Welcome back to episode 3.

We see that Sirin is devastated leaving the gallery after seeing Ferhat and Banu kiss. She wanders along the road aimlessly before collapsing to the ground.

Bani arrives home and immediately packs her overnight bag and is going away with Ferhat for a break. Sge doesnt tell anyone where she is going. Ferhat tells his dad he is going with Banu to get more information about his mum.

Grandma gets a call from the hospital. She goes there with Yigit. No one can contact Banu or Ferhat. Sirin is discharged but when she gets home she asks Ali where Ferhat is. He tells her he saw him getting in a car with Banu.

At the hotel things are a little nervous. Banu obviously likes Ferhat. At dinner Bani asks him who he is looking for. He is a little stunned but tells her he is looking for his mum. Banu looks a little angry he never told her but he asks her about the woman, Sehnaz. Banu says when she was young she overheard them say that she had left the children and gone back to her own village.

In the hotel room things are getting a little intimate. Banu goes to the bathroom. Obviously Ferhat doesnt want this to go further and quickly scribbles a note saying he has to go. However Banu comes out of the bathroom. They lay together on the bed when the phone rings. Banu is told about Sirin. They drive back and Banu drops Ferhat off. He is probably relieved that last night didnt go any further and pleased also that his cover remained intact.

Meanwhile Husrev has done a deal with some precious stones worth 12 million TL. He had put them in his safe but when he goes to get them for the sale the bag is gone from the safe. He is livid. He asks to see the security camera recordings but they have been deleted. He tells his man Cesur to take all his men downstairs and beat it out of them until one confesses. He also tells him to take Yigit too.

Banu arrives home to see Sirin. Sirin tells her she saw her kissing Ferhat. She goes on to tell her that she has fallen in love with Ferhat and they got close on the trip to Izmir and he told her that he loved her. Banu is shocked. Sirin tells her that Ferhat is playing both of them.

Ferhat takes the truck and goes to the village that Banu remembered. He asks an old man if he has seen his mum and shows him a photo. He tells him she lived further in the village and that she told his wife she was running from someone. He drives to the area to find a derelict house, he returns to his car to find a note on his windshield saying ” The answers you want are with Banu Karali ” He looks around but no one is there.

Arriving back at the workshop Ferhat is confronted by Sirin and Banu. After having a quick think he tells Banu that there is no such think between him and Sirin. Sirin slaps him across the face and storms off upset and angry.

After they leave Ferhat is mad at himself. Looking in the mirror he questions what he is doing, what he has done to Sirin. He punches the mirror in anger. Sirin too is angry and frustrated when she arrives back home.

Ferhat goes back to the derelict house of his mothers. He literally stumbles across an old tin in the floorboards. Inside is a letter from his mum telling him that she will one day explain why she did what she did. She told him he has always been the most important thing to her.

Husrev is desperately trying to get the 12 million TL together to pay for the missing gems. We see that his man Cesar has taken the gems and gives them to a young woman who then hands them to an older lady both of whom seem to be the ones leaving Ferhat the notes. The older lady looks like she is related to Husrev in some way possibly his ex-wife.

While working late at the workshop, Ferhat hears something at the door. When he looks there is a CD on the floor. He runs outside just in time to see a car driving away. He looks at the disc on the computer and sees a video of his mum taken 2 days before. He rushes home to show his dad that she is still alive. His dad warns him to be careful this may not be good.

Husrev has two hours to get the money. Yigit says he will go and get it. He leaves only to go to his lover and sit with excitement waiting for the 2 hours to count down until his father dies. However after the time is up his dad calls him and thanks him for saving him. Yigit is scared when his dad realises he didnt get the money and left him to dies he will be in trouble. His lover tells him the best thing to do is marry Sirin asap. Then there is no way his father would kill him when he is a member of Banu’s family.

Yigit takes Sirin against her will to the street where Ferhat leaves. He gets a friend to go and get Ferhat onto the street in the pretense of asking directions. He gets another man to walk towards them with a gun. If Sirin doesnt agree to what he wants he will let the man shoot Ferhat. She begs him not to kill him. She agrees to do as he asks and will tell Banu she wants to marry Yigit straight away.

Sirin speaks with Banu and tells he she made it up about her and Ferhat to make Yigit jealous. And she wants to marry Yigit straight away.

Banu goes to Ferhat to apologise and tells him that Sirin was saying everything to make Yigit jealous. She then tells him that Yigit ans Sirin are getting married. Ferhat looks stunned.

Obviously Ferhat is in love with Sirin and is only getting close to Banu as these anonymous notes tell him she has the answers about his mother.

Poor Sirin actually believes that Ferhat doesnt love her and wants to be with Banu instead. Although she obviously still loves Ferhat as she didnt want him to get hurt by Yigits men and when speaking to Banu tells her that you will do anything for love.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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