Born: 11th January 1985

Status: Married

Firat Albayram was born on January 11th 1985 in Aydin, Turkey. He spent his childhood in Izmir. Firat studied acting and graduated from the Conservatory Theater Department at Haliç University.

His acting career in TV began in 2008 in the series Adanali (2008-2009), he acted alongside Oktay Kaynarca, Mehmet Akif Alakurt and Serenay Sarıkaya. In 2011 he was a supporting actor in the series Sen De Gitme. In 2013 his acting career kicked off successfully when he played the role of ‘Can’ in the series Merhamet (2013-2014). A really good series and Firat performed his role well. He continued to gain recognition for his talent. Firat played one of the leading roles in the series Kaçak Gelinler (2014) and he acted alongside Deniz Baysal, Açelya Topaloğlu, Selin Şekerci and Furkan Andıç. This was a great role as he showed his comedic side. Following that he acted in the series Baba Candır (2015-2016). He played the role of ‘Levent’. This is a very nice series with a great cast.

Recently, Firat played a leading role, one of the main actors in the action-war series Savaşçı. The series is still ongoing with its Season 3 airing on Fox. Last month (November 2018) Firat separated from the series due to the scenario when his character got married and had to move due to his new duty. Firat played the character of soldier ‘Serdar Türkmen’. Firat brings his own special comedic style to his character. His character is the funniest one in the series. From the roles that I have seen Firat in, this is his best one this far. Firat has been a part of this series from the beginning. The series began in April 2017 till his departure in November 2018. Firat and his on-screen partner Zeynep Elçin both left Savaşçı in the same episode. They were so good together on-screen, their characters fit so well. It’s unfortunate he is no longer in Savaşçı, but maybe he will make a special appearance in the future. I really enjoyed and liked his performance in Savaşçı.

Currently, he is taking part in the film Hababam Sınıfı Yeniden. He is one of the main actors and filming for this film just began and its expected to be released in the cinema on March 2019. He has acted in several films over the years, Arkadaşlar Arasında (2013), 10. Koy Teyatora (2014) and last year a lead role in the film Biz Size Döneriz (2017), he acted alongside Hande Soral, Çağlar Ertuğrul and Bestemsu Özdemir, a really nice film.

Firat is active on social media. Although he does not post regularly, he does use both Twitter and Instagram. He has a little over 148 thousand followers on his Instagram and over 83.1 thousand followers on Twitter.

Firat married actress Ceyda Kasabalı in July of 2016. He is a huge animal lover. He has two dogs Rita and Şila. They are lots of beautiful pictures of him and his wife and their dogs on his Instagram. For a while now he has been making Twitch TV broadcasts for donations to people who are ill.

Firat is a theatre performer, a TV series and film actor. A great actor with lots of talent. Probably one of the funniest Turkish actors I have ever seen. Although he is considered to be an underrated actor. He has a great sense of humour and he brings that element to the characters he is playing. He is a funny and an amusing performer. I look forward to his future projects and I hope to see him in a series soon.

Written by: Raghad A.K



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