Episode 6 of Erkenci Kuş started off exactly where episode 5 ended. Can and Sanem and everyone at the camp site.

The whole neighborhood including Sanem’s parents thought Sanem and Osman really got engaged. Sanem and Osman tried several times to clear up the misunderstanding until Osman resolved the situation and told them that him and Sanem are not really engaged and that it was just something she made up at her work. Zebercet could not believe that his friend and the woman he loves got engaged behind his back. Even when Osman explained that he did not get engaged to Sanem, Zebercet thought that Osman was lying so he would not upset him.

Sanem thanked Osman for helping her out at the camp. Osman tells her that it’s best if she stopped with the lie and to confess the truth to Can, she agrees and decides to tell the entire truth to Can. Since Can left the camp site, Sanem went to his home to confess. Unfortunately as she was about to tell Can the truth and confess, they saw the terrible news about Can on TV. The headline was about Can being accused of plagiarism. He could not believe it, they all try to call him. He has been accused of plagiarism, his photos of the women’s campaign. They accused him of using the same idea on his photos of the women’s campaign that they are similar to some photos uploaded on a website from a year ago.

Can becomes upset and devastated. He felt that someone is trying to ruin his career and trying to damage his reputation as a professional photographer. Everyone at the company including Sanem, Deren, Ceycey, Metin and even Emre, they all felt bad for Can. Emre looked sad and it seemed like he felt bad for his brother. Its obvious he has no idea what Aylin has done as this was a personal attack on his brother. Even though he had the photos saved on his phone, he had no idea that she looked at the photos and was the reason of ruining Can’s reputation.

When Metin informs Can about his membership being cancelled until further notice and that he got suspended from the photography foundation because of the recent accusation. Emre felt bad for his brother, first time we (the viewers) see Emre like this. Genuine feelings towards his brother, despite trying to take over the company he truly loves Can. The way he got worried for him. He obviously did not want that to happen. What a powerful scene! What a performance by Can Yaman. Metin informs them that a hacker hacked into the website and it seem like the photos were uploaded before and not after Can’s photos were published. They realize that they must find the hacker and that person behind this to end the accusations against Can.

Meanwhile Sanem accuses Emre of being the person who is trying to destroy Can’s professional career. Emre tells her the truth that he is not behind this. She does not believe him. She calls Ayhan to help her to find the hacker.

Emre asks Aylin if she had anything to do with the fake website and with trying to ruin his brother’s career and reputation. She lies and makes it seem like she had nothing to do with it. Because she is afraid of losing him. Emre determined to find the person responsible and that scared Aylin.

Zebercet was so funny in this episode. His scenes when he is crying and whining over Sanem and saying weird things about his friend Osman. Zebercet such an unusual and funny character.

Ceycey and Ayhan first encounter at the agency company was adorable and amusing. Such a great scene. For Ceycey it was definitely ‘love at first sight’. They both went looking for the hacker and their reaction when they realized he is just a young boy. The way Ceycey was talking with the ‘hacker’ and making fun of him for being too young. Ceycey and Ayhan make a good team.

In the woods, Sanem asked Can a question that most viewers have been curious about. Finally we (the viewers) understand the significance of the two stones that Can has had with him since episode 1. In the woods, Sanem asks Can if someone special gave him those stones. He tells her the the significance and meaning behind the two stones (one black and one white). It was given to him by an elderly woman during one of his trips while he was recovering from an injury. They end up staying in the woods till the next day. It helped Can to have Sanem beside him. He was still upset but relaxed too.

The next day, Emre goes with Can as people from the photography foundation that Can is a member of. We (the viewers) get a close and meaningful look at Emre as he watches his brother. He did not mean for that to happen. He may be a little bit jealous but it is obvious he loves Can very much and that makes him more dedetermined to find the hacker and clear Can’s name. Can tells Emre that his membership has been suspended until the situation gets resolved.

Towards the end, Aylin surprisingly pays Can and Emre a visit at the company. All eyes are on her as she walks by them even Emre was surprised to see her. She tells Can that she is sorry for what has happened to him and that she values his work and his great skills as a photographer. Emre still has no idea that Aylin was behind it all.

Meanwhile Ceycey and Ayhan find the address of the person behind the hacking. Ceycey gives it to Emre and Emre informs Can about it. Ayhan tells Sanem the address.

At the end, Sanem and Emre reach the house and Emre is surprised to see the person that lives in that house and it all clicks in his head. Then Emre tells Sanem something and that totally freaks and shocks Sanem.

Will Sanem tell Can what Emre has told her? What will Emre do next? Will all this destroy his relationship with his brother?

Overall it was a really great episode with nice and funny scenes.
Stay tuned for the summary of episode 7.

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Written By Raghad A.K


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