BORN: October 12th 1981
STATUS: Single

Engin was born in Ankara, his Dad was a Government Official while his Mum stayed at home to raise him and his younger brother. In 2002 he graduated from University with a degree in Linguistics and History. He didn’t receive any acting lessons but wanted to prove his natural ability so went to an acting contest Turkiye’nn Yildizlari where he was awarded best actor and at the same ceremony Beren Saat received the award for the best actress.

The first role of his onscreen career was a supporting one and came directly from winning the award. It was the series Yabanci Damat Karayilan produced by the famous Taylan brother’s. His follow up series to this was set during the French occupation of Turkey, Karayilan.

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In 2008 Engin played the role of Mustafa Bulut in the very powerful dizi Bir Bulut Olsam. His character was a mentally unstable man and was obsessed with Narin a young girl whose life he made hell. The series was written by the wonderful Meral Okay who also starred in the series. It had a wonderful supporting cast including Engin Altan Duzyatan and Melisa Sozen. If there are any of Engin’s roles I would recommend watching its this one.

The first starring role was in the huge hit Fatmagülün Suçu ne? He won several awards for this performance where he acted alongside Beren Saat between 2010-2012. This series was very popular and brought to light the issue of rape. Again the cast was wonderful and included Kaan Tasaner, Engin Ozturk and Bugra Gulsoy. After completing this series he jumped again to another very big series that again had huge success, especially across the English speaking world. Kara Para Ask ran for two seasons in 2014.2015 and starred Tuba Buyukustun.

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At the same time while filming Kara Para Ask he also filmed a movie which again was successful. Bir Kucuk Eylul Meselesi. ( A Small September Affair.) he acted alongside actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah they did a great job. His most recent role was in Olene Kadar where he again starred with another popular actress Fahriye Evcen, sadly it was cancelled because of low ratings. His new film Cocuklar Sana Emanet premiered in March 2018 at the International Film Festival in Argentina.

Engin has recently written his first book. The book which is compiled of 21 short stories has been very popular with his devoted fans worldwide. He flew to South America to promote it, and fans returned the favour from all over the world by attending a book signing in Istanbul. All the profits from the book titled Sessilik will go to a children’s charity. He has a passion for scuba diving and tries to arrange all his holiday locations around this pass time.

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He likes to keep his private life very strictly private. He has had a few rumours matching him with actresses but nothing has been confirmed. While making Fatmagul it was rumoured he was dating Beren but nothing was ever confirmed only that they are great friends. He has no personal official social media accounts and says he prefers to follow it through his management team.

Engin is a very talented and thoughtful man who has a massive fan base all across the world who he appreciates enormously. I know they will be looking forward to Engins next onscreen role, and I hope he doesn’t keep us waiting for too long.

Written By: Rachel Labidi

All Rights Reserved


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