Born on the 29th May 1976


Gulsen( full name Gulsen Bayraktar) was born in Istanbul, Capa (1976) but she is originally from Ordu. Her father was a mechanical engineer and her mother was a house wife, she had a brother and a sister. Gulsen discovered her passion and talent for music when she was 5, made first composition at the age of 16. She attented to the university of Istanbul but she only managed to study for 2 years later than she debut for the first time at a club in Istanbul on the other hand she was taking karate lessons.

The singer got lucky one night, while she was performing she caught the eye of Serap and Ozkan Turgay and she recieved an album order from them. This way in 1996 she released her first album “Be Adam”. She caught a good output with this album. Later on the fame came.

Gulsen is interested in art of “Ebru” , she loves playing squash, and she has a black belt in karate. Gulsen’s love life was a little bit squabble, she first had a relationship with Erol Kose and then with Reha Muhtar. Erol Kose was too shady and he spoke badly behind her. She got married 3 times, first in 1997 with a club operator and got divorced in 2000, second in 2007 with an architect and got divorced in 2008 it was a short term marriage. She made her last marriage in 2011 with composer Ozan Colakoglu. She keeps making music and she has a happy life with the love of her life.

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