Hakan Calhanoglu was born in Germany, Mannheim in 1994 and he is originally from Bayburt, Turkey. His father is Huseyin Calhanoglu ,his mother is Naime Calhanoglu and he has a brother named Muhammed Calhanoglu. While he was at his young ages he started to playing in Waldhof Mannheim’s youth team. The footballer who was transferred to Karlsruher in 2009, played in his first official match in 2012 and it was the day that he shined. At the end of the season he scored 17 goals and he was the 4th goal scorer. This way he was chosen “the best footballer of the third league of the year”. He joined the Hamburg team in 2013-2014. He was selected the one of the 10 best players of Bundesliga.

Hakan Calhanoglu also plays in Turkey’s national team and he managed to score 8 goals in 25 matches. Hakan Calhanoglu got married in may 207 with his childhood love Sinem in Germany, Mannheim. There were so many famous footballers at his wedding from Turkey and from Germany.He also didn’t forget about his country’s traditions at his wedding which are beating the husband lightly before he leaves the wedding and folk dances like “zeybek”.

Written By – Merve . B and Nadeem . M


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