Episode 4 started off with a bang. When Can caught Sanem in his kitchen holding the bowl of strawberries he began to question her on her behavior. He even asked her if she is jealous of him. Of course she is jealous but she could not admit it because as far as he knows she is ‘engaged’ and is confused by her recent actions. Sanem gets frustrated with his questions and remarks things escalate between them and she tells him that they should not interfere in each other’s private life and he tells her that they would only talk about work. Because in the end she is one of his employees and Can is her boss. The chemistry between them is very nice and I like when they bicker.

Family gathers and Sanem tells her parents that she paid off her father’s debt from her new job and that it comes out from her salary. I loved when Leyla said I’ll share my salary with my sister. The lawyer Metin and Akif’s friendship with Can is very beautiful. Such a beautiful bond they have. Great scene with all three of them.

When Emre heard about the inspection. He wanted to sabotage the agency’s inspection that is held by a cosmetics company. He asked Sanem to do her best to make them fail the inspection.

The audience learned something about Ayhan and how much she missed her parents. I really liked the scene between Ayhan and Osman at their house. A beautiful brother and sister moment, remembering their parents.

Sanem asked Ayhan for help. Ayhan went to the company to help out Sanem and she let the ‘rat’ loose. The ‘rat’ scene at the agency company and the reaction of the employees was hilarious. The employees were running all over, it was like a circus, huge chaos! And Emre was enjoying every minute of it. This ‘rat’ situation made them lose a point in the inspection.

Aylin finds out about the ring by mistake. The jeweler at the jewelry shop told her by mistake he assumed she knew about the engagement ring. She was ecstatic and took a photo of it. Now what will her reaction be if she one day sees the ring on Sanem’s ring? Sanem will continue to wear it for the sake of the ‘lie’ she told.

Now even her co-workers found out that she is ‘engaged’ and from the ring they assume he is a rich man. Such a fabulous scene when Güliz saw the ring on Sanem’s finger and found out that she is engaged. Her and Ceycey’s reactions were hilarious and Sanem did not want anyone else to know but Güliz wanted to share the news with their co-workers and they all congratulated her. Sanem had no choice but to act along. This was a really great scene especially when Can passed by them.

The photoshoot scene between Can and Sanem for the women’s campaign was another beautiful scene. The tension between them was very high but for a moment it seemed like they let loose and enjoyed their time. The attraction between them does not go unnoticed. I loved this entire photoshoot scene. Until the part when Sanem told Can not to offend her anymore.

The party scene at the end of the episode that was hosted by the Italian buisness man who was in charge of the inspection and picking one agency to represent his cosmetics company. Sanem looked so beautiful in her dress, all eyes were on her including Can. This man was very interested in Sanem and the reaction of Can, it was obvious he got jealous especially when he saw Sanem dancing with him. Aylin finally saw Sanem, before this she knew about her and how she was doing work for Emre but she was finally saw her at the party. When Can and the Italian buisness man spoke in Italian it was great. Can Yaman using his skills, Italian is one of the languages that he speaks.

I loved the ending. For the first time since the series began, the ending of the episode did not take place in Can’s house but the ending was of Can and Sanem. It was unexpected but very nice.

Overall it was a really great and amusing episode. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next episode. How will the employees react when they see Can and Sanem together like that? Will this ruin the new business with the Italian buisness man? What will Aylin and Emre plan on doing next? Will Can and Sanem return to their old-ways, or will the tension between them continue?

Episode 5 will air on Tuesday (July 24th) on Star TV.

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Written By Raghad A.K


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