Born February 14th 1982

Ibrahim was born in Turkey, but his parents are from Greek and Arab descent. Sadly his father passed away when he was 18 years old, but he is very close to his Mum and his sister, saying that his greatest accomplishment was being able to buy a house for them both. After leaving school he was a very talented basketball player and model. His acting career started by chance when he met the Turkish film producer Osman Sinav, who encouraged him to have a go at acting.

The first ever role he played was Captain Shanil Baturaya in the film Pars: Narkoteror. Since then his career developed. He acted in the series Iffet and that really got him noticed. His most notorious role to date was in Fetih 1453 where he played a Sipahi martyr. That was said to be the most expensive film in the history of Turkish Cinema.

He then starred in the popular series Merhamet as Firat. That is still a very popular series. Next came the movie which I loved Sadece Sen. Reaksiyon, Seddulbahir and Kordugum followed, and finally he has just completed the series Siyah Beyaz Ask. In 2017 Ibrahim married Mihre Mutlu. He has 2 dogs, Ogul and Jozi, who he says he likes to spend time with as it brings him peace. My favorite role of Ibrahim’s was Ali in Sadece Sen. Very popular with our Elite members is Mr Celikkol.

We have movies, and Siyah Beyaz Ask available to Elite members, while Merhamet is on Platinum.


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