Esra Erol was born in Istanbul, Eyüp in 1982. She has 4 other sisters and they are originally from Sinop. His father ( Seyfi Erol) was a police officer, when he moved to Kutahya because of his job he took his family with him and Esra Erol started her education there. She graduated from girls high school. She attented Marmara University department of radio and television.

Esra Erol started her career when she first hosted a TV show “Turkuaz” afterwards she hosted another TV show on the Technology channel. Later that she started hosting wedding tv shows on Flash Tv and it was called “Desti izdivac”. After this show she moved on a more famous channel and hosted another wedding show called “ Esra Erol’la Izdivac” thanks to this TV show she became a TV star. Later on she changed the channel she was working on a  couple of times.

Esra Erol got married in 2010 with a crime boss’s son (Ali Ozbir) on her TV show. She had her first son (Ali Idris) in 2011 and the second son (Omer) in 2015.

Esra Erol was a guest actress on so many tv shows , series and movies besides her own show. Famous show woman was the one who started this kind of tv shows( marriage tv shows) in Turkey, after her show there were so many copycats but still she remained her ranking as the first

Written By – Merve . B and Nadeem . M


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