Another great episode this week. We got to see all the characters back after concentrating more on Faruk and Sureyya last week.

Faruk returns to Bursa to the family home both upset and mad with Sureyya. Sureyya also returns after speaking with Aunt Senam and Dilara and decides she will attend her wedding to Adem.

Esme is ecstatic that Faruk has returned alone, and the first thing she does is to move Fikret and Ipek into the master bedroom and moves out Faruk. Much to the delight of Ipek.

Begum also has a sly smile when she over hears that they will get divorced. Don’t count your chickens Begum my girl !

We also get a nod back to the first ever episode when Osman first met Sureyya. He was having an asthma attack and she helped. Well Galip’s daughter has an attack and Osman helps her. Although he doesn’t know who she is yet. I hope he finds someone he deserves it.

We also formally meet Can the singing lawyer. Who has the attention span of a goldfish. Sureyya tries to meet with him but he appears more interested in singing with his friends.  At this point she leaves and appears to be a little undecided.

Esme is reliving her youth. Galip is coming to visit and after hopping out of bed and doing a little jig around the room Galip makes sure he looks his best. Meanwhile the Boran family come out to meet him. Esme tells him the years havent changed him…he doesn’t return the compliment !!. Haha. They all sit in the summer house, Esme and Galip having flirty little glances and flashbacks to what looks like a young relationship. But that doesn’t last long when Galip announces he may need to exhume Esme’s ex-husband for a DNA test. She has a tantrum and storms off.

Akif once again is exceptional this week. The poor man is being dragged in every direction. Esme berates him for letting Faruk chase after Sureyya, but also asks him to start investigating Galip…if he has a wife, mmmm I wonder why Esme hanim ?? Faruk has him helping in the business ,plus with Sureyya, and finally Aunt Senam wants him to try and get Faruk back together with Sureyya. I think Senam and Akif may get close. Watch this space.

Sureyya goes out for dinner with Adem and Dilara and comes across Faruk. They talk at cross purposes and Sureyya gets upset and calls the singing lawyer back to meet. Meanwhile Asif tells Faruk that Sureyya doesn’t really want a divorce and he is so happy. He messages her and tells her to meet him. Not a good idea Faruk to tell Sureyya to do anything at this point!

She sends her lawyer who gives Faruk the divorce settlement she wants. Faruk doesn’t believe that she would ask for 2.5 million TL. And I too wonder whether this was added by Can without Sureyya’s consent.

The final scene was Faruk looking bewildered, upset and surprised. As Can put his aviatior sunglasses on and did a little glance back at Faruk. That man is going to be trouble !

Leave me your thoughts on this episode and its always nice to hear from someone else and byt the way Istanbullu Gelin is live next Friday night on Star TV with Episode 19


Wirtten By – Rachel Labidi


  1. Merhaba
    I just wanted to say I love reading your weekly synopsis of The Bride of Istanbul. Please continue your great work. Lots of love and good wishes from a fan in South Africa 🇿🇦


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