Episode 8 began exactly where episode 7 ended where Can feeling confused. Can gives Sanem the choice to choose, either for him to stay or for him to leave. If she says ‘stay’, he will stay and if she says ‘go’, he will leave. Sanem tells him to go and he leaves her by herself. Both feeling very hurt and a little heartbroken. Sanem returns home, her mother Mevkibe asks her what’s wrong, Sanem is upset but does not want to talk. Mevkibe feels bad for her daughter, she calls Ayhan over. That made Sanem a little better but still very upset. Sanem informs Ayhan of what happened between Can and that she probably will not see him again especially since she quit her job. Ayhan tries her best to cheer up Sanem. Meanwhile Can is also upset and confused.

The next day, Sanem is still in a depressed mood after she woke up. She had a nice dream about Can. Ayhan helps her out. Then they both get surprised when they see Ceycey. He came for Sanem and to beg her to finish the assignment that was last assigned to her. She can quit after but the assignment must be done. He tells her that Deren send him over. Deren calls Ceycey to check up on him and Sanem. She speaks with Sanem on the phone and requests her to finish the assignment first and then she can quit. I loved the part when Sanem tries to tease Deren by telling her to say ‘please’. Great scene. Sanem agrees to work on the files and that she will work from her home. Deren agrees and informs Sanem that the files all got sent over to Can’s house. Can informed Emre that he will work from home that day.

Sanem realizes that she must go to Can’s house to get the files. In a way she is glad she will see Can even if it could be the last time she sees him. Can gets surprised when he sees her. Sanem explains to Can about the files situation, he invites her in to work on the files while he also does his work. They both work on their stuff but they cannot help but get distracted. After some time, Sanem decides to leave as her work is done. She thanks Can for everything and tells him that working with him was very nice. Can pulls her in and hugs her. She tells him she like the work but does not want to work there at the ad agency anymore. Then Sanem leaves, both were feeling sad.

Meanwhile, in the neighborhood Mevkibe has a little rivalry ‘shop’ action with Zebercet’s mother. Mevkibe sees how Zebercet’s mother is pulling in customers so Mevkibe decides to work at the grocery shop and has her own way of attracting the customers using her special treats and various drinks. While Mevkibe was at the shop, her husband Nihat spent his time with Osman and they bonded well.

Since Can did not go to work, everything at the company was in chaos. Deren was so stressed, especially since Can did not attend the campaign meeting with an important client. She calles him and he tells her he will be working from home. Emre covered for Can and attended the meeting even though he has no idea of what to do, since he is not on the creative team.

Ceycey has his first session of life-coaching with Ayhan. He likes her and wants to impress her, he bought her a gift she thought it was very sweet but then she got creeped out with something he said. Ceycey did not mean to creep her out, she cancelled their session and told him to leave so that she can calm down. This was a really funny scene.

That night, Can sees Aylin near the door of his home. She tells him that she is waiting for Emre and that he has been ignoring her calls. Aylin admits to Can that she still loves Emre. Can tells her that his father fired her because he suspicious and that she was stealing clients. He tells her maybe that is why Emre broke up with her. We (the viewers) and Aylin knows there is more to this story than Can knows. Aylin looked depressed. Can later that night informs Emre that Aylin came for a visit and that she wanted to speak with him. Emre was surprised.

Throughout the entire episode, Can cannot get Sanem out of his mind. He dreams about her, he remembers moments they shared. It is as difficult for him as it is for her.

The next day, Sanem goes to thr company to drop off the files. There is another important meeting happening but some of the employees were not able to attend due to food poisoning. Deren asked Sanem kindly if she can help them out at the meeting and Sanem accepted. Mrs Remede is the client and they are presenting the new campaign to her. Can attended the meeting and was surprised to see Sanem. Mrs Remede seemed very impressed with the comments and ideas of Sanem. The meeting was successful and Mrs Remede invited both Sanem and Can to her factory that night. She gave them a small task so they ended up working together. They enjoyed spending time together. Despite the fact that they were locked in by Mrs Remede. They managed to put aside their differences. Realizing that they might not see each other anymore made it hard for both of them.

Meanwhile back at the neighborhood, Mevkibe and Zebercet’s mother attacked each other over their jealousy. They both want the neighborhood women to respect and like them. It was a funny scene. Their scenes are always enjoyable.

I really liked the scene when Can gave Sanem his goodbye gift for her and told her such sweet words. He assures her that she does not have to quit work because he will be leaving and going abroad. It was a beautiful scene. Sanem obviously does not want him to leave, but after she opened her gift. She realized that she cannot live without him. So she goes to his house to speak with him. It was a surprise to Sanem and to us the (viewers) when we saw Pollen open the door!! Pollen!! Awkward!

I liked episode 8, very nice episode. Great and funny scenes.
Stay tuned for the summary of episode 9.

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Written By Raghad A.K


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