The 46th International Emmy Awards took place on November 19th in New York. Turkey has three representatives/nominees. Tolga Sarıtaş (Best Performance By An Actor), Cesur Ve Güzel (Best Telenovela) and İstanbullu Gelin (Best Telenovela). All worthy and deserving of winning an Emmy.

Tolga Sarıtaş one of four nominees in the ‘Best Performance By An Actor’ Tolga Sarıtaş got nominated for his successful performance in Söz. Tolga Sarıtaş and three other actors were the nominees in this category. Tolga Sarıtaş being only 27 years old and the youngest one among the other nominees made a huge impression with his charisma and talent.
Tolga Sarıtaş has already won 7 awards for his current performance in Söz as ‘Yavuz Karasu’. Being an International Emmy nominee is a huge accomplishment. He should be very proud of himself as all his fans are proud. 

Tolga took a few days ago from filming Söz. He went to New York and attended the festivities and events that were held from Friday night till the ceremony itself last night. He attended the International Emmy World Television where he received his nominee medal. Then on Sunday, he attended the Best Performance panel where all the other nominees, actor and actresses attended. He has been the lead actor in Söz since it premiered in April 2017.

Tuba Büyüküstün lead actress in Cesur Ve Güzel went to New York to represent the series. Cesur Ve Güzel one of the nominees for “Best Telenovela’. Kerem Catay CEO of Ay Yapım and producer of Cesur Ve Güzel also went to New York. Cesur Ve Güzel premiered in 2016 and starred Kivanç Tatlitug and Tuba Büyüküstün.

İstanbullu Gelin the Turkish series that got nominated for ‘Best Telenovela’. Some representatives from İstanbullu Gelin also went to New York for the Emmy. Producers Onur Güvenatam and İzzet Pinto attended the festivities and ceremony along with director Zeynep Gunay and scenarist Deniz Akçay. İstanbullu Gelin is currently in its 3rd season. It was great that they went and represented
İstanbullu Gelin.

54-year-old Lars Mikkelsen from Denmark won the Emmy for ‘Best Performance By An Actor’ and Ouro Verde- (The Payback) from Portugal won the Emmy for ‘Best Telenovela’

Huge pride for the Turkish nominees. One thing for sure is that these talents from Turkey got worldwide recognition. Not only Turkey but also all their fans should be very proud of their accomplishment. Even though none of them will return to Turkey with the Emmy all these nominees from Turkey should be proud of themselves and their hard work.

All of them looked stunning on the red carpet. There are great photos of all of them on the IEmmy social media accounts.

Well done on their great achievements.
I am very proud to have seen three nominees from Turkey at the International Emmy Awards.

Written by: Raghad A.K



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