Finally after what seemed like forever its back ! Talk about good things come to those that wait…well they have !!!!

At the end of last season (episode 16) Sureyya (Asli Enver) discovered the photograph of Faruk (Ozcan Deniz) with Begum (Ozge Borak) . Her world fell apart and without a word to anyone she left. Leaving Faruk desperate to know where she had gone.

We pick up the storyline 2 months later after the end of season 1. Faruk has moved out of the family home and is living on his own in an apartment, desperately trying and failing to locate Sureyya. His assistant /gopher Akef (Fatih Koyunogl) has been given the task of tracking down Sureyya but also keeping an eye on Faruk who is really bad.

Sureyya meanwhile has moved to Prague and is living in a flat with a friend. To make ends meet she works in a café, sings and plays violin in bars and takes on gigs at weddings /events etc, going back to the girl we first met at the beginning of season 1.

Faruk gets the break he has been looking for when Sureyya calls her Aunt Senam (Neslihan Yeldan) to wish her happy birthday, and one of Akef’s men realises she has got in touch. Then we have Akef hiding in a wardrobe trying to get a look at Aunt Senam’s phone. He gets more than he bargained for when she appears naked after getting out of the shower. Lol

Meanwhile the rest of Faruk’s family are as usual all living under the same roof.  Esme (Ipek Bilgin) the matriarch of the family is once again on fine form this season. And after showing signs of softening towards Sureyya last season she has reverted back to being the Esme we know and love ! She is furious that Surreya has just gone and left without a word to anyone, not even spoken to Faruk, or even tried to fight for him. She makes it perfectly clear that there is no way she would be allowed back in the house.

Osman (Guvan Murat Akpinar) is still the same. He tries to be peace maker and there is a nice scene where he is in his bedroom, writing in his diary, saying that he’s sorry and they shouldn’t have hid it all from Sureyya. Also Osman literally bumps into a young lady while accompanying his Mum to a solicitors. She spills coffee on him and then starts to try and clean it off an inappropriate place on his trousers which did make me laugh the way he jumped back lol. This will be a relationship we need to watch out for.

Murat (Berkay Hardel), Fikret (Salih Bademci) and Ipek (Dilara Aksyek) don’t really have a lot in the way of storyline this episode, Ipek visits her Mum much to Esme’s disgust. We see Murat a little jealous when Bade (Hira Koyuncuoglu) is face timing a male school friend about homework. He isn’t happy. This relationship too I hope will flourish. Fikret he seems to have been keeping the business going while Faruk has been absent. But Im sure it wont be long before we see him involved with the Erdem storyline.

Esme looks like someone is coming from her past, and it looks like she is quite worried when she hears who is Adem’s ( Firat Tanis ) legal counsel.

And finally…… Faruk finds Sureyya, she runs at first when she sees him, but he tracks her down to a bar. They have a huge argument outside, which while serious I couldn’t t help but laugh at poor Akef, trying to keep the peace, trying to tell people passing that its fine nothing to worry about, and negotiating with the police too. Lol. He really was superb in this episode. And I must add its obvious that Asli Enver was brought up in the UK her English accent is very good.

While Akef in the past hasn’t been great towards Sureyya its actually him who speaks with her to explain just how badly it affected Faruk. She takes note and turns up at his hotel to talk.

Next follows one of the most intense and well acted scenes I have seen on any dizi. The have a huge argument which end with them making up and Sureyya stays the night…..that MAY prove crucial in any further story lines.

Then with super bad timing Begum sends a text to Faruk which Sureyya opens while Faruk is sleeping.

She leaves a note and tells Faruk she loves him but cant trust him, and better to get divorced. Faruk begs to have a talk to explain, which they do.

This part had me so upset. Faruk reveals that he never loved Begum as much as he does her, but he promises that he will let her go and wont follow her, and will give her a divorce. The look on Sureyya’s face is so bad, she really wasn’t expecting Faruk to say that.

I wasn’t at all disappointed with the new first episode it was worth waiting for. Roll on Friday nights !!!

You can watch live on Star TV every Friday 20.00h

Written By – Rachel Labidi


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