Born April 5th 1981

Filiz was born in Skopje, Yugoslavia. She completed her education at the Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje. She passed the exam to continue working at the Skopje/Turkish Theatre. Her Grandfather Lutfu Seyfullah who was Turkish was a famous actor in Yugoslavia and also in Turkey and he founded the Turkish Theatre in Macedonia.

Her first role onscreen was Elveda Rumeli in 2007. Then in 2011 she got the part of Nigar Kalfa in the hit series Magnificent Century. This made her very popular. In 2014 she starred in the film Kadin Isi : Banka Soyguna where she plays a female bank robber. In 2017 she was in the film Sonuz Ask along with Murat Yildirim and Fahriye Evcen . Recently she has appeared in film Balkaymak which is a Macedonian /Turkish production.

Filiz is active on Facebook and also has 64k followers on her Instagram. Her pictures are of friends and family and a great one with the actor Selim Bayraktar who played Sumbul Agha in Magnificent Century.

Filiz loves to spend time between Macedonia and Turkey. She can speak Turkish, English, Macedonian, Albanian, Swedish, Serbian and Bulgarian.. a very talented lady. She listens to music and watches films in her spare time.. she likes to cook and her spaghettis sauce is never the same each time she cooks…mine too Filiz !!

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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