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The episode starts by events that happened years ago in Izmir. A woman is frantically running through the streets away from something. She is holding her sons hand encouraging him to run. She tells the boy to hide in a garden and she gives him a photo telling him they will see each other again. As she leaves the car which was chasing them stops. A man gets out whistling and swinging his prayer beads. He encourages her to go with him. She doesn’t want to go. A man pulls up and asks her if she is ok… she goes with the guys that were chasing her. The young boy, Ferhat comes out of the garden and walks into the path of the good Samaritan’s car.

We now come to current events. A young man is watching a building looking at the same photograph the young boy was given all those years ago. He enters and we see its a brothel. He finds a woman and checks for a scar on her neck. Disappointed he leaves.

Ferhat now lives and works in his father’s carpentry business. Money is tight but they may have a commission in a mansion. Ferhat goes to The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and meets with Banu. Banu owns a high class business that sells old and expensive historical jewellery and similar items. Her architect recommended Ferhat but she isn’t sure. She agrees to take Ferhat on after he seems to know something about the history of architecture.

Banu’s business is not all strictly legal. In a meeting with her partners they want to move money out of the country using her network, but she knows the money is from drugs. She is firm she will not deal with drugs or drug money. As she leaves she gets a call to tell her that Sirin has collapsed at college. After being diagnosed with a heart condition Sirin leaves the hospital with Banu.

Ferhat to make extra money takes part in backstreet fighting at which he is good. On his way home from a fight he sees two lorries blocking a car in a tunnel. We see that the car is actually Banu’s. He sees that a man has taken a young girl from the car. He knocks him out and takes her to where he works. Banu also shoots at the men you attacked them. When she turns around Sirin isnt there.

At the workshop Sirin is scared so Ferhat tells her to ring her sister. Banu and Sardik arrive to collect her, Sirin assures them Ferhat was the one to save her. After they leave, Ferhat finds a necklace of Sirin’s on the floor. When they return to the mansion Sirin’s fiance Yigit arrives too. Sirin is obviously unsettled around him and goes upstairs. Banu says she wants Sirin to remain in the mansion and increase the security. Meanwhile we see that its Soner, the one who’s money Banu wouldn’t take, that tried to kidnap Sirin.

After having Ferhat checked out by Timucin, Banu is happy that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. She goes to visit him at work to thank him and takes a large amount of money too. Even though Ferhat desperately needs money he refuses saying he will earn it at the mansion. They take him to the house and he has a look around. He comes across Sirin who is sat in her room playing a flute. He is mesmerized by her.

Sadik isn’t convinced at all that Ferhat is innocent, he still thinks he is maybe trying to infiltrate the business they have. Banu doesn’t share that view. Ferhat, his father and Ali arrive to work on the mansion at the same time Yigit comes to see Sirin. She brushes him off, iritated with him. He goes down to talk with Sadik. He tells him he doesn’t like Ferhat they should pay him off to leave. Sadik tells him Banu must have her reasons for him to stay.

At night Ferhat notices that their house is being watched. The next day he tells Sadik and Banu to move the men watching him. Banu orders Sadik to do so. That night Ferhat returns to the workshop and sees someone has forced the door. He goes inside and a man tries to attack him but Ferhat knocks him down with one punch.

The family are eating dinner in the mansion when Ferhat arrives in his truck beeping his horn. Everyone comes out, Ferhat is furious, Yigit also starts mouthing at him. Ferhat shows him the man tied up in the truck. Ban says its not her man. Yigit says its his man as he wanted to stop Ferhat being near his fiance. Ferhat starts to drive away but Banu stands in front of the car. She tells him that she doesn’t stand for things like this but understands why he did it. They agree to call it evens.

Sirin goes to the workshop to see Ferhat. She apologises for Yigit’s behaviour. Meanwhile we see Yigit going to the flat of another woman. It seems that he is using Sirin to get at Banu.

Sirin feels trapped by Banu not letting her go to the concert in Izmir. She is upset. As Banu is leaving the house Ferhat asks to speak with her she is going out alone and tells him to get in the car with her. Sadik isn’t happy. They go to her friends restaurant where Ferhat persuades Banu to let Sirin got to the concert in Izmir.

The next day Ferhat is driving Sirin to Izmir taking a safer route just in case. Back at home Banu tells Yigit that she has gone somewhere to rest and have a break. He isn’t happy at all. Grandma also appears to be on Yigit’s side.

During the journey to Izmir, Ferhat and Sirin talk and its obvious that they are both attracted to each other, but both appear to remember that Sirin is engaged. She tells Ferhat that her father, mother and brother were murdered when she was very young. Meanwhile Ferhat’s dad’s car has broken down and Banu gives them a lift home. She goes into Ferhat’s house for tea and looks around at pictures of his childhood.

At the concert Gamze, Sirin’s friend asks her about Ferhat but Sirin says nothing can happen as she is engaged. Banu meanwhile is talking to her friend at the restaurant and she asks Banu what she thinks of Ferhat. Its obvious that Banu does like him and it makes her thoughtful.

After the concert they take a walk and after Sirin admired his lucky charm he had in the car, Ferhat buys her one too. On the way home Sirin is looking at Ferhat. She places her hand over his. Ferhat doesn’t move his hand, but he is slightly shocked, confused and happy all at the same time. He doesn’t say anything. Returning home, Banu and Grandma meet them at the door. Grandma invites him for dinner that evening to thank him properly.

That evening both Banu and Sirin are taking great care in getting ready, obviously for the same reason to impress Ferhat. Ferhat arrives and Grandma has surprised everyone by inviting Yigit and his parents. Husrev walks in with his prayer beads in hand. Yigit and Husrev are trying to belittle Ferhat. Yigit taking hold of Sirin’s hand possessively and making snide comments. Grandmother is enjoying this and has obviously done it for this reason to belittle Ferhat.

Husrev gets a call and goes outside. Sirin has had enough of Yigit and makes her excise to leave the table. Yigit follows her angrily as he found out he had gone to Izmir. He also notices she isn’t wearing her engagement ring. She makes him leave her room. Feeling awkward Ferhat gets up to leave. Leaving Grandma with a conniving look on her face.

Husrev has arrived home. There are three men waiting who tell him that Shenaz has run away from them when they took her shopping. Husrev is furious and tells them they need to get her back.

Meanwhile Sirin has sneaked into the back of Ferhats truck. When he arrives home he is surprised to find her. She tells him how she feels but he tells her it cannot happen. She holds his face and kisses him. She tells him about the last time she spoke to her father she was mad at him as he wouldn’t let her go in the car with them. Sirin says she blames that woman, Shenaz, it was her husband that killed her brother and parents. Ferhat is shocked realising his mum.s name is Shenaz.

We get a flashback to when he was looking for his mum in the brothel. When he returned to his truck there was a note inside telling him the answers he needs lay with the Karali’s. We see in the distance a woman watching him all dressed in black before she walks away.

Shenaz is walking along a street looking bewildered and confused. She enters a restaurant and orders pasta as this is the memory she has of Ferhat when he was young.

The episode ends as Ferhat drops Sirin at home. He gives her back the necklace she dropped the night he saved her. As she walks back in the house Ferhat stands at the gate looking at the mansion with a serious look on his face.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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