Another great episode again this week. It just keeps getting better and better.

Can is certainly making his presence felt. Not only Sureyya’s lawyer but also he got the gig at Adem’s wedding . At present he appears to be giving Sureyya the advice to think, but I think this will all soon change. And his feelings towards her are starting to become obvious although subtle.

Everyone knows that Faruk and Sureyya still love one another and Murat asks Bade to send to Surreya to meet her, but really intends for her to meet with Faruk. Murat obviously has feelings for Bade , I think she genuinely was seeing him as a friend, but there was a hint in this episode she still likes him. I cant wait for their relationship to unfold.

The highlight of the episode was Akif dancing with Teyze. He was so embarrassed  and had some very funny dance moves. I think these two a relationship will blossom, and Id like that. He just needs pull himself together.

Esme, oh my goodness her face never changed the whole episode.!! Not a happy lady. Extremely angry that Faruk still sees Sureyya as his wife. She has made it clear if Sureyya ever enters the house again it will be war. Im sure she will go back so that will be great viewing.

Faruk and Sureyya oh I could bang their heads together, they are both so stubborn. They obviously are still deeply in love with one another. I was so happy Faruk didn’t stay over at Begum’s house. But I was so mad when she was trying to sniff him or whatever she was trying to do as he helped her get comfortable !!

The bombshell ending….Adem announced to everyone at the wedding just exactly who he is…. That is probably the worst thing he could have done, and he knows it. Esme values her family’s reputation highly….now we have to wait for the fall out.

So looking forward to the next episode !!!!

Istanbullu Gelin can be seen on Friday evenings 20.00h on Star TV.

Roll on Episode 20

Wirtten By – Rachel Labidi



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