Ferhat begins this week by upsetting his dad. He tells him he cannot forget what happened in his past. His dad gets angry with him and Ferhat shouts at him that he is not his father.

At breakfast. Sirin and Banu are both looking really happy, little does each other know its for the same reason, they are both happy about Ferhat. And both have a romantic interest towards him.

Sirin goes to see Ferhat thinking that they can pick up where they left off the day before when they had kissed. However now knowing that his father may have killed her family he backs away from her. Sirin is confused as to why. She asks him but he tells her they need to take it slowly.

Husrev speaks with the doctor who tells him she has been missing 24 hours and has not had her medication. This will mean she will start to remember things from her past. We see Sehnaz still wandering the streets but she is having flashbacks of Ferhat when he was young.

Sirin gets the name of the man behind the attack to kidnap Sirin. His name is Soner. Soner meanwhile is making an unannounced visit to Yigit, who is in bed with another woman. He wants him to find out the date and place of Banu’s next business delivery. He promises Yigit he will make him a rich man.

Ferhat goes to his father and apologises for his outburst that morning. He tells him he has found out that his father is Yilmaz, everything is true, that his father killed the family of Sirin and Banu. He tells him Banu has all the answers about his mother and he will do what he has to to find out about his mum.

Sirin tells Banu that she doesnt want to marry Yigit. As she is telling her grandma comes in the room. Sirin also tells her that she wont marry Yigit. Grandma is not happy she likes Yigit and is more concerned about telling his father.

That night Ferhat goes to the restaurant that Banu’s frien owns. He will be sure that her friend will let Banu know he is there. She does and Banu arrives. He gets a call from Sirin and steps outside. She tells him she argued with her family, and that she told them she doesnt want to marry Yigit. Ferhat is a little shocked and doesnt know what to say. He really doesnt need this when he is trying to find out more about his own family with Banu.

Back inside he tries to talk with Bani and get her to open up about her family, but she refuses to do so. Afterwards Ferhat is mad at himself for trying to push things so quickly.

Sirin asks Banu to speak with Husrev and tell him that she wants to break off the engagement. At the same time Yigit is telling his father that he and Sirin want the wedding to be brought forward.

Husrev’s men have spotted Sehnaz she is walking towards the graveyard. At the same time Ferhat’s dad tells him that they have found his fathers grave. As Ferhat is stood at the grave Husrev arrives and bundles Sehnaz into the car. Ferhat doesnt see. On the way in the car Sehnaz remembers that there was a young man stood at the grave. At home Husrev makes her take double the medication to get back in a more amenable state. When he leaves the room she spits the tablets out and hides them.

At dinner Sirin asks Banu if she has spoken with Husrev. Banu tells her Yigit wants to bring the marriage forward. Grandma agrees. Sirin tells them she doesnt want to be married. Grandma is furious and rightly guesses its because of Ferhat. She blames Banu for letting Sirin get close to Ferhat and she needs to arrange the ceremony as soon as possible.

Yigit is enjoying a cosy night with his lover when Sirin knocks on the door. He hides the girl and lets Sirin in. She tells him its over he is angry and blames Ferhat, Sirin walks out he is going to follow her but the lover tells him not to.

Meanwhile Banu arrives at Ferhat’s. She asks him if there is anything between him and Sirin. He says no. He takes her out for food obviously trying another way to get some information about his family from her. She tells him that her father was murdered by a very close friend. He had been good to the family, even took the blame for a car accident her brother caused and went to jail in his place. However he heard a rumor his wife was sleeping with Banu’s father so he killed him and as her mother and brother were with him too he killed them also. She tells Ferhat his wife went Sehnaz went missing with her young son. Ferhat asks what happened to her. Just as she is about to reply Sadik appears he had tracked Banu down. As they leave Sadik tells her there is something suspicious about Ferhat and he will prove it.

Yigit and his men pay Ferhat a visit at the workshop. Yigit tells him to stay away from Sirin. He punches Ferhat while his men hold him. We see that Yigit has placed a listening device in his fathers study. It has picked up the details about the delivery.

Sirin tells Ferhat that she has spoken with Yigit. Grandma interrupts them, Sirin listens behind the door and hears Ferhat tell her grandmother that there is nothing between them and never will be. She runs upstairs crying.

Sadik makes sure that Ferhat overhears him on the phone saying where Banu will be that evening. Ferhat gets dressed smartly and plans to go nit realising that he is proving Sadik right. Meanwhile Sirin goes to the workshop looking for him. She comes across Ali talking to Aysel and he tells her he went to the gallery.

At night after getting the information from Yigit, Soner raids the delivery. However he has a man working for him who has already told Hervuz that Soner is coming. When he and his men arrive at the port Banu has arranged it to look like he has organised the shipment and has the police waiting for him. Soner tries to escape but runs into Hervuz. He tells him it was Yigit that gave him the information. Soner later puts a gun to Yigits head. Yigit begs him not to kill him, he swears he wasnt the one to give the information. Soner in the end appears to believe him.

At the gallery, Sadik is proved right when Ferhat arrives. He gets Ferhat in to a corner and Banu asks him why he is following her. She makes Sadik leave. Ferhat thinking quickly tells her he is following her as he is in love with her. After an uncomfortable pause they kiss. We see that Sadik is watching, but we also see that Sirin has seen this too.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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