts Galip at the mansion. She tries to appear cool and relaxed, but has her best dress on, hair and makeup done, and batters her eyelashes like a butterflies wings !

He informs her that the decision has been made to exhume her husbands grave. She is livid and smashes to pieces the wooden horse figure Galip gave her for her 18th birthday.

Osman …oh I love him, he is so sweet, has a lovely meal with Galip’s daughter, but their ignorance of each others families is smashed when she goes to collect her father from the mansion and comes across Osman.

It’s the day of the divorce hearing in court, Sureyya borrows a friends car to drive there, but she has an accident, and the aftermath of it will make her see things differently.

Its also Esme’s 60th birthday and preparations are under way. She receives a gift which is a small wooden carved woman from Galip.

At the court house Faruk is waiting and Sureyya arrives battered and bruised from the accident….In court Sureyya says she doesn’t want a divorce !!  ( Cue the cheers and tears of happiness )   I cannot wait to see them arrive at the Mansion….Happy 60th birthday Esma….. SURPRISE !!!!

Istanbullu Gelin is on Friday evenings on Star TV

Roll on Episode 22

Wirtten By – Rachel Labidi



  1. Hi Maria
    Can you please tell me if Osman Finally marries… season 3 of Bride of Istanbul.
    This should happen near the end.
    7 yrs after Esman passed away.
    At the booksigning, a woman posed with him and I think she became his wife?


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