Born January 1st, 1971

Hilal was born in Istanbul, Turkey,Her Mum was a big fan of films and after watching a film by Turkan Soray when she was pregnant she decided to call her baby Hilal after one of the characters she liked.

She loved watching movies too when growing up, and during her time at high school worked at a photographers studio for a couple of months.

Her career in film directing came after working with Behlul Dal as his assistant, she then had the chance to work with Ertem Gorec and other directors Yilmaz Atadeniz and Oksal Pekmezoglu. she decided then to make the move to be a film director in her own right.
In 1997 she directed her first series Sengum Konagi.. since then her accomplishments have grown considerably and has directed 7 films but mostly series, including Ask-i Memnu, Fatmagul Un Sucu Ne?, Kuzey Guney ( season 2 ) Kurt Seyit ve Sura and more recently Kara Sevda.
Hilal hasn’t got too many awards that she has won, however, the two she does have really make up for that… she won a Golden Butterfly award for As-i Memnu and last year she won an International Emmy Award for the series Kara Sevda…an outstanding achievement for herself and Turkish drama.

I know Hilal is active on social media I have followed her for a while and she always pops up with some great pictures on her Instagram account. She has 224k followers. Her love of dogs is obvious and she does a lot of charity work and raising awareness about animal cruelty. She has lots of images of cast members she has worked with and everyone seems to love to work with her.

The success of her last five series I’m sure will continue and I as with many others be looking forward to what Hilal will be doing next.


Written By – Rachel Labidi


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