Born July 26th 1979


Engin was born in Izmir, but is of Kosovan origin. He started acting while at high school. He attended Dokuz Eylul University where he studied Theatre, he graduated and then moved to Istanbul.

His first acting role was in the TV series Ruhsar. Between then and 2009 he appeared in several series including Sila.  In 2009 he starred as a doctor in the series Bir Bulut Olsam which was written by the amazing Meral Okay who also had the role of his Mum. Again in 2009 he made the film Romantik Komedi. Since then he appeared in Son and presently is the lead in the massive hit TV series Dirilis Ertugrul which has a huge TV audience in Turkey and he is a favourite of the Turkish President. For his role he had to learn horseback riding, sword fighting, archery and he even studied the role mentally.

Engin got engaged to Ozge Ozpirincci in 2008 but broke up in 2013…he began dating Neslisah Alkoclar and they were married in 2014.  In 2016 his wife had a son who they named Emir, and this month ( August 2018 ) she gave birth to a baby girl who they have called Alara.

He has 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account,,he has some great images of family, and personal holidays.

Engin while shooting wildlife in Africa got chance to see the issues with water that impact on peoples lives, he wanted to help so with the photos he shot while there he made an exhibition and the money raised he used for opening clean water supplies for families.

Talking of the future Engin says that he is still excited about his role in Dirilis and is looking forward to season 4. I loved him in Bir Bulut Olsam probably more so than his current role , but he is a very good actor and has on several occasions been likened to Marlon Brando with his acting style.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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