Based on The Count of Monte Cristo. by Alexandre Dumas, Ezel, is a classic revenge story. In 1997 Ömer Uçar (İsmail Filiz) and his family lived a comfortable lower-middle-class life when Ömer’s two best friends and his new fiancé betrayed him, His friends, known since childhood, were Turkish , Kerpeten Ali (Barış Falay) and Cengiz Atay (Yiğit Özşener). Ömer had been working with Ali as a motor mechanic and hanging out with Cengiz when Ömer met and fell in love with the beautiful Eyşan Tezcan (Cansu Dere). Serdar Tezcan (Salih Kalyon), Eyşan’s father, persuaded his daughter, Ali and Cengiz to rob the casino where Cenghiz worked. According to the part of the plan Serdar shared with them, the trio would rob the casino, and Ömer would be incriminated.

You can watch episode 1 below in english subtitles and the rest of the show is available in full on Netflix, this is another brilliant show created by Ay Yappim.

Given Serdar’s plan, Ali and Cengiz believed that Ömer would only get a few years in jail for stealing the money; however, the robbery went wrong and Ali had to shoot and kill the security guard—something Sendar had known would happen. When Ömer was blamed for the crimes of robbery and murder, the police commissar went to Omer’s prison cell to question him. During the interrogation, Ömer insisted very credibly that he was innocent.
But at his trial, a surprise witness was called to the stand. To Omer’s great shock, the witness was Eyşan. She falsely testified that it was Ömer who robbed the casino and murdered the security guard. Since the casino’s CCD tape showing Ali killing the guard was ‘missing’, the plan was a success. Ömer went to jail and, for years, suffered at the hands of prison gangs. Fortunately, an older man, Ramiz Karaeski (Tuncel Kurtiz), took Omer in hand, protected him and used classic literature to teach Omer certain life lessons. In the meantime, Ali, Cengiz, Eyşan and Serdar literally got away with murder and were enjoying their lives with their millions of Turkish lira.
Fate smiled on Omer in 2005. Ömer had his face brutally cut by the warden and with help from Ramiz, it was made known that Ömer had died and, since his face was unrecognizable, it was impossible to prove that ‘his’ body was that of another man. Ramiz’ orchestrated, Ömer’s escape and subsequent face transplant. Ömer Uçar, then, changed his name to Ezel, underwent training in gentlemanly behavior, and set out to get the revenge he had been planning while in prison. His childhood friends, Eyşan and Cengiz—married soon after Omer went to prison—and Ali had no idea that a man named Ezel would soon change their fates.


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