Once again Sanem gets caught by Can but this time it was in his bedroom. Episode 3 of Erkenci Kuş started off exactly where episode 2 ended. Sanem half-naked, wearing only Can’s shirt and gets caught by Can in his bedroom. An AWKWARD moment! For once, Sanem did not lie and actually told Can why she was in his bedroom, with her clothes in the dryer. That she fell in the pool and Emre helped her out and told her about the dryer.

There were several hilarious scenes including the scenes with the famous model Arzu (guest-actress Ayse Akın). Including the scenes with Sanem at the hotel and at the photoshoot.

Can wants Arzu to represent the company instead of her doing other work for another company like Aylin’s company. While Aylin and Emre were against that. Emre gave Sanem a new task. He did not want his brother and Arzu to work together and Sanem had her ways of trying to separate them. Can was determined to find Arzu and have her work for him for the photoshoot.

Throughout all this, Can and Sanem grew closer while spending time together. While he has figured out that he is Albatross, the one who Sanem has been looking for him. He cannot seem to find a way to tell her but continues to tease her as she continues the search for her Albatross. However the more time she spends with Can. It makes her think less of Albatross but she has no idea that Can is her Albatross. Can is starting to develop feelings for Sanem. Viewers saw a different side of Sanem, she was very jealous when she saw Arzu with Can.

Whenever Arzu tried to get close to Can, Sanem could not help but interfere. It is not just because of the task that Emre gave her. It was obvious how jealous Sanem was, those scenes in the hotel and at the photoshoot were funny and sweet. Sanem was cute, those were amusing scenes. The scene when she pulled the firealarm that was hilarious and totally unexpected. Sanem went way overboard due to her jealousy. But she was cute especially in that last scene. When she realized the big mistake she did with that smoothie.

Meanwhile back in the neighborhood, Sanem’s father tells his wife that he plans to sell the grocery shop due to his debt. But he has no idea that Sanem solved the problem and paid his debt.

In the hotel, when Sanem learns that Arzu wants to get close to Can and will accept his work offer it’s because she is interested in Can. That is when Sanem freaks out and her jealousy takes over. She embarrassed herself but it was definitely funny and cute to watch. Can definitely realized that. In the scene when he surprised Sanem at dinner when he was supposed to have dinner with Arzu.

When the neighborhood people saw Can dropping off Sanem at her house in his fancy car. They all freaked out and were drooling over Can. Finally Ayhan met Can. Their reactions were so funny especially Zebercet when he saw Can.

I really liked the scene between Can and Leyla. Can tells Leyla that she can return back to work. But his search for the spy is still ongoing. It will be great to watch the sisters working together again.

The ending was amazing, episode 3 ended in a similar way to the endings of episode 1 and episode 2. But this time Can caught Sanem in his kitchen holding the bowl full of strawberries. He has realized that she is jealous and messed up the smoothie on purpose. It was awkward for Sanem.

Overall I really enjoyed episode 3. There were many great scenes. It was an amusing episode. Great scenes between Can and Sanem. The scenes at the hotel and photoshoot were so good and funny. It was good to see Leyle getting her job back. Especially seeing Sanen jealous that was really great. Each episode seems to get better and better.

I cannot wait to watch episode 4. Will Can confess to Sanem that he is Albatross. What will Sanem’s explanation be? How will she get herself out of this situation? How will Leyla’s co-workers react to her returning to work? What will Emre tell Sanem to do next?

Episode 4 will air on Tuesday (July 17th) on Star TV.

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Written By Raghad A.K


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