Ephesus is one of the most unique places in the world and it is located on the lands of Turkey, Izmir. Legend has it that Ephesus was built by a woman warrior who’s name was Amazon. Ephesus was the home of so many civilisations like Ionians, Romans, Athens, Ottoman Empire and used to be the most important commercial centre because it’s location. Ephesus is in the list of UNESCO’s world herritage list. It was built in 5th century bc. in neolithic ages and because of it , it has many culture’s architectures.

Ephesus contains improtant places in its structure such as the temple of Artemis, Ashab-? kehf, the house of the virgin mary, Basilica of St. John. Besides being one of the world’s most important ancient centers, 6000 years of it’s history it played an important role about civilization, culture, science and art.

Ephesus is a coastal town which functions as a bridge between Asia and Europe. This location made Ephesus the best trade center of its era and became capital city of Asian country in Roman period. Ephesus’s one of the most important buildings is Celcius library, it represents Roman period with its artchitecture.Today ephesus has 8 kilometers field but archaeological excavations proceeds.

This historic site is a must visit, you can reach this landmark anwhere between Izmir all the way the southern coast, cities like Kusadasi, Bodrum, Dalaman and so on. When I was in Kusadasi not so long ago I got a taxi for £50 and visited all the landmarks in and around the region, it was well worth it.


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