Born on the 12th October 1974


Famous singer was born in Istanbul (1975), her mother is Mujgan Kumartaslioglu,her father (Remzi Gundes) left home when she was only 5 years old and she never saw him again .Ebru went to primary school in Ankara ( capital city of Turkey) and move back to Istanbul with her family, she had to left her education half-done because of financial problems. After working as a garment worker for a while she was discovered by Nese Demirkat ( the partner of Raks Nese Music Company). Before she made her first album she did the vocals of Emel Sayin ( famous Turkish singer) with the intent of gaining experience.

 Ebru Gundes released her first album in 1993 “Tanri misafiri”. Besides making her famous this album made her win so many awards. In 1994 , 1995 and 1996 she won the award of “ The best TSM singer”. After the succes of her first album she soon released her second one “Tatli Bela”. She kept making so many new albums and the fame followed her thorugh that path but her life wasn’t always this pleasant. In 1999 while she was giving an interwiev suddenly she gave a dull glance to the camera and she fainted , she was having a brain hemorrhage but luckly she had a surgery and get back to her normal life.

 The singer got married 3 times. First in 1990 with Hamdi Vardar and got divorced in 1993, her second marriage was in 2002 with Omer Durak and that marriage didn’t last long like the first one she got divorced after 1 year in 2003. She made her last marriage in 2010 with Azerbaijani business man Reza Zarrab and had a daughter in 2011( Alara Zarrab). Later on Reza Zarrab’s name was involved in smuggling money. Ebru Gundes said that she decided to get divorced with him but later she changed her idea. To this day they are still married.

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