İlk Öpücük is a Turkish movie which will be aired on October 20th across cinemas in Turkey. Özge Gürel who was on TV last summer with Kiraz Mevsimi collaborates with Murat Yıldırım for this romantic comedy film. The movie started shootings in Bursa, directed by Murat Onbul and written by Çağlar Yurt, the İlk Öpücük tells a story about a town teacher and a young womaniser, Hakan.

Hakan is a young womaniser who has problems about commiting to a women. He lives short tempered relationships with the tourists who come to the coast where he lives, and he always avoids commitment and acting serious. He lets no one in his life but his 5- year- old nephew and his brother in law who his sister abandoned. Everything changes about Hakan in one day he sees Bahar as a coincidence and falls in love with her at first sight. Hakan, who is trying to get close to Bahar, finds out that Bahar has a disease which is very rare. This already sounds a little like Sonsuz Ask, and we know what happened at the end L

Bahar can’t remember anything that happens in her life because of the accident she had. She doesn’t have a memory about the things happened after the accident. She wakes up everyday in the same manner and continues her life from there onwards. That’s why her elder brother and father always act like they’re on the accident day and they make Bahar believe that too by tricking her differently. After Hakan’s joins into this plan, the three of them try everything to make Bahar happy and things seem to be normal. Hakan has to make Bahar fall in love with himself all over again every morning.

I cant wait to watch it, I am a fan of Murat, I think he is super slick and I look forward to his new show which is rumored to air early next year, we shall see.


  1. We love Turkish dramas/movies.
    Why has Google blocked turkflix where we could watch it in English subtitles?
    AND Why do you not have it in English either?
    Please help!


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