Episode 2 of Erkenci Kuş started off exactly where episode 1 ended. Sanem gets caught by Can in his living room. Due to her smell Can remembers that it is the same smell of the girl that he kissed at the party, ‘that smell, it’s the same smell’. So Can has figured it out that Sanem is the girl that he kissed at the company party however Sanem does not know that….yet.

Can was reasonable and kept wanting to know how Sanem got in his house that late at night and what was her reason. Being stuck in such an embarrassing and awkward situation Sanem did not want Can to find out the real reason why she was at his house so she lied. And this was not a white/small lie….this was a big lie that we will probably see carry on for several episodes. I mean she obviously did not realize the consequences of it but she has to keep going with this lie so she would not get caught. What was the lie she told? Well she told Can that she forgot something very important in Emre’s jacket. In episode 1 she saw Emre put something in the pocket of his jacket and accidentally she spilled coffee all over his jacket. Sanem told Can that she took Emre’s jacket to the drycleaners and forgot something in his pocket as she did not have her purse. Can was surprised that Emre would allow her to go in the house without even informing him. Also he was very curious to know what it is that she forgot. Obviously Sanem had no idea what Emre put in the pocket. To both of their surprise it was an engagement ring (and not any ring, it’s a very beautiful antique ring which costs a fortune). So Can asks Sanem if it’s her engagement ring and she lied and said yes and she tells him she recently got engaged. We can see a little bit of confusion and a bit of frustration on Can’s face. Sanem runs as quickly as she can to avoid being questioned by Can he runs after her and she falls and bruised her knee.

The only other person that knows about Sanem’s lie is Emre. She told him that she had to lie about being engaged because Can caught her in the living room. Emre becomes frustrated and as soon as he got home he took the red folder so that his brother Can does not see it. Emre notices that Can is not quite himself and teases him about Sanem. I must admit I enjoyed that scene of the brothers playing basketball and then later in the episode the scene where they played soccer. It is nice to see the brothers bonding despite what is going on between them due to the company.

Sanem still in search of finding Albatross (the nickname she gave to the man from the party that kissed her). She continues to think about him ‘I fell in love with you without seeing you’ as she wrote in her journal. Meanwhile Emre and Aylin become partners as he signed the paperwork required. He still continues to share information with Aylin about the company and campaigns but he does not want to get caught or make Can suspect of anything.

The connection between Albatross the bird and Can continues in this episode just like in episode 1. Can even said it himself when he was talking with his friend. That he is traveling from one place to another and not staying in one place for too long just like the bird Albatross. It was so interesting to hear him mentioning that. The word Albatross was mentioned several times in this episode. I am really so fascinated by the bird connection and the Albatross plot.

The airline campaign is the first project that is under Can’s control as the boss. He wants his team to secure the campaign. But he continues to be suspicious of the employees he brings in Deren and her creative team. However this irritates Emre as he was not involved and he wants to know what Can is planning for the campaign and that is when he uses Sanem again to his advantage. He has her wrapped around his finger and she still assumes that Emre is the good brother and that Can is the bad brother trying to destroy the company. Her task involved her finding out information about what Can and Deren planning for the airline campaign. Well this was not an easy task for Sanem. But she managed to snap some photos and sent it to Emre, he then shared it with his lover Aylin. I mean he loves his brother but he is being selfish and going behind Can’s back because he thinks his father betrayed him. He wants to be the boss. We will see how far Emre will go to get what he truly wants. How much damage will that cost?

Can begins to get close to Sanem. But at times he pulls back as he remembers that she is engaged and that seems to bother him. One of my favourite scenes is when Sanem was in Can’s office and she left the paper which is the list of all the men who went to the company party who have beards. It was funny when Can said ‘I’m going to ask you something. I was at the party/celebration that night and I’m bearded. Why am I not on this list?’ At this moment he has figured it out that Sanem is the girl he kissed but she is still looking for him and called him Albatross. He continues to tease her and she felt embarrassed. Sanem has totally checked off Can from the list because when she saw him at the party he was wearing sportswear, casual and was not wearing black shoes. But she does not know that he changed his clothes when the party ended. They are getting closer and it is beginning to seem like he is starting to like her. Their scene at the restaurant was very nice. It did not seem like a boss and an employee but just two friends having a meal together. They both seem to enjoy each other’s company and just spending time together. But everytime Can notices the ring or hears Samen say ‘my fiancé…it bothers him and it is very obvious. He is beginning to have feelings for her but he does not know exactly what they mean. Their connection is strong.

The scenes when she hit her head on the glass door and when rode with him on the motorbike, such amusing scenes. Her reaction was so funny. Demet’s acting is eally awesome. I really enjoyed those scenes and the entire episode as well.

We got introduced to a new character, his name is Osman. He is a butcher and he is the brother of Ayhan (Sanem’s close friend). Osman is shown to be a very popular young man in the neighborhood but he seems to be interested in Leyla.

It seems like the more time Sanem spends with Can, it makes her think about about him more and she is not sure what she really feels towards him. Because she knows him as a the bad brother who is trying to destroy the company but the more she spends time talking with him she begins to realize that he is not that bad and that there is somsomething special about him. While she looks at their selfie she says ‘what’s happening?’ I’m looking forward to watching their feelings develop for each other. Based on next week’s episode it looks like we will see a jealous Sanem. That will be interesting.

Can gets inspired by Albatross and Sanem that he gets a new idea for the airline campaign and he changes it completely. It was a big risk he took but it paid off. He impressed the people at the meeting including his own team. I’m really liking the bond between Sanem and Ceycey and Güliz. Beautiful friendship they formed. Just like Sanem, Ceycey and Güliz are likeable and amusing characters.

After they received the good news, Can invited all the workers at the company to his house for a little celebration and barbecue. This was my other favourite scene, seeing all the employees just cutting loose and enjoying their time. Especially Deren she was so funny. One cannot help but notice the eye contact between Can and Sanem, it was interesting to see. How adorable was it when Can went and saw beside Sanem while she ate, it was really nice. Poor Sanem she later fell in the pool accidentally and Emre helped her and told her that there is a dryer in his room. Sanem goes to Can’s room and takes a look around his room while she waits for her clothes to dry.

The ending was really good, the way it ended similar to the way episode 1 ended. This time Can caught Sanem in his bedroom wearing his white shirt….another awkward situation for Sanem. How will she explain herself out of this one?

Overall I really enjoyed episode 2. The scenes of Sanem’s mother Mevkibe were hilarious. I could not stop laughing. I cannot wait for the next episode. Will Can get closer to Sanem by confessing?
How will Sanem react when she sees another girl getting close to Can?
What will Aylin and Emre plan to do next?

Episode 2 did really great on social media and in the TV ratings. Episode 3 will air on Tuesday (July 10th) on Star TV.

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Written by: Raghad A.K


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