After eagerly waiting all week to see what the fallout of Adem’s wedding day confession was going to be, we now know…. disastrous ! Esme just sat looking both furious and embarrassed, Murat wasn’t happy at all and punched Adem. The bride broke down in tears and left along with Sureyya and Can.

Meanwhile while all this was happening, Senam Teyze and Akif were having there own entertainment back at her flat. Poor Akif ended up in the closet AGAIN !!  after Sureyya came back from the wedding early with the bride.

Faruk went to visit Sureyya at the flat only to find Can the lawyer/musician now playing the role of plumber. Faruk left not at all happy, Can appears to be everywhere Sureyya is. Later Faruk sees Sureyya again and in a fantastic scene she explains to him that she loves him and is in love with him but she still cant be with him. Faruk then gives her a choice to take the money and divorce but of she does she must leave the area as he cannot stand to see her with another man…he cant do anything else to make her change her mind.

Esme and Bergum get together and Esme says Bergun should let Surayya know that she is not giving up on Faruk. Sureyya comes to take her clothes from the house and runs into Bergum. They talk and she does make it clear that she will not turn her back on Faruk this time, Sureyya replies if she wanted she could make an enemy of her…. yes please Sureyya!!

Meanwhile Esma waits for Sureyya in the house and is nasty and makes a really hurtful comment about her losing the baby. Sureyya remains dignified and tells Esme a few home truths about how she doesn’t love her sons she rules them !  Go Sureyya!!!

Faruk and Esme decide to hit back at Ardem for his outburst, Faruk steals all of Ardem’s drives offering them more pay and scholarships for their children which makes Ardem furious. Esme invites all the women for afternoon tea from the elite social circle and wins them round ( more like scares them ) and makes them promise to exclude Ardem’s mother from any social activities. I feel this will make Ardem more mad as he really loves his Mum and to see her upset will make him livid.

The end scene in every episode of Istanbullu Gelin has always been a “ cliff hanger “ this weeks was so sad….. Can came round very happy ( grrr) that Faruk had sent the cheque and the final divorce papers for Sureyya…..she was in total shock, obviously Faruk learning she had taken her clothes and a word in his ear from Esme to divorce her, had made him think that’s what she wanted….it isnt, but will Sureyya accept the money and the papers ?

Cant wait for next week, Roll on Episode 21

Episodes are aired Friday’s on Star TV.

Written By – Rachel Labidi


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