The first episode of Erkenci Kus has everything a viewer wants in a summer romantic comedy. Nice music, great charachters, interesting storyline and something fun and lighthearted for the summer. I maybe too quick to judge it but for someone like me who hardly likes romantic comedy series this pulled me instantly and I really did not want the episode to end. I only like a few romantic comedies and Kiralik Ask was right up there. I would definitely recommend watching this series.

Let’s start with the opening theme music. How awesome is that? Demet Özdemir is the one who was singing the theme song. As a trained dancer she also showcased her dance skills. I loved it! Great and catchy song.

Sanem dreams of becoming a famous writer, she works at her father’s grocery shop. While her sister Leyla who is completely opposite than her works at a advertising company as a secretary/assistant of Emre Divit. Emre’s father Aziz is the creator and founder of the company. Emre has a brother Can who is a famous photographer and travels the world capturing breathtaking photos.

Sanem was happy working at the grocery shop until she heard two things that completed shocked her. Her parents want her to find a better job rather than having her work at the grocery shop. So when the creepy and annoying Zebercet tells her that his family would be coming over to her house to ask for her hand in marriage. She thought he was joking until her family confirmed it. Obviously her family do not want her to marry him but they took advantage of this opportunity and told her to find a really good job so she does not have to marry Zebercet. The second thing that Sanem hears is that her father has a lot of debt that he owes and if he does not pay on time he will be trouble.

Sanem realizes that she has to find a better job quickly to avoid those two things from happening even if it meant putting her dreams aside. Sanem was fortunate enough to get a job at her sister’s work and being Leyla’s sister that helped her even more all thanks to Emre. Leyla introduces Sanem to Aziz and Emre and tells her to thank Emre for hiring her. Sanem impresses them with her photographic memory. Sanem is really great at remembering things.

Sanem meets Ceycey, Güliz and Deren who also work at the advertising company. Ceycey is a great and funny character. Samen and him bonded quickly. He showed her around and tells her information about (the bosses) the Divit family and the company.

Aziz Divit hosted a party for his employees and buisness partners for the company’s 40th anniversary. Aziz is leaving on a boat trip for 3 months and he wants his son Can to take over. But Can does not want that and thinks that Emre would not like that. Aziz believes that there is a spy in their company that is transferring ideas and clients to another advertising company. The owner of that other advertising company is Aylin. She is the ex-girlfriend of Emre. Aziz does not like her or her work ethics. So far, Aylike and creepy Zebercet are the only characters that I dislike.

At the 40th anniversary celebration. Sanem kept being ignored by her sister Leyla. Can was supposed to meet Polen in the balcony of the auditorium. A private booth that his father set up for him. Sanem by mistake enters that same booth looking for her seat just then Can walk in. It’s completely dark and sees Sanem, he assumes she is Polen and kisses her. It is dark, Sanem is taken-back and surprised she only noticed his fancy shoes and that he has a beard and seems big (muscula). She runs like Cinderella when it hit midnight. Of course, Can realized that he just kissed a girl that he does not know and suddenly Polin walked in. Later, Sanem tries to look for him but has no luck finding him. She cannot get him out of her head. Can noticed her smell, a different smell like wild flowers.

The scene when Sanem was telling her friend Ayhan about the kiss and says ‘am I in love?’. Ayhan wonders if the guy also works in the company too. Sanem has no idea who he is, she gives him a nickname. She calls him Albatross. Albatross is a type of bird, a large bird. She seems to be fascinated by this bird.

I loved the connection of the bird to Can. The series is called Early Bird (Erkenci Kuş). Can as a photographer he travels all over the world and does not seem to stay in the same place for too long. Like a bird who migrates from one place to another. Also two important details that I noticed. Can has a big bird tattoo and he wears a necklace with a small bird.

Can hears upsetting news about his father from his friend/lawyer Metin. His father is actually going to Cuba for treatment and not on 3 month boat trip Can felt devastated and he understood why his father was insisting for him to stay and look after the company. Aziz believes that Can has the experience and skills to run the company in his absence over his other son Emre.

Can tells Emre that he will do his best to find the spy and keep the company running smoothly (little does he know that the spy is closer to him than he thinks).

Sanem wonders why they do not have tea to drink at the company, everyone there drinks coffee. The scene when Sanem talkd about Can and how she works there but still has not met him. The reactions of Ceycey and Güliz just hilarious. They try to warn her as Can was standing behind her as she spoke about him. She felt embarrassed when she found out that he heard everything. They finally meet but they have no idea that they accidentally kissed the night before. Can held a meeting with all the employees and tells him that he will be in charge until his father returns. He informs them that there is a spy among them and that they he/she will get caught. He finds out that Sanem was hired the day before. He tells Emre that Sanem cannot be the spy and that she is the only one that he trusts as all other employees are under suspicion that includes Leyla. He asks Sanem to help him. She will be kinda like his assistant. Just like Sanem he also drinks tea. The reaction of the employees when he asked for a cup of tea was really funny. I loved Sanem’s response when she said that she also wanted tea and then he told Güliz to get two cups of tea. One for him and one for Sanem.

Sanem continues to look for the man that kissed her. She tried to take photos of all the guys who work at the company who have a beard but no luck. Meanwhile Can also cannot stop thinking about the woman that he kissed. He remembers her smell.

Emre wants to be in charge and wants his brother to stop looking for the spy. He takes advantage of Sanem when he overhears that she needs money to help pay for her father’s debt. He gives her an opportunity to pay for her father’s debt, and also she and her sister will not get fired and in exchange she will be his eyes and ears in the company and doing errands for him. He gave her a cheque and she gave it to the man that her father owns money to.

First task was stealing a red file with important documents that Emre needs but he does not want his brother to see. What a challenge task this was for Sanem, really great scenes as Sanem tries to replace the red file with an empty one. Emre warns her that she has to get that file. He gives her the location of his family’s house and tells her that Can usually goes for a run in the evenings and that she can go in and out.

Those scenes in the Divit’s house so amusing. I really liked the ending. I cannot wait to see what Can will say to Sanem after catching her in his house. He remembered the smell. Will Can and Sanem realize that they kissed each other? Will Can get closer to figuring out who the spy is? What will Emre ask Sanem to do next? Will someone find out the secret of Aylin and Emre’s?

I really liked episode 1. I’m looking forward to watching the storyline develop. Also Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman have great connection on-screen. Also the casting director did so good with selecting this cast.

Episode 2 will air on Tuesday (July 2nd) on Star TV.


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Written by: Raghad A.K


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