Episode 7 of Erkenci Kuş started off exactly where episode 6 ended. Sanem finds out about Emre and that he is the reason behind the leaking of Can’s photos which led to Can being suspended temporarily. When Emre saw the young man, he just knew that Aylin behind it. He did not want to know anything about it. On the other hand, Sanem felt betrayed and taken advantage of by Emre. She does not understand why Emre would do something so vicious to his own brother. She really wanted to tell the truth to Can but Emre would not let her, he told her that Can would cut them both off completely. Not only was Emre upset but also angry at how far Aylin went. He then meets her and is really furious with her asks her what she has done and completely breaks up with her. She tells him to calm dowm and lies and tells him that the intern was lying and that she was not involved. Emre does not believe her and leaves her, he finally understood that this has gone too far. The viewers have not seem Emre in this state before, he feels guilt because he does not want to lose his brother but also because he got Sanem involved in this mess. Meanwhile, Sanem is confused about everything that has happened, she tells Ayhan and Osman the events that happened. Ayhan and Osman give her their full support, they realize that Sanem is in love with her boss (Can). But Sanem realizes that he will not look at her after he finds out what has happened and how she has been involved. She is afraid of losing Can but realizes that she needs to tell him everything even if it means that she will not be able to see him.

Later that night, Emre a total mess shows up at the company drunk and confused and feeling upset. Leyla sees him and tries to comfort him. She reminds him that she will be going to Ankara for a work conference and that he will join her later to deliver a speech. Leyla seems excited about this opportunity. Then back at Can’s house, Can speaks with Pollen on the phone and he hints to her that he wants to break and that he is interested in someone else. He is referring to Sanem.

In this episode, we saw the great duo of Ceycey and Ayhan. Ceycey seems to really like Ayhan. He wants to spend as much time as possible with her. They are very cute. He asks her for her number so that he can book an appointment with her for some ‘life-coaching’ as she does with others. Ceycey wants to use that opportunity to be with her. While Sanem’s parents had their own personal issue going. Nihat has realized that he has put on some weight. He brings up this issue to his wife Mevkibe, she takes offense when he suggests that they go on a diet. The belly-dancing scene was hilarious! After different methods, Mevkibe decided that she and Nihat would try belly-dancing and that they could lose some weight. It was a very entertaining scene. Loved it!

At the company, Can and Emre held a meeting and they unformed everyone that Can has been cleared and that Sanem helped them catch the hacker. He thanks Sanem, he calls her ‘my hero’ in front of all the employees and reporters and also thanks his brother Emre by staying by his side. Can then pulls Sanem aside and thanks her again, he tells her how much photography means to him and that due to her help he will be able to continue his dream of taking photographs. He says to her that he trusts her. This makes Sanem feel guilty, because she has not been honest with Can. He really wants to know what she wanted to confess to him the other day when she went to his house. He has a bit of a clue but he really wants Sanem to tell him. Sanem says it was nothing and that it’s not important and that she does not remember. Can really wants her to tell him.

Sanem cannot handle hiding the truth from Can. She tells Emre that she wants to quit her job and that she wants to tell Can about everything. Emre tries to calm her down and tells her to wait a few days before making a decision and that he will handle the situation with his brother. He tells her that telling Can would wreck his relationship with his brother and ruin her friendship with him. Sanem is still angry and upset with Emre. He apologizes to her and tells her that he would solve this mess.

Then Emre meets Aylin at a cafe, she tells him that she was jealous of Sanem and thought that something was going on between him and Sanem and so she waited revenge by taking it out on his brother Can. Emre cannot believe how cruel she has become. This scene was really so good. It was good to finally see Emre taking a stand against Aylin. Emre is worried that Sanem will Can the truth. Aylin tells Emre not to worry because Sanem will not say anything to Can because Sanem is in love with Can. Emre is surprised and hopes that Aylin is right. Emre tells her not to contact him anymore and that their relationship is seriously over. He is done with her.

Back at the company, Sanem tries to avoid contact with Can. She cannot stop looking at Can but at the same time she avoids contact and hides from him. Can overhears her conversation with Ceycey. Ceycey learns the truth about Sanem and that she really is not engaged, that she and Osman ‘broke up’. She tells Ceycey that she fell in love with a man in the dark (referring to the man she kissed). She has no idea that it’s Can. Can has overheard their conversation and is satisfied but he really wants to her to confess to him. She tells Ceycey not to tell anyone abour this, Ceycey says he cannot hold on to this secret. Güliz really wants to know what Ceycey is hiding about Sanem. She pushes him to tell her. Ceycey struggles to keep the secret.

In the neighborhood, Zebercet had become so jealous of his friend Osman that he decided to open up a new shop in the neighborhood. Everyone in the neighborhood was so surprised at the opening of the shop. To get more ladies to shop, he opened up a nightgown/lingerie shop. This scene was so funny, especially their reaction when they saw him. Such an amusing character.

I really enjoyed the ‘tea’ scene. At the company, Can asked Sanem to bring him a cup of tea while Deren gave her a task, to do some photocopying. Sanem tells Ceycey to make a cup of tea for Can. So when Ceycey took the tea to Can, Can refused to take it and told him that the person he told to bring the tea should bring it (referring to Sanem). Poor Ceycey, he was running after Sanem. Sanem continues to avoid Can, she waited till he stepped out of his office and that is when she put the cup of tea in his desk. Can’s reaction was pretty funny. Throughout the whole day, she tried her best to avoid him at the company while he was looking for her.

At the company’s meeting, Can and Deren and few other employees were discussing a new ad campaign, then Sanem brings in the photocopies. One employee tells Can and Deren that Sanem helped him with his ad and that she pitched a great idea. Can was impressed and tells her to join them for the meeting and to help expand on this ad campaign. Can then invites them to work at his house later that night including Sanem. So all four guys, Deren and Sanem went to Can’s house later that night and worked together. Can arranged a nice setting for them so they can eat and work. The sushi eating scene was so good and so amusing. All were eaten sushi and Sanem struggles with the chopsticks. A really enjoyable scene. Can finds an opportunity to talk to Sanem, he insists on wanting Sanem to confess and wants to know why she is behaving so ‘cold and distant’ towards him. Sanem wants to tell him but at the same time she cannot because she does not want to lose him.

The next day, Sanem does not go to work
and instead helps her father at the grocery shop. She really wants to quit her job at the ad agency. Ceycey calls Sanem and wonders where she is. Sanem tells him that she has quit. Ceycey tells her that she cannot quit just like that without any notice. Sanem does not care and then Ceycey tells Can that Sanem has quit. Can cannot believe it and wonders why she quit so then he went to her neighborhood and tries to get her to return to work. Can then leaves to go back for a meeting. He tells Sanem that he will come to her house later to speak with her.

Emre meets with Sanem and asks her why she quit. He does not want her to quit and tells her that he will solve the issue regarding his brother. Sanem surprises him when she tells him that he and his brother Can should stay away from her and to contact her anymore. She tells him to ‘get out from my life’. Emre apologizes to her.

Towards the end of the episode, later that night, Can comes to her house to speak with her. Sanem tries to escape from the back window and Can sees her and is surprised. He tries to get her to open up about her feelings and just to talk with him. It is hard for her to confess or talk about her feelings because she has lied to him. It is a difficult situation for her. She tells him to let her go and that he misunderstood everything and that she does not want him. Can is confused and hurt. He gives her the choice to choose, either for him to stay or for him to leave. If she says ‘stay’, he will stay and if she says ‘go’, he will leave. In the end, Sanem tells him to go and he leaves her by herself. Both feeling very hurt. It was an intense scene.

Overall it was a nice and enjoyable episode.
Stay tuned for the summary of episode 8.

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Written By Raghad A.K


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