Yamac tries to kill Cengiz Erdenet . He finds he doesn’t know is that Cengiz had placed a listening device in his tie pin and knew of his plan. His gun was found and the bullets removed.

At the Coffee House in Cukur, Yakup has been hidden in the broom closet. Nadim (who serves coffee for the Kocovali’s at the Coffee House works for an anonymous party ) finds Yakup when he opens the Coffee House the next morning. He tells him to stay in the closet until night when he can make his escape.

The boys of Cukur have trouble knowing what to do with the prized race horse they stole from the Erdenet’s stables. There is no grass in Cukur and the boys have been feeding it bread rolls. Cumali asks for it to be collected and taken to a stable for safety.

Selim can see that Emmi’s mental state is not good. He is forgetful, he does not know where he is and worst of all he has forgotten who Selim and Cumali are. Selim feels responsible for him and understands that he will soon need care.

The attempt by Arik and her grandmother to kill Yamac failed. Efsun went to the extent of killing her own grandmother to save Yamac. These actions have left Efsun emotionally traumatised.

Meanwhile, a meeting is held in Cengiz’s office. A mafia business partner called Server has come from Kandahar looking to kill a rival clan leader Iskandar Gulam Sahi. Server wants Cengiz to do the hit for him as to avoid bloodshed between the Afghan gangs. Cengiz cannot back out because Server is his main supplier in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, Iskandar Gulam Sahi is meeting with Resit. He knows that Server is out to find him and kill him. Server has come to Istanbul to meet with a new business client. Iskandar asks Resit to get to Server before he has the opportunity to kill him.

Interestingly, when Iskandar Gulam Sahi turns up for his scheduled business meeting with his new business client, it is Nadim from the Coffee House who meets him and leads him to the client.

In speaking with his new client, Server tells him that while he is in Istanbul he wants to kill Iskandar Gulam Sahi and also Cengiz Erdenet. This will lead to his new client and himself being the wealthiest mafia leaders in Istanbul. Server is told Cengiz Erdenet is already being taken care of and it is only Iskandar that will need to be taken care of.

The identity of our anonymous character still remains a secret. At no time do we see his face.

Cengiz tells his son that the contract on Iskandar Gulam Sahi will be executed by both Arik and Yamac. Arik wants the responsibility all to himself and it hurts him that his father doesn’t trust him and wants Yamac to be involved.

Cengiz places full responsibility on Yamac to make sure that his son is protected by him. He makes sure Yamac knows that if anything should happen to Arik he will come after him and kill him.

Resit, who is known to Yamac meets with Cengiz Erdenet in his office. Resit recognises Yamac but does not acknowledge him. Resit tells Cengiz not to get involved in an Afghan issue.

Resit warns Yamac that if Iskandar dies Resit will be forced to come after Cengiz Erdenet as well. This will place Yamac and Cukur in a deadly situation.

Meanwhile, Efsun has told Arik that her grandmother has left Istanbul for Switzerland. Arik knows that she is lying as there was blood everywhere at Efsun’s home. He understands that Efsun has killed her grandmother.

Akin contemplates suicide and stands on the edge of a high building. He would have been successful in his attempt if it hadn’t been for his sister Karaca who pulls him back just in time. She could have easily let him fall knowing that he was responsible for her grandfather’s death but instead she shows him love and comfort and tells him that they both have a chance in this world to be happy.

Arik ambushes the truck transporting the race horse from Cukur to the stables. He loves his horse and returns it to his stables after killing all the young men from Cukur.

Yamac and Arik prepare to leave on the planned hit on Iskandar. They are sent to a hotel. Arik wants to have complete control. He blasts his way in with Yamac following him. It is only Cengiz’s order to protect each other that keeps them alive.

They track Iskandar to the ballroom where he hides. In the ballroom Arik takes the opportunity to fight Yamac. Arik is well trained in martial arts and easily overcomes Yamac. He beats him over and over again and leaves him where he lies. He then finds the hidden Iskandar and assassinates him on the spot.

Yamac regains consciousness and finds Iskandar has been killed. This now places Yamac in a bad position. Resit did warn him that he will take revenge on Cengiz Erdenet and Cukur if this happens.

Cumali is brought the dead bodies of the young men who were transporting the race horse. He leaves to take their revenge from the Erdenets.

Salih sends Akin to see if he can help Efsun. Efsun quickly gets him to help her bury her grandmother and the two guards that Arik sent.

Cumali breaks into one of the Erdenet’s properties only to find that his brother has been sent to stop him. Cumali finds out that his brother has outsmarted him and lights a ring of fire.

It is night and Nadim takes an opportunity to free Yakup who is still in the broom closet.

In Cukur the community gather together for a football game at the school sports ground. All is quiet except for the buzzing of Arik’s drone above the buildings. He has been told to stay away from Cukur but Arik will not listen to his father.

Strange cars begin to filter through the streets of Cukur. They contain men with guns. Nowhere is sacred. The Coffee House is riddled with bullets. They even shoot the footballers. Innocent young boys are killed. Cumali captures one of the gunman and is told that Arik sent them.

Cumali gathers his men together and heads for the Erdenet’s stables. He shoots the guards and makes his way into the horses stalls. Cumali wants to hurt Arik by killing his horse but he can’t do it. Instead he steals it and brings it to Cukur hoping it will lure Arik into his trap.

A call is put through to Arik telling him that his horse has been killed which is a lie. Then a message is sent to Arik to join Cumali on a roof top in Cukur.

Cengiz tries to stop his son going to Cukur knowing that he places himself in danger, but Arik will not be told. His need for revenge is great. He tells his father to get out of his way and drives out.

On the rooftop Cumali and Arik face each other with flick knives. The fight is savage with Arik knifing Cumali. Arik should left it there and walked away but he didn’t. He insults Cumali over the death of his unborn child and Cumali with no restraint draws his gun and shoots him dead. Arik’s body falls from the rooftop to the ground below.

The heavily wounded Cumali limps back to an underground location to see the beautiful race horse which is stabled securely in Cukur. His trap was successful.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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