Age: 29
Status: Single

Eren Vurdem was born on October 7th 1988 in Konya, Turkey. His father was a teacher who taught in Konya. Eren studied and graduated from the Conservatory Theater Department at Haliç University. Eren Vurdem is a skilled actor and a talented musician.

His first acting experience was in 2009, he appeared briefly in the series Arka Sokaklar. His first real role was in the series Hesaplaşma (2009). His first film was No Ofsayt (2009). Then over the years from 2010-2015, Eren expanded on his acting career and acted in many different series and films he acted in Şefkat Tepe, Jin, Şubat, Yolculuk and Son Mektup. Eren became a well-known actor for his leading role in the comedy-romance series İnadına Aşk (2015-2016). A great series, one of my favourite Turkish romantic-comedy series. This was my first time watching Eren act. I really liked his acting and loved his character ‘Çınar’. He was one of the male characters, he was funny and serious. I instantly became his fan in 2015. Since then he became quite successful. He got lots of recognition. In 2017 he began acting in the popular series Söz as ‘Ateş’ and later that year a lead actor in the film Sümala’nın Şifresi 3: Cünyor Temel (2017).

Currently Eren is playing the role of ‘Ateş’ in the action series Söz. He has been part of the cast from the start when the series premiered back in April 2017. His character ‘Ateş’ is one of my favourites in Söz. Eren has done a great job playing this role in both seasons. Eren is very close friends with his Söz co-stars; Aytaç Şaşmaz, Görkem Sevindik and Meriç Aral. He also has a good friendship with his on-screen partner İlayda Ildır. For his role in Söz, Eren has been nominated few times. In February 2018, Eren won the award for ‘Best Male Actor of the Year’ at the Karadenizin Enleri.

Despite being a good actor and acting in several series and films. Eren is also a musician, he sang in several of his projects including İnadına Aşk and he recorded a special song which can be heard in Season 2 of Söz. He has also made soundtracks for few series and films. Even though he is a musician and an actor. Eren said if he did not become an actor, he would have become a teacher more specifically teaching acting/drama. Although he loves being a musician too. He has a very soothing voice. Eren can play the guitar (classical and electric) and drums. He has recorded several songs over the years. Some of his songs can be found on YouTube. I love his song İmkansız (Impossible). The music video came out in late 2017 and musician Atakan Ilgazdağ (Söz music composer) plays the guitar.

Eren is a big Beşiktaş fan. Despite his love for acting and music, he loves watching movies and enjoys camping. Eren rides a motorcycle on a daily basis. He loves traveling, he went to several countries in Europe last summer (2017), France, Netherlands and Germany.

Eren is currently single. When it comes to his personal life, he is private. He uses social media (Twitter and Instagram). Eren has 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

I look forward to continue watching Eren in Söz. Season 3 will premiere in September.
I’m curious to see the adventures and tasks that his character ‘Ateş’ will have.

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Written By : Raghad A.K


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