BORN: June 1st 1987

STATUS: Married

Gaye Turgut was born on June 1st 1987 in İstanbul, Turkey. She has one younger brother. Gaye studied and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting and Department of Cinema-TV with a double-major from Beykent University. Gaye at an early age became very interesting in performing and acting. She grew up, studied and pursued her dream.

Her acting career began in 2010, she first acted in the series Kanit (2010). That was her first role in a TV series. Then Gaye acted in the comedy series Yahşi Cazibe (2010-2011). Following that she continued to act in different series until she landed her first leading role of her acting career.
Gaye acted in the popular daily series (a traditional Turkish soap-opera) called Beni Affet from 2011 to 2018. She acted in it from the start to the end of it. It was during that series that her acting career really kicked off successfully. She gained recognition for her role as ‘Bahar’ in Beni Affet.

Currently she is playing the character of
Lieutenant ‘Çiğdem Ülgen’ in the military series Savaşçı (2017-present). Gaye has been acting in Savaşçı since it began in 2017. Season 4 will begin in September/October of this year. I’m really enjoying her performance. Her character is very fierce and powerful especially since she is a female soldier, a Lieutenant among a team of strong male soldiers. She has been potraying the role very well. Gaye is a great actress with really good skills.

Gaye acted in several films over the years. Her first film she acted in was 72 Koğuş (2011). She acted in the following films; Kurt Kapanı (2017) and a leading actress in Ne Olur Gitme (2019) where she acted alongside Eren Vurdem.

Gaye married actor Deniz Evin in 2013. She met him on the set of Beni Affet, he was her co-star. He also acted in that series. They had two wedding ceremonies, one in Turkey and the other in Morocco. Gaye does know and speaks a little bit of Arabic. Other than acting, they love travelling.

Gaye is very much active on social media, she has over 802 thousand followers on her Instagram and over 30.2 thousand on Twitter. She really has a beautiful selection of photos. The photos are a mix of everything, which is really great to see. Gaye is a very adventurous woman. Other than performing, Gaye loves to go on adventures, traveling, to dance and paint.

Gaye Turgut is a theater, film and a TV series actress. She is an amazing actress and performer although she may be underrated but she has proven to be a great actress with very good acting skills. I look forward to watching her in the new season of season of Savaşçı. Gaye is really cool and full of great energy. Amazing performer.

Season 4 of Savaşçı will start in September/October on FOX.

Written by: Raghad A K



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