The episode starts off with Can as he grabs Sanem’s hand as the Italian buisness man Fabre was having a conversation with her. All eyes are on Can and Sanem as they left the party. The employees and even Fabre wonder where Can and Sanem went off to. Deren and Leyla are freaking out because the situation looks bad especially in front of Fabre. Emre tries to handle the situation in his own way. But Fabre seems to have taken offense he tells them he will sign with Aylin and her company instead of his initial choice with Can. However Ceycey saves the situation, he lies and tells Fabre that Can and Sanem are in a relationship and that Can got jealous when he saw him dancing with Sanem and complimenting her and that they had an argument earlier which explains why Can acted the way he did. Fabre understood the situation and tells Ceycey that he was only having a conversation with her and he decides to keep the deal with Can and he will sign with their agency. Fabre invites the employees of Can’s agency and Aylin’s agency on a camping trip.

Meanwhile Can and Sanem arrive at his cottage. Since they are both hungry, he tells her they will eat together. It’s a calm and peaceful place. Sanem really likes the place. He tells her to relax while he prints the photos that he took earlier for the women’s campaign.

Aylin is furious that she did not get job with Fabre and tells Emre exactly what happened and what Ceycey said that changed Fabre’s mind. Aylin decides to plan something for the camping trip. Emre calms Aylin down and says that it happened cannot change it now.

The scene of Sanem dancing while making salad was really nice. I loved it! Especially when Can watched her without her noticing him. Demet Özdemir was amazing, and the music choice was perfect. I can’t lie, I watched that scene several time so amusing. I can’t help but dance too while watching it. She then gets embarrassed when she saw him and he asked her where she learned how to dance and she says that dancing is a hobby.

While they were eating, Can realizes that the more she drinks the more she talks and reveals information about herself and her childhood and it seemed like Can really enjoyed that.

Meanwhile Leyla wonders where her sister Sanem is and why she did not come home. She lies to her mother and goes to Ayhan and Osman’s house but she did not see Sanem ans Ayhan says she did not get a call or message from Sanem and Leyla tells them that for now she will tell her parents that Sanem is at Ayhan’s house so they do not get worried.

Back at the cottage, Sanem is drunk and asks Can to dance with her and they dance. Very beautiful moment between them. Can take the opportunity and confesses to Sanem, he tells her that the
Albatross that she is trying to find is him. He confessed but she did not hear because she fell asleep. Next day early in the morning he drove her home. Can goes and speaks with the new shop owner and threatens him to return the shop to its rightful owners, Sanem’s father Nihat. He gives him the keys and leaves. The shop owner felt threatened and went to Nihat and gave him the keys to the shop. Nihat and his wife restore the shop to the way it was before but they do not have stuff or goods to sell. It will take time, some of the neighbors pitch in to help them out including Ayhan and Zebercet.

Meanwhile at the company, Deren informs Can about her and Ceycey securing the deal with Fabre and they will work with him and do campaigns for him. At first Can tells her he does not want to work with that man but Deren changes his mind and tells him to think about the employees and he agrees. Ceycey tells Can of the small lie he told to Fabre to get the job for the company about Can and Sanem. This scene was very funny, the way Can reacts and Ceycey runs off from Can. Sanem gets upset and a little furious when she learns that Can has a girlfriend, Güliz told her and Sanem’s behavior towards Can when she learned about Pollen. Can gets annoyed with her behavior and teases her about the engagement ring and fake fiance and she abruptly says ‘Osman’ is her fiance. Meanwhile Fabre thinks Can and Sanem are together and that they got engaged when he sees Sanem wearing the ring. They all go with the lie for Fabre’s sake and Fabre and invited Can and Sanem for dinner to celebrate their ‘engagement’.

Emre gives Sanem her next task which includes stealing the file of photos from Can’s office. The photos he took for the Women’s campaign.

Sanem, Ayhan and Leyla speak with Osman about pretending to be Sanem’s fiance at the camp. The camp involves all the agencies that will work with Fabre and the employees are allowed to invite their spouses/lovers. Even Aylin and few of her employees were also there at the ‘motivation camp’. Can and Osman show up at the same time and Sanem introduces them to each other. This was a really good scene. Loved it! Especially the scene prior to that Aylin and Deren and their teams played tug-of-war. Sanem panics when she sees Osman and Can talking she tells Osman not to talk with anyone. I liked the scenes at the camp, the different games and the different teams. It is a nice setting for them as they have fun and relax but Sanem is the only one that seemed tense especially when she saw Osman playing football with Can and Emre. Her reactions were hilarious as she calls out for him ‘Osman’ she embarrassed herself in front of everyone.

Towards the end of the episode, Aylin looks through Emre’s phone and sees Can’s photos of the campaign and sends them to her phone. Meanwhile at the blindfold game, Aylin and Sanem are blindfolded and have to guess who is front of them just by touching them. Can was in front of her and she felt his face, hair, beard but she says she does not know. But I think she knew but did not want to say it. It was a great scene. Then Fabre shows up to surprise them and finally Aylin introduces herself to Sanem.

Overall it was a very nice episode.

What will happen when Can realizes that his photos were stolen? Will Emre realize what Aylin has done? Will Sanem confess to Can?

Stay tuned for the summary of episode 6.

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Written By Raghad A.K


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